1. Putting hype and polarization of a Tesla aside, their quality is among the worst in the automotive industry. The 2022 JD Power IQS study should be coming out soon with BMW near the top, and Tesla has historically been at the bottom of the list. Definitely biased here, but BMW is really difficult to beat in terms of build quality.

  2. There is an i4M50 sitting on the lot at my local dealership. It’s awesome but I ordered something with a b58 for my first BMW

  3. I’ve gone there before but tried Michigan’s Finest down the road and have never gone back. The quality is a lot better imo

  4. I’ve tried Michigan Finest and I wasn’t feeling the curbside pickup set up. I like go to go on the inside and compare smells sometimes.

  5. Yeah that is understandable, but I have found which growers I like and go with recommendations and haven’t been disappointed yet. Also when I pre order on my way home from work I’m there for 90 seconds vs 20 min going into another shop

  6. When I was ordering my X3 M40i the dealer said because of the “M Performance” engine it would add a few weeks to the build time because the engine isn’t made in Spartanburg with the rest of the vehicle. However, since the X5 40i also has the b58 it might not be any longer than the M50i

  7. Can confirm I’ve worked in Six Labs trimming room and seen mold in the buds. Would get sexy nugs the size of my hand, soon as I opened it up with the scissors? Mold city. Could also tell the other trimmers were not separating moldy buds from non moldy buds.

  8. That’s strange. I’ve never had anything bad from Six Labs and they’re tested by cambium, which from my understanding is one of the more stringent and reliable testing facilities in MI. I haven’t seen any mold in my buds, doesn’t taste or smell like it either but I’ll stay on the lookout

  9. There's a lot of those kinds of post on this subreddit. Then they advertise their caregiver Blah blah. It's hard to tell what's legit and what's a paid ad. You get what you pay for. Saying this 100 dollar Oz is fire is funny, for the price yea it's fire. Now let's smoke this bud compared to top shelf, you will notice a difference if not then you must be new to weed. There's a reason why it's on "sale."

  10. I agree with what you’re saying, I usually go for Local Grove and other smaller growers but with the prices of gas I’ll take this gas for $100! At $12.50 an 8th it’s worth it occasionally to save a few bucks when it’s not Livwell or someone like that

  11. X3 M40i at Bloomfield Hills BMW in Michigan. At MSRP no markup

  12. Michigan’s Finest sometimes does full ounces for $100-$120 of redbud. Got the death rattle before and it was great

  13. This is their new “Strain Art” carts. I’m not a big cart person but these are decent. My local shop has these (and regular full spectrum Rbr carts) 6/$100. I think it’s redbud trynna get rid of their distillate without devaluing their normal carts

  14. On your way up the closest dispensary to the Detroit Airport is called Michigan’s Finest. Family/locally owned, always has a ton of specials, half ounce and ounce deals, etc. They’re curbside only so it’s best to use their website and pre-order on there, or they’ll send someone out to help you place your order

  15. Before I opened your post my answer was Five Guys as well! They were playing Bouncing Off the Wall. I guess someone in corporate must like Green Day!

  16. Not too many deals usually. Sometimes buy 3 8ths get a free LG pre-roll

  17. Redbud is closing most of if not all their retail locations. They still are producing a lot for wholesale

  18. Maybe take up paper maché and pottery at the rate he's going

  19. Until his vase explodes in the kiln sending shrapnel his way

  20. Maybe it’s just the angle but it looks like an upside down 5

  21. Unfortunately med will disappear. Im speculating but the state would probably like to see it go away too with the added tax on the rec side

  22. The state is the only one keeping med alive it seems. They require cultivators hold medical licenses too for their AU licenses. I think if the state didn’t require it most companies would’ve abandoned it a while ago

  23. I have yet to find a Local Grove strain I didn’t like

  24. In detroit there was somewhat of a moshpit for most of the show. I was a couple rows behind the pit and it looked fun. Granted it was 91°, so I was happy to not be in it

  25. I would avoid vibe as I’ve heard horrible things about them. But there are some even better stores near by. I would check out Michigan’s Finest about 10 minutes away. It’s family owned, has better products, and super efficient

  26. Flower: Local Grove, Michigrown, Diamond Cut, Hyman, Real Leaf Solutions, Alvarez

  27. Michigan’s Finest has a bunch of different $100 ounces and a bunch of other weekly deals

  28. Michigan’s finest is almost all deli style flower

  29. I really don’t care either way at this point, I don’t mind wearing a mask. But I’ve heard speculation that they’re waiting to see if there’s any rise in numbers after spring break to make any decision

  30. Chong paired up with mkx, tee grizzly has a dispo, burner brought cookies out here, stizy has celeb endorsements too.

  31. Tee Grizzley doesn’t have a dispensary as far as I know, I also can’t find anything about it. Any info?

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