1. I’m waiting to see where they are planing to take this storyline before criticizing.

  2. They are gonna have to switch to different characters eventually. I mean, I can’t imagine Vi/Jinx ever leaving to explore other parts of Runeterra.

  3. Particularly, I don’t think Arcane is the best vehicle to present THE WHOLE WORLD of Runeterra. Arcane was never presented as a Anthology story, they tied it too much to Vi and Jinx to go away. I would go as far as to say that Jinx and Vi are the HEART of Arcane and to take that away…..very risky. That’s why I say it’s not the best vehicle, and I do think you can tell A LOT about them two and Piltover and Zaun, for at least 5 seasons, maybe.

  4. The show ends up deviating A LOT from the books. I didn’t finished watching, but I know the ending is WIDLY different

  5. Sylas made sure to sweat extra hard that day during his workout

  6. He would probably be happier since he’s not being hunted for a feature he can’t change about himself, which in turn would make a lot less eager to kill people.

  7. I kinda hate when before they do the deed, the characters are too graphicly horny for each other.

  8. “Cock twicthing” is very much a fanfic thing. Which is fitting bc Go Hex Yourself was a Reylo fanfic KKKKKKKKKK

  9. Jinx’s struggles are internal, not external. Her physical strength and intelligence has little bearing against her own mind and trauma. She will still be facing it

  10. Didn’t they did that with Act III? A limited event in LA, I think. With guests and journalists and stuff and they watched it on the big screen. Not sure if it was just one ep or the whole act, but I think they did exactly that.

  11. I would much rather the skins be one color. The lack of consistency that came with season three definitely made me bummed. I love the Star Guardian line but I am not half as drive to grab these because of their lack of coordination and consistency. I totally get that other people like it though!

  12. I guess having all of these characters with similar color schemes works when we have a smaller cast, but with more than 20 teams, or you change the color pattern or you risk have them look TOO MUCH like one another. It’s weird enough they made Kai’sa look so much like Lux. For the sake of clarity, it makes sense

  13. I wonder if it’s going to be narratively important that Kai’sa looks A LOT like Lux.

  14. I don’t think y’all understand the concept of shipping. Like, at all

  15. Yeah, bring an old one back: “Don’t feed the trolls!”

  16. I’m still getting familiarized with the Lore, but seems natural to me that Jinx would be corrupted at some point. In the first short story a clear parallel is drawn between her and Zoe. A little bit cliche (maybe?) that Jinx would be the one, but also fits her personality and struggles. She’s ripe for this type of conflict and I would love to see it ❤️

  17. I feel OP should start post a warning about this things. The amount of seemingly innocent art they shared that turned out to be Jilco or by Jilco shippers I have seen.

  18. He likes reposting stuff and seemingly does not care about the content and I find this deeply upsetting.

  19. I think she only eats when she remembers and it’s not often.

  20. Hot Take, but I think her friendship(?) with Ziggs is something soooooo uninspired. They have nothing to add to one another

  21. I think she would hate this person, because she hates herself.

  22. Jinx is not a different personality. In the Enemy MV, specifically, Jinx is a power fantasy of how Powder desired to be

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