1. My Mom and Grandma both passed back in August and I have been struggling significantly. Over the past month though I have been seeing as many live shows as I can which included seeing the Dead and Co. I realized last week how much it has been helping me to heal. Truly amazing what it can do for us. Hope all is well with you and that you are doing ok!

  2. Sorry for your loss my friend, terrible feeling we all go through at some point. Never gets any easier but I am so proud that our music have given you some comfort. I have been brought out of some dark spots just by listening to Jerry and the boys. Hell I was about to be sent to hospital cause of blood pressure but I turned on Row Jimmy from Cornell and I just went to my happy space and I was better about a minute in and was just fine. Keep your head up my friend!

  3. This is a great read! It reminds of the study done on an older fella in a home come alive when he hears his favorite music. Literally was just slumped over all the time then the scientist gave him an iPod and he literally came alive. The scientist says a powerful quote from a philosopher saying music is the quickening art. Music is truly that powerful.

  4. When Dylan sings this song, it is def snarling. When Jerry sings it, it comes across as someone telling you the meanest things in the nicest possible way.

  5. Perfectly said, couldn’t have said it better. Jerry almost sounds like he’s more disappointed than mad like a dad almost. Somehow everything Jerry sings just seems warm. This song is my current obsession. Such a great song

  6. Bobby talked at length bout how Jerry and Bobby were smitten with Dolly on a Shadedown Stream during pandemic. Said they never missed the Porter Wagoner show cause Dolly. Wagoner being the muse for I Will Always Love You, good story to read, funny enough saw it on drunk history regarding genesis of IWillAlwaysLoveYou. Also Bobby recently said his favorite venue to play now is the Ryman. The Ryman is a must for any music fans. Makes this native Nashvillian smile smile smile!

  7. Not 100% sure I'm following your question exactly- the streams for next year's summer tour aren't available for purchase yet so if it's that, there simply isn't an option yet.

  8. This is very helpful thanks so much! I got the entire final tour streams for Christmas (just a card saying that from my brother, nothing official). I was checking on PITS and do want to get all shows from Mexico and the final tour. You answered my question very well and I feel less stupid now ha! And yeah nugs has always been so finicky and obviously they try to squeeze every penny out of you. Thanks again my friend!

  9. They haven't announced live video streaming yet. If you are subscribed to Nugs you will get audio a day or so after the show and the video gets uploaded after the tour.

  10. Thanks so much! That’s good to know. I’m not as dumb as I think. Cool, this makes much more sense now. Thanks again!

  11. Best Sugaree D&C ever did! Such a great version. I remember Johnny was wearing a SRV shirt maybe he channeled something with them being in Dallas

  12. I’ve got a ‘66 vintage Colt Cobra in .32, best gift my dad ever gave me. That one stays in the safe mostly but also have a S&W 442 internal hammer. Perfect for edc

  13. This was my first live show listening all the way through. If I recall correctly this is the “don’t climb the fence idiot!” Show. Great post, awesome beardless Jerry pics!

  14. Yep you are correct! Thanks for catching that. I think the thumbnail on the jersey show must’ve been just an image of Jerry sans beard and I just assumed that was it. Great show that Jersey one. Thanks again my friend!

  15. Hunter is responsible for at least half (subjective I know) of our music. Literally a poet for Jerry’s music

  16. Aw damn didn’t even think of Deal but I’m thinking you’re right

  17. Dog person - I have a Jerry story, but this was after he died. I owned one of his “grand dogs”.

  18. Nice! You and Jerry are doggie kin! Very cool story thanks for sharing! Smokey, got a pretty good namesake there, now I can’t get Tracks of my Tears outta my head ha!

  19. Just want to say I’m digging this wholesome thread!

  20. It’s nice to have a discussion like this innit? All us folks bein civil and whatnot, have a great day my friend!

  21. Don’t forget the Single Guy and of course Manquest his magnum opus

  22. This and The Race is On (George Jones cover) and China Doll, hell the whole show is one of my favorites. Definitely the go to China doll for me. The ending harmony is so beautiful

  23. So classic, sweet revolver! I’ve got the snub version in .32 Cobra. Revolvers are such great historic guns. Sweet find!

  24. Wull… hold on a minute dude… Sounds like you’re workin yourself into a shoot brother

  25. Wull I thought it was a work brother, BUT THEN THAT MEAN GIANT SAN2GO2 IS TURNING INTO A SHOOT BROTHER. that’s how shoots work brother.

  26. I don’t know about that brother

  27. the radio city hall run in 1980 over halloween which was turned into dead ahead is a good stop to sightsee.

  28. The Stella Blue from 10/31/80 is still my favorite Stella. The whispering Stella.

  29. Thanks, she loves my gun boxes and rifle bags for some reason 🤷‍♂️

  30. Cat bein a cat! She probably can smell your scent on the bag and box. Cats are awesome!

  31. My guess is a lot of younger fans got into the clothing. It's available seemingly everywhere now, heck I got a great shirt from old navy, since it got trendy then looked into the band and jumped on the bus.

  32. This is happening a lot. Not necessarily a bad thing especially if it leads younger folks to get on the bus. Our music is for all!

  33. They do a really nice Cold Rain and Snow for me. Maybe a bit slow but always nice to hear it.

  34. Sad that’s last words Jerry said to Bobby (if I recall correctly) but somehow comforting that even at his worst, Jerry loved to play. Miss that man so much

  35. It is insane to me that people dislike this song. Such a beautiful, beautiful song, sentiment, and sound.

  36. Agree 100%. It reminds me of Black Throated Wind (my favorite Bobby song). Sorta in the similar vein as LLR. Donna added some real pretty vocals during her run.

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