1. The chickens are fed a vegetarian diet and they claim the eggs have more vitamins and Omega-3s (for example) than regular eggs.

  2. Carpal Tunnel can cause arms/hands to go numb while driving

  3. I’m going with 10 in the hopes I’d die quicker at the end of the line

  4. Race is something we’ve constructed based on many factors, it’s not a real biological description.

  5. YTA, you used a word that has been historically used to invoke fear in a minority group of people, often associated with violent acts or threats against their lives. Breeder is not the same type of term.

  6. It’s already legal to go out topless in most states

  7. That term is used when you feel someone is giving you a lesson on something you already know.

  8. I don’t think I have the arm strength to do tractor for very long! To be honest I think he made up the story of “accidentally” finding it while innocently searching tractors—but now the porn industry’s algorithms are going to be thrown off with all these tractor searches.

  9. Lol yeah there's probably going to be some new categories on xhamster and porn hub. I'd try it out but I don't think my GF would find tired arms to be the problem. Might have to wait for my birthday...

  10. Ha! Tell her you want the both of you to be more involved in political current events, and you want to start with some research The Metro just posted.

  11. You feel that way because abandonment is the worst-case scenario for someone with BPD. Don’t allow yourself to keep tabs on people from the past. Block all their social media so you don’t get tempted to follow what they’re doing—it’s keeping you mired in those past mistakes and sets you up for failure.

  12. I did my family tree a few years back and on my paternal side I was thankful to find Union soldiers.

  13. He’s not on record admitting to hitting her. Or cutting off her fingertip. Or shitting in her bed while she slept.

  14. I agree with your thought that it’s counterproductive to equality, but i think people distinguish themselves in these ways because it allows them a title. Instead of someone being described as ranking 11th place nationwide, they’re described as highest-ranking female weightlifter. The second sounds more impressive.

  15. Women are different, there are plenty of women who would appreciate your butt, so don’t fixate on it.

  16. No, we need people out on bond and not clogging up the jails until their trials.

  17. I agree with you that we should reduce minor arrests, but keeping an innocent person (until they’re proven guilty in court) remain in jail until the date. Those are two different issues.

  18. I’d reach out to the department chair and ask if there are any avenues you can take to remedy the grades you missed while the forms were being processed. If he can’t help, ask him to suggest who you can appeal to.

  19. Virtually anyone would try to strangle Toby in prison, it doesn’t mean anything.

  20. So are we writing off the fact that George Howard Skub actually attempted to strangle Toby in prison? Do we really think the police arrested the wrong man and he turned out to coincidentally also be a strangler?

  21. Congrats on working towards feeling better. You’re still the same person, you’re just going to now have more information and resources for yourself. Normal is a loaded word. You’re not neurotypical…but that’s ok, because you can’t change that part. What you can change is how much information you have about how your brain works and how to work with your brain differently. The good news is you’re already in the process of doing that. You’ll soon have a plan in place. You may take meds, change types of therapy, whatever your professionals think will work for you, but you’ll also be able to read a ton of info about your diagnosis online and just generally feel more powerful than when you didn’t know what you were experiencing. It’s going to be a good change, don’t be afraid

  22. Lots of Tupperware lids that don’t fit any containers.

  23. Ironically he’d support your right to ask that question, if that answers it at all

  24. There’s no archaeological evidence that he existed (just like 99% of other people from that time period)

  25. One of the distinguishing factors of BPD is that the episodes are often in response to a perceived abandonment from a close relationship, yes

  26. Yes you absolutely could be pregnant. Call a doctor and make an appointment.

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