1. Any chance at all you'd be interested in trading for samples/decants?

  2. Any chance at all you'd be interested in trading for samples/decants?

  3. Any particular size you'd prefer them to be? Cause I have plenty of 5mLs - plenty of partials as well - but not much larger than that

  4. Any chance at all you'd be interested in trading for samples/decants?

  5. Any chsnce at all you'd be interested in trading for samples/decants?

  6. I'll take it over "facts". Or even worse, "yaaaaasssss". I'm so glad that one died out.

  7. Y'all realize that woke is "being awake" aka not sleeping on what's happening, and being aware of your surroundings and information. Literally the opposite of being asleep. I get not agreeing with certain things, but using the term "woke" when you're against it, is kind of cringe. You're calling yourself asleep and it's a weird look. Should make up another term to call people you don't agree with, woke ain't it. Like, regardless of what woke is to you, regardless of what meaning you have put to it, wouldn't you want to be awake and not asleep? Lol

  8. It's moreso poking fun at all the SJWs who began calling themselves "woke", thinking that they knew more than everyone else, as they clearly were actually delving deeper and deeper into regressive policies.

  9. I've never watched much TV, but I loved Superstore a few years ago. Binge-watched the first couple of seasons.

  10. I've ordered a couple times, they're good - though it's been a year or so. The best deal for me is when they have free shipping after $10.

  11. For the life of me I don’t know why they want to have a serial number permanently marked on them…

  12. Love that completely false and misleading headline by WSJ. There's zero Constitutional right to abortions, and overturning Roe v. Wade doesn't mean there will be any kind of national ban on all abortions, like they imply.

  13. I wanted Paolo all along, and I think Ivey is a better player. That said, Jabari was #3 for me, and so many had him at #1. Plus we traded Wood, so taking Ivey wouldn't be ideal. So I'm happy with it.

  14. This after they also banned NoNewNormal and a pro-Trump sub that I can't recall the name of.

  15. Typically, I'd just do one spray on my chest under my shirt - that way it's not on any pulse points and projecting further, and is fairly concealed. But what does come out, won't be too overbearing and will give a nice general aura.

  16. Thumbnail: Fauci bewildered that he caught the big, scary virus after all these shots.

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