1. The problem is the width of the Ohio means that a bridge would cost several hundred million dollars. In order to justify that you need a lot of benefit and honestly it just would not save that much time for that many people to be worth the investment of tax dollars. One to the east would be pretty useless, as not that many people are traveling on lets say 50 and need to go to Dayton and not travel on to 471 or 70/75 anyways. One to the west would make a bit more sense as at least there is stuff on the Kentucky side that a significant amount of people would stop at (CVG) but for almost everyone, it doesn't cut off that much travel time. It would certainly make a difference for people living in delhi and working at CVG, but it just isn't enough to justify it IMO.

  2. ….that just sounds like meth then. A drug that increases dopamine with a ton of negative side effects. Man we already invented that and it will make your bathroom super clean.

  3. It shouldn't be part of a teacher's job to protect students from an active shooter.

  4. It isn’t just the students lives, it’s their own as well. Pretty sure you’re gonna protect your lane life regardless of your job description.

  5. Essentially ya, but they’re still considered condos

  6. Are they plating your roof in gold? That is way too much to roof a townhouse someone is stealing money (or someone’s cousins company is doing the roofing).

  7. Did you have a roof inspection when you bought the property? What's the reason for such a massive roofing project? If the roof indeed needs to be replaced and the cost is truly $41k per unit ($18m / 441) then $30K for your roof is actually $11k below that cost.

  8. Yea WW1 set the precedent I find it very hard to believe that the US would’ve actually allowed Britain to fall. The Axis lack of oil was the major limiting factor IMO so unless that was solved outcome was fairly inevitable.

  9. Without things like torch happening when it did, Germany actually has a decent shot at getting to those oil fields. They got one of them (it would take time to repair) and were close to the others then they had to pull out half a million men and almost a thousand aircraft to deal with torch. On top of that the USSR wouldn’t have been able to feed itself without lend lease. The war goes very differently if the US wait another 6 months. Now Japan was always going to bring them in when they did and even if the USSR fell I highly doubt Britain would have, but it likely would result in Germany getting the oil it needed.

  10. Same, I literally have no idea how mods can do it 24/7 like bro

  11. I used to mod a decent sized sub and there was one mod that did 95% of the work. He had an extension installed that told him the second there was a new issue even if Reddit wasn’t open. We asked how he could always be available and he said that his job is basically babysitting a server for a college which very rarely has him actually doing anything so he can just do mod shit all the time.

  12. I just swallow the pill. Water makes it harder like I have to think about what I’m doing. Y’all swallow food larger than most pills.

  13. is there wiggle room to explain why wearing mixed fabrics is no longer a sin?

  14. Homosexuality is called a sin in the New Testament. The New Testament also explicitly says that the old ritual laws like that don’t matter anymore.

  15. I love when people blame greed 😂. It’s like you mean corporations weren’t already greedy???

  16. Then why are so many so called 'libertarians' so "they took our jobs"

  17. Because those aren’t libertarians just anti liberal government (except of course when government is giving them what they want). Actual libertarians believe that freedom of movement is one of the foundational human rights.

  18. He offered his FTA assistant (junior in high school) a beer when at a town festival. It wasn’t as weird as it sounds. Where I’m from like 70% of high school kids drink and the parents actually got mad at the new police chief when he tried to crack down and started handing out under ages. He’s actually a great guy I bowl with him now. But ya you can’t do that.

  19. Because this was the known world to the authors of the bible.

  20. I mean not exactly...The actual known world that an educated roman citizen (Paul) would know would include another 2 dozen countries mostly in the balkens.

  21. Unless you're like me, then there is a 15% chance of it making the big sad a MASSIVE sad.

  22. I would make sure that your meter says what duke says it is saying. They don't check it every month, they estimate, and on top of that they can make mistakes. I got $400 back because they made a mistake on mine and I caught it. go visually look at the meter and see if it matches the number it says on the bill.

  23. I definitely don’t know what I’m doing but I’m willing to check the meter, is it relatively easy to read?

  24. There is literally a number on a counter (usually looks like an old mechanical odometer) on the outside face. Look at that number, compare it to the number on your bill (not the numbers shown here, those are your usage for the month, somewhere else on your bill it will say what the reading was before and at the end of the month, which is how your usage was calculated.) and see if it's the same or close enough to the same

  25. Of course Ukraine has corruption. I live in Canada, I love Canada, but Canada has corruption. I doubt there are many places in the world that don't have corruption; people fucking suck.

  26. Former eastern bloc nations are not even remotely comparable to Canada I mean come in. These are places where your basically expected to pay off every civil servant just to get what we in the west take for granted.

  27. Courts already ruled that it isn’t in its current form.

  28. Courts also ruled that cops can blatantly steal from you and face no consequences. A court saying something doesn't make it right.

  29. version without funny colors so I can show my normal friends?

  30. Counterpoint: I have a CPA and I don't think the state should regulate CPAs at all. If you trust some first year out of college to do your taxes, so be it.

  31. Helium is also a finite resource, it's honestly irresponsible to use it for trivial things like baloons

  32. I mean yes but no. We are "running out" of helium but only because it isn't currently cost effective to capture helium from natural gas mining because the US government is way under cutting that price by selling off their helium reserves at rock bottom prices. The strategic helium reserves are running out, but as long as we are mining natural gas (which will be a long long time even if we mostly transition away from oil and coal) we can always get more helium. It will probably be too expensive for balloons to make sense, but we aren't going to have to go without it.

  33. Pros: Retirement funds are paid from current workers. Raising the retirement age means there are more current workers contributing to less retired people. In turn, this means the pension fund (or national government) is less likely to collapse into insolvency.

  34. How does that contribute to social welfare though?

  35. Because if the fund becomes insolvent then it isn't going to be paying enough to retirees at any age. Better to make people work a bit longer to support themselves than have to reduce payments by 25% (what SS says they could pay out indefinitely at).

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