1. If you want it restored, you will have to scan it. Restoring a photo of a photo rarely comes out well, especially if the original photo is in this condition. You can most likely scan it for free at your local university.

  2. If you want it restored, you will have to scan it. Restoring a photo of a photo rarely comes out well, especially if the original photo is in this condition. You can most likely scan it for free at your local university.

  3. Classic stridebreaker. Don't listen to those saying to build kraken. Every champ subreddit makes up weird builds that u get flamed for ingame

  4. This happened to me as well. We've been together 6 years now

  5. I love how your stories and avatars match

  6. Gz man, love that the BH got 1234 too lol

  7. It’s just been a staple for so long, he is so viable that not picking him is a straight up risky move which makes picking him kind of a must, and that is what most people are sick of.. He probably has the best defensive tactical in the game, if it was added to the game now instead of on release everyone would lose their minds. Invulnerable dome for 12 seconds? All other defensive tacticals pale in comparison. But instead of straight up nerfin gibby it looks like Respawn has been trying to go full circle on counter legends, like adding Maggie and Seer. I personally think Gibbys tactical would be more balanced if there was a destructable generator powering the shield from the inside similar to a heat shield, I could can imagine that creating some cool high risk plays.

  8. Look, you spin good. There is no doubt about it, you are doing very well for a one year progress. But the fact that you should have to react like this just shouts that you have an ego problem. The fact is that you probably look like a beginner to a seasoned spinner… but you also look good to a lot of people (me included). Stay humble and use these words that trigger you as a motivation and not an insult.

  9. There are many books that give advice on how to enter this state (or how to setup your practice in such a way to maximize the chance of entering flow state as it can be very parodoxial to “try” to enter it), although sometimes worded differently they all give insight into the flow state. My book recommendations would be “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and “Inner game of tennis” by Timothy Gallwey :)

  10. + "objective vs subjective" written on the whiteboard (which was surprisingly hard for a noob like me)

  11. Lol I didnt notice the faceswap! Love it

  12. Where is the shot from? This was not in the original release was it?

  13. Please rap this and post on youtube

  14. Also, feel free to share your favorite Wave artists/songs with me. I’d love to hear other peoples opinions. It’s my first time posting on this sub so it’d be dope to see what other people like

  15. I couldnt have described what Wave means to me any better, there is just some resonance on a soul level, you think that most people would love it just as much as you do but nope lol.. that is when you feel like it was made for you and how lucky you are to have stumbled upon it.

  16. Your physiology while aiming is definitely a huge aspect of having comfortable and confident aim, some people just tense up unconsiously while doing fast hand-eye movements that take a lot of focus (myself included). To combat this you must practice concious relaxation of your body and especially your arms and shoulders. Deep and slow diaphram breaths while aiming helps a lot. Try to notice when you have tensed up and when you do, systematically relax your shoulders and facial muscles and breathe the tension out. I also recommend the warmup routine by 1hp on youtube pre-practice.

  17. I’m almost shocked the revival series doesn’t have a promotional set.

  18. Yeah, there is a Willow series that’s coming out on November 30th. Warwick Davis even reprised his role.

  19. “Well I guess Im gonna have to keep helping him”

  20. I’ve had death anxiety since I was a kid. I’ll try to give you some lessons I’ve learned.

  21. As someone who has had existential/death anxiety since I was 6 it feels comforting to know that I’m not alone. Thank you for this

  22. Played from 2005 - 2013, I remember when dreadnoughts were the biggest ships and titans were just rumors. No wormholes, no mining barges, BoB was getting t2 bpos from devs, apocalypse class battleships were the most efficient mining ships. The game has changed so much over the years, from being really, really slow (no skill injectors) where your characters age was the measure of your capabilities because it correlated directly with your skill points, unique and rare ships were the only ones to have unique skins, going through low sec on your t2/battleship was the most nerve wracking thing because weeks or months work was on the line, - to what I can only describe as much more diluted - which is kind of sarcastic because there is so much much more depth to the game now but at the same time things that were hard to achieve back in my day are pretty much mass produced/achieved today so I dont know man.. Im not bashing the game in it’s current state or anything but I give the game an attempt every year and have not been able to find the passion I once had for it… But is it dying? I don’t think so, I think it has evolved in a direction that has it’s own target audience (younger generations). Eve is still a really unique and interesting game, so I think it will have its place, player count may dwindle but I don’t expect it to die.

  23. Double charge - fingerpass I would guess

  24. How about the rezing faster if you are in a heat shield touching any part of the zone.

  25. I feel like this only works sometimes? Is there any exception that makes this not work?

  26. I hate the Crypto rework. Been maining Crypto for years but since the "buff" they gave him it just takes significantly longer to make any useful plays with the drone.

  27. The same buff that made the time between going in and out of drone mode like 3x faster?

  28. How did it make it faster? I need to wait for the drone to fly somewhere I dont want it first.

  29. Oh yeah I forgot about that one when you initially launch it, but the animation of going into/out of drone mode while the drone is out is way faster post buff right?

  30. Genburten: High Sens, perfect tracking and recoil control on SMGs and hipfire

  31. Reading this made me feel nostalgic, I miss the old TSM roster and the Hal-Snip3down relationship dynamic:(

  32. I bought from psershop twice without any trouble whatsoever. Came here to ask why there is such a pitchfork attitude towards some figures in the penspinning community but got no logical answers. Makes the community feel like a cult sometimes

  33. Same thing I was also thinking too.

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