1. An icon for the run between Cheyenne and Laramie. Just when you saw Vedawoo and thought things couldn't get more weird along comes Ames Monument, Buford, and the Tree in the Rock. Love Wyoming. Warmer than expected with a rocky surface and evidence of liquid water.

  2. Caller: “Hello, 911? There is a guy from a shooting competition down the road using a lunch voucher from the event in the restaurant I’m at. Send everybody!”

  3. Simple: As a hoax. Job numbers are “bad” again, just like when the black man was president.

  4. I have very seriously considered mailing them back pamphlets to things that I believe in.

  5. I used to get postal mail from one of the local nuts in Dallas (Tilton), so I taped a “Business Reply” envelope to a brick in a box.

  6. tHaNk YoU fOr YoUr CoNtRiBuTiOn Of A bRiCk To HeLp In BuIlDiNg OuR cHuRcH eDiFiCe!

  7. …and as the ice recedes, the animals return to the zoo two-by-two. Is this Noah in reverse?

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