A Canadian judge has frozen access to donations for the trucker convoy protest

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  1. You are a Pre-Raphaelite heroine come to life! I agree with the others that your features are so luminous they stand out on their own. 🥰 You might look at “Parisian makeup” on YouTube, I love the one Lisa Eldridge did for Lancôme, just good skin, slight mascara, slight brow, and a red lip. Also, if you like red lips, her red lipstick video covers all shades and tones too.💄

  2. i just came across this while trip planning so thanks!!

  3. Thanks I just requested a copy from the library!

  4. Looking very sharp! What's your tattoo of?

  5. There are way more guys out there that you have yet to meet. PS how someone feels about you has nothing to do with you, it's all about him :) that's a general truth in life I've learned!

  6. It's so pretty!! Maybe join a sorority at uni? Sometimes they have dressy events!

  7. You look like you could be the main character of a English romance novel !

  8. This is Reddit, many are drooling when authoritarian abuse is targeting those they don't agree with.

  9. Honestly you put it into words better than I ever could

  10. Good point. I’m just shocked at the local police response in Ottawa. There was more police presence and interventions at parks in Montreal last spring to break-up picnics composed of more than one household, I’m not even exaggerating. Police here declare illegal gatherings all the time, if people don’t disperse they toss some gas and move in with the shields and battons, cavalry in tow. I was once going to Best Buy downtown after work to buy a game, not realizing it was May Day or something, came out the metro onto a protest on saint-cat and ended up getting chased down by cops who were shoving me with their shields yelling “move”.

  11. Do you.. want it to be more like Montreal? Can we agree that their actions are freaking excessive

  12. RAWR! x3 nuzzles! pounces on you uwu you so warm

  13. kisses n lickies yo neck >w< i hope daddy likies <3 snuggles n wuzzles yo chest! i be gettin thirsty x3

  14. I'm interested hopefully you're ok with male sugary babies xOxO

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