1. Somebody without health insurance, which is usually very cheap or even sometimes free if you have a full time job. A lot of people assume Americans are just paying 200k everytime they go to the hospital, but as somebody who sold health insurance, I can promise you, the people who are paying these prices are either 1) unemployeed and/or 2) Don't even bother to go out of their way to apply for health insurance because they think they won't need it.

  2. Also, I’m pretty sure these hospitals make sure you can afford a transplant before they even put you on the transplant list.

  3. Usually they help you sign up for Medicare or Medicaid if that’s the case.

  4. I saw someone walking a dog with a purple tail today, same color as that ear lol.

  5. In October 45 is not t-shirt weather, but 45 March is definitely t-shirt weather.

  6. I wish I could go to the before time when I didn’t know Elon Musk existed.

  7. I swear boomers have such an issue with having to do the smallest bit of work cause “they’re not getting paid to do it”. Greedy as fuck. Also if it’s the “weirdo capital of Long Island” and you have a problem with it to begin with, WHY ARE YOU THERE? I just can’t with these people.

  8. Most health facilities in my area dropped universal masking. My providers have all worn a mask, as do support staff when they see that I am wearing one because it reduces my chances of getting sick/getting others sick. The guy complaining has cancer, sure, but he also seems like an asshole. I can just imagine him upset that women don’t “smile more.”

  9. Considering they were complaining they can’t see the health care workers faces, they would complain that women (especially young) don’t smile enough.

  10. I have had a child on mic twice follow me around and not leave me alone, asking how I got this or that. Both times I finally gave up and found a new server. I’m sorry I’m just not the one to teach other peoples kids how to play the game. I’ve also had people just randomly follow me around but not say anything? Really annoying.

  11. “Oh but their TAILS are so GROSS!!”

  12. Like “yep!! You’re totally the first person who’s said that to me!!” 🤦🏼‍♀️ I see nothing wrong with their tails but whatever.

  13. At least the kid who had a rat in elementary school is better than the “ewww gross their tails” person.

  14. I wouldn't have gone. Figure out your own life bro, I said contactless delivery to the door. This would have been followed by a report to doordash.

  15. Exactly. We don’t know if the person who ordered has Covid or tuberculosis or some other contagious disease. I guess he wants his kids to get sick.

  16. I obviously don’t know the situation, I’m just way more sympathetic to a working parent who has to bring his kids to work than literally any door dash customer in the history of the app.

  17. I found myself feeling that way when I worked as a pharmacy technician towards pharmacy customers/patients. That’s why I found another job.

  18. Medicare billing on the medical billing side is just as bad they need all this documentation and for what, so they don’t have to pay for something because we didn’t document some tiny little detail? Literally had 20 claims deny recently because they had some stupid glitch in their system. So much wasted effort to deal with them.

  19. She’s correct. People who were born male and have gone through a male puberty should not be competing in women’s sports.

  20. I agree however I’m sick of “woke” being the buzzword for everything they don’t like. They don’t even know what “woke” is even by their own definition.

  21. When I worked at target I could not sell cough medicine without scanning the ID and people would get so pissy. Like it literally will not let me sell it. Ffs.

  22. I'm talking about her damn fox eye lift jfc... Lupus meds don't stretch your eyes and brows to Asian levels

  23. Oh, sorry thought you were agreeing with the other person, not a native speaker..

  24. It’s ok lol. Yes I don’t take the medication anymore thankfully!

  25. And don't women have babies in prison? Maybe it's not super common but isn't that a thing?

  26. I was just sitting here thinking like if she wasn’t some white rich bitch she would be definitely having that baby behind bars.

  27. Oh god I almost was about to block a bitch. I thought this was a real ad.

  28. Currently working with lab rats and mice here! The rooms in which the animals are housed are very confortable in terms of temperature. Maybe a little chilly for someone who's used to higher temperatures in their home, but definitely not as cold as PETA says.

  29. Along with the fact that a lot of life changing treatments have came from research on mice and rats. For instance, remicade and other biologic medicines.

  30. Seriously? Because I never know what's PETA and what's stuff people have made up about PETA. Although from the pic above I'm tempted to believe they are that bad.

  31. They say that shearing sheep is cruel. Even though if you don’t shear them it’s even more cruel.

  32. What does that person mean when they say almost 40 healing? 40k? And was it you?

  33. I’ve had dreams worrying about getting all my pets to safety in a tornado. 😅 I live in MN so we don’t get too many tornadoes but of course my mind still runs.

  34. Um, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know where I’m going to go buy heroin or crack or anything like that. I feel like you have to know the right people to do that which I definitely don’t and many other people don’t.

  35. Thanks for posting actual statistics instead of just “I live in CA so my anecdotal evidence that I made up must be true”.

  36. Try and report it by saying the review is not about the business. They might remove it.

  37. My cat knew. He would be very clingy when he knew I wasn’t feeling well.

  38. Before I left the company our DM actually told us to not say it was for a credit card when you sign them up but to ask if they would like to double their rewards for the transaction and when they ask how have them fill out the application and I specifically told them I would not be doing that as I am not a financial advisor and know that an application for a credit card is a hard inquiry on someone's credit report and I wasn't going to be the one responsible for putting that negative mark on someone's credit.

  39. Look, I know this is hard to understand but the head executives have to buy their second yachts. The more credit cards you pawn off on poor people the more they make. Suck it up and slave harder for them. /s -seriously. I’m sick of corporate greed. Eat the rich.

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