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  1. I literally have yet to see the trailer and they give off enby vibes in ever picture I've seen of them

  2. Now I wonder how long it'll take fic authors to write about Cyberknife, and no the ones that were made before Phil talked about this don't count

  3. Garlic bread was always one of my favorite foods

  4. There's a reason why this sub is better, this is the reason

  5. Nothing bad will happen to him, he won't have to

  6. Personally I can't stick with a world for too long, I just kinda get bored and then make a new world that I eventually give up on.

  7. *Flashbacks to every time my parents threatened to dump a bucket of water on me if I didn't get out of bed*

  8. 100% and the hierarchical violence of the nuclear family is then deputised - at penalty of harm to your family attachments or even charges/invasion of the state into private affairs - to force children to conform to this misery. (I am not talking about educational neglect or other harm, but where children refuse to participate in the misery, parents are then threatened with sanction, fine, imprisonment or family breakup if they do not manage to force their child to participate.) Neurodiverse children and other minority communities are particularly vulnerable due to these policies.

  9. This happened to my family, I refused to go to school in the 2020-2021 school year due to feeling unsafe in school. CPS got involved and over the past school year my dad was actively encouraged to do things that would harm my mental health in order to get me to go to school.

  10. Solid 3, I wouldn't say I hate myself but life around me still sucks

  11. As someone who half pays attention to the skyblock community, you're wrong + ratio

  12. I'm autistic I'd just pick whatever my special interest is at the time

  13. These comments are a bit cringe, at least a few of them are ok

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