1. It's not a mistake. But it is actually a good tip for future interviews. Being able to be calm in stressful situations is a skill that one can demonstrate during interviews.

  2. 9/11 is cultural milestone. The age of mass panic and crisis started that day.

  3. Casual talking is often boring and people are often too afraid to tell their real opinions...

  4. Although its good to be in touch with your feelings, watch out that you don't put too much focus on them.

  5. "Is there a way to get an objective assessment of how I present as a person?"

  6. Yes kinda, it works a bit differently. Some people compensate feelings of inferiority by trying to be superior. When you do this all the time it becomes a complex.

  7. It could be that that is exactly what you need.

  8. sometimes things may be good on paper but that doesn't translate well during the interview process. I'll be honest by saying that when I interview, I use their resume as a guideline but really, I hire people based on the vibe I get from them during the interview. If they seem robotic and their answers are 'canned', that's a no for me. If they don't seem confident, that's a no for me. If they answer questions that give me the feeling hat they have issues with working as a team or being a micromanager/control freak, that's a no. If they don't have much skills (ie. either they're transitioning into this new role or they're fairly fresh out of school or this is a new industry to them) but come off in the interview as wanting to learn, a hunger to do well, the understanding that they may have to work extra hard to do well because of their inexperience, then that's a yes for me. I also have to make sure that whatever I can glean from their personality and attitude fits with the team and our dynamic.

  9. What about people that have clear boundaries about how far they are willing to go for the company? People that understand that work is mere for survival and have no romantic views about it? Would you hire those people? People who are maybe very capable and willing, but up to a point.

  10. "which just makes me wonder why I can’t pull off what they can"

  11. I think its important to know for yourself why you date. Because when your reason doesn't match up with the girls, you will not only waste her time but yours too.

  12. Okay I never thought about other people out there who may date just to have fun and don’t just think of the future. That’s interesting, thanks

  13. Women are very aware of their biological clock ticking down, and if they don't set up shop at the right time it will have major consequences for them.

  14. What a shame he is not pursuing his ideals, doesn't that make him a hypocrite?

  15. Get an old GameBoy with Tetris. This really works on the spot to get your mind moving over something and clear it!

  16. By looking at another for relieve, in a way you give up on self-authority.

  17. Could it be that studying is your true passion? And that there is nothing wrong?

  18. You are a human and that makes you just like any other human.

  19. Go with the completely unrelated ones.

  20. You're not running out of time. You have an entire life in front of you.

  21. That book sounds all very romantic and such, but I don't see a Californian cashier having the money time or energy to be able to do that. Even if you take the money out, most people have no time or energy left at the end of the day to have a life enlightening passion going on.

  22. Can you describe to us how you expect that magical experience to look like?

  23. This has a lot to do with community. In the west people live in materialistic and not emotional community. If you are lucky at least your family and relatives form an emotional community, but for many that is already difficult.

  24. Why do you care so much about your looks? A large part of confidence is that you simply stop caring about comparative topics like that, stop questioning yourself.

  25. Self improvement is viable when you are in a really bad shape, but when you are not you should learn to recognize when good is good enough. Self improvement can turn toxic quickly.

  26. When you make a single thing important the whole becomes corrupted.

  27. Start with admitting that you dislike yourself. After that work on getting to the insight that its actually not important that you dislike yourself. If you do give it importance, you corrupt yourself.

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