Julio Rodriguez blows the game wide open in Texas with his first career grand slam!

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  1. I mean, this isn’t an announcement. This is a report from an outside party, which is probably based on leaked info.

  2. Official motion to move that we refer to DCast and LCast as such, to avoid confusion.

  3. This isn’t going to be a satisfying answer, but it is the truth to successful teams.

  4. I'm still really angry I did not get my lightsaber back from her honestly

  5. It would honestly have made so much sense at “that phase” of the game (later on) to get a special lightsaber with permanent bonuses based on your class and your alignment, a la the pet crystal.

  6. Maybe it was removed? I dunno, I heard the game was rushed and something like that could've been on the cutting room floor

  7. It’s possible, but I would have expected it to be easily restored in TSLRCM. Could be a cool mod, though!


  9. I’m older than him but Julio is actually my father

  10. I think telling any group of people they only get 2/3 of a vote is thin ice given our past with fractional votes lol

  11. I’m 99% sure their comment was a joking reference to this

  12. He’s being cheeky. “3/5” is too on the nose and 0.6 is the same thing.

  13. So, around the corner from Georgann is a Twilek and Devaronian arguing an allegory about Bush 2, which could almost be a reflection from 2022.

  14. Is it really about Bush 2? I thought it was just a general debate about Talia and Vaklu/ republics versus military nationalism?

  15. Actual title: “Amid QB speculation, Pete Carroll says Seattle Seahawks in 'good shape' with Geno Smith, Drew Lock”

  16. Good thing you knew about the weather several days ago

  17. You may not like it but that is what peak masculinity looks like

  18. The Oakland Athletics were hosting the Houston Astros. In the eighth inning, Oakland’s A.J. Puk was pitching against Houston’s Yordan Alvarez and threw what appeared to be strike three. Only, home plate umpire Mike Muchlinski called the pitch a ball. A’s manager Mark Kotsay argued the call, though he did stay in the dugout. Muchlinski did not take Kotsay’s objections lying down.

  19. Where are you getting expected yards per target as (close to) zero, when the lowest season average is 7.6 yards per target? Curious how you're coming to that conclusion.

  20. The widest part of these violin parts is the most likely single value for whatever they’re representing. In this case, they’re widest near zero so zero is the expected value.

  21. It still wouldn’t be the most likely outcome. I believe if you look at the data, there are many more non-zero data points than zero data points, therefore the most likely result is still a gain.

  22. It’s literally the single most likely outcome, by definition. You’re comparing the total likelihood of >0 to the likelihood of 0, which is fine, but not what I’m talking about.

  23. Second this. Ive always heard your best hitter goes in the three hole with high OBP/good contact guys in the first two and your power threat cleans up. Curious to know why new analytics favor the 2 spot for your best hitter

  24. In short, it’s about getting your best hitter more at bats (earlier in the lineup), but still have a high potential to hit with runners on (#2 instead of #1). Also why you see some good OBP guys hitting 9, because then you still have 2 high OBP guys before your best hitter most of the game.

  25. This makes a lot less sense until I realized they did a series of their opponents as pop tarts. Kyler Murray was mini pop tarts 😂


  27. Sorry, your post has been removed. It does not meet the comment requirement of at least 40 characters.

  28. How are you calculating this? None of the numbers in your picture seem right to me…

  29. Yes. You're thinking of SPL, not SpL. And as I said, I'm working on SPL+ for park-adjusted data. I'm hopeful for some good info to come from that... I think Baltimore's SPL+ will explain a lot, given how "Oriole Park at Camden Yards" does the team no favors.

  30. Could you also build a model for xSpL to build in some comparisons to expectation given primary language of native country?

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