1. Im turning 30 at the end of the year, after high school it goes by really fucking quick bro... and time just goes faster...its kinda scary

  2. Lolll the goat isnt special in islam, its usually an affordable choice for most people, cheaper than a sheep and much cheaper than a bull. Dont spread misinformation.

  3. The Feast of Sacrifice dates from the historic event when Prophet Abraham was commanded by God, in a form of a dream vision, to sacrifice his son, Ishmail, Before Abraham could sacrifice his son, however, God provided him with a lamb which he was supposed to kill in his son's place because of his willingness to sacrifice his own son in the name of God.

  4. “Everyone has their own truth of how they think something happened” … huh?

  5. This is actually true, when an issue happens everyone trues to explain the story differently painting themselves as the victim

  6. All celebs are like that, their relationships don’t last and their kids grow up in broke homes

  7. She’s allegedly having a baby with Travis Scott, due soon. Kylie’s been trying to keep it out of the tabloids

  8. She’s not even in communication with Travis, she’s a crazy stalker fan girl who wants people to think they’re dating

  9. Right, I keep forgetting how unlikable she was before having kids, had this annoying character, but people on tik tok claim she was her best here

  10. “iM nOt sAyInG sHe dEsErVeD iT, bUt iM sAyInG gOd’s tImInG iS aLwaYs rIgHt”

  11. Hailey was just filming a tik tok with her friends, she never said it was about Selena

  12. It seems La Flame put on some weight.

  13. Its on his sisters post where shes at the Sza concert. Hes saying hes been tryna go but hes too busy.

  14. He’s busy cuz he travels to a new country every 4 hours

  15. I think she looks more masculine with the work she had done…shame

  16. It stands for wives and girlfriends. I remember it being more of a “thing” in early 2000s English football with the likes of Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole, when some of the player’s partners were sort of famous in their own right and the non-famous women became celebrities by status association. The phrase isn‘t used as much these days

  17. But I hate when the woman is already famous and they still call her a wag, it feels like their trying to undermine her

  18. I once had 20+ hickies on me at one time. Given to me by the girl I (bi female) was fooling around with in high school. I also gave hickies to a few of my various boyfriends throughout my time. I even leave them on my husband from time to time.

  19. this shit isnt normal wtf sex shouldnt be a thing that you do with so many people randomly

  20. What is the subreddit? I really thought u linked Neymar porn for me 😭

  21. He looks better in some pics than others, in the second pic he looks like a 10. Overall I'll say an 8.5

  22. He’s still hitting puberty in some of these pics 😭

  23. The first thing is that we brazilians have some antipathy for Neymar, he's like the Justin Bieber of soccer.. I think Bieber is good looking, but I have an antipathy for him so it probably helps

  24. They’re a no go for no one. Guys like this are good for a one day thorough scratch for an hour or two but no more. His sort is the type that won’t do much besides hammering anal anyways, you’d have to do the rest. So no fun or barely any pleasure. Women are throwing themselves for these guys left and right you’d be daft to expect loyalty or pleasure. 😂

  25. We can’t any attractive men cuz they’re all hoes😞

  26. What makes this funnier is that he thinks that he's doing something good , unless Bieber got a new level of Sense of humor and we all don't know about it

  27. I wanna see blue gangsta live, imagine the choreo

  28. She has been teaching for soooooooo long it’s crazy

  29. I always wonder if they only fought over boys?? I remember Abby saying when Kelly was 12 she briefly dated an 18 year old boy Abby liked but Kelly denies being 12 😭

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