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  1. On this basis, I would ask what’s his favourite Finnishing move? Man, this is some of my best work today

  2. Crap… I missed “out of my garden beds”…. Thought that was a bit out of place for here

  3. LOL… dude I will never be able to look at him and not see this

  4. I’d rather be waterboarded than have to watch that game an additional 3 times. On to tonight. Let’s go boys!!!

  5. Hee hee hee… love the phraseology!! Water boarded three times is par for the course leaf fans!

  6. I am of the same opinion as you. Though I thought it was cheap a couple weeks ago, annnd then. Ahem. I am a big believer of moats and brands. And after going to their cruises and parks. They have a rabid following, fanaticism while not great when applied to religions, is amazing for businesses. While not a Disney fanatic, their customer service is world famous, and they seem to inject children with little vials of happiness. The streaming is going to be a dog fight, but the do have the content. The parks and cruises are still recovering. And the fight with DeSantis is rolled up into the price. So even after the price drop, I’m Long Disney. Don’t ever bet against the mouse.

  7. Will definitely follow! I’m a Pakistani at home cook. So love these videos.

  8. Motherfucker read James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake and tell me that’s for slow brains. Asshat.

  9. There were a couple years I was scared for my The Jays fans for these tactics. Thank you trashy Yankee fans for taking the heat off of us.


  11. “Thanks” is probably the worst thing you could say when somebody tells you they love you. That made me laugh

  12. Doesn’t apply to parents, well according to me. It’s nice hear it back, but it’s not needed. Just respond how you feel, it’s enough.

  13. Does he do anything other than walk around with a mic and say his name? Because that's literally all I've ever seen him do.

  14. If I could in this medium I would interrupt your lucid message with: “ DJ KHALED”

  15. In the face of insane propositions, I truly enjoy this moment of practical advice .

  16. There was a Dennis Miller joke about just this, being on a plane with a Christian church group. Do you know how disconcerting it is to be the only person on the plane that cares if it crashes. The plane is about to hit a mountain and then a chorus of Kumbaya breaks out.

  17. Yeah it works at home, and it is a fine idea. Just be prepared for a look of confusion, shock and betrayal when they go to their first birthday party at their friends house.

  18. Other than Ted Lasso, what even is the buzz they're talking about? I feel like Apple TV is a home for shows I've mostly never heard of.

  19. If you are into sci-if, Foundation is well done. It isn’t the books, but you have real problems bringing the books to any kind of visual media.

  20. I mean, it’s fair play but it’s pretty low effort.

  21. Yeah! I think that’s my issue with it. It’s offensive not for the subject matter but for the low effort. And the fact that the regime wouldn’t be so accepting of a skit about them.

  22. Gilbert Gottfried, Bob Saget, and Norm Macdonald walk up to the Pearly Gates.

  23. And at the end of the evil heinous act, they yelled in unison and it’s called the : “THE ARISTOCRATS!” Pete chuckled as he wiped some shit from his brow and he signed the order that there was a mistake and these three had to go to the dark, hot basement. When the trio learned of this, they howled with laughter, the likes that hadn’t been heard up there in a while.

  24. I gambled from age 22 to 35 but called it investing. Around 36, I started investing. So only eight years.

  25. I remember those panic stalls when my Dad was teaching me to drive his stick shift when I was 15 lol.

  26. LOL… now press the clutch… and then gas.. like I told you… no. You did it wrong. Let up a little on the clutch and then give a little… is that little, in what world is that little? Yes of course they are honking, and they are honking at the idiot who can’t figure out how to drive.

  27. You can only trade picks for coaches, no players. Lakers can only trade their 2027 and 2029 firsts, which wouldn’t even be enough for Nick lol

  28. Lol… TIL you can trade picks for coaches in basketball! I had no idea. !

  29. Jon Jones is a great fighter who will always have an asterisk beside his name.

  30. Well Buffet and Munger talk about circle of competence, and having the right temperament for stock picking. Keep in mind, their advice for most people is to buy index funds. Now, as for individual stocks, their guidance is pick businesses you can understand, and those that you can accurately predict cash flows for several years. If you are honest, it pares the list down quite a bit. The argument against diversification for the sake of diversification is that you are introducing risk into your portfolio just for the sake of diversifying. Their philosophy is to buy businesses with a lasting moat. I have seen many people on this forum finagle an argument about moats about particular stocks. But again, the most important thing is temperament, if what you do makes you sleep better at night, do that! I like when you said it wasn’t right for you.

  31. No let. Wrong direction choice and very unlikely to get the ball.

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