1. Yeah, they're losing. Russia is just a way bigger country. It's like if Mexico had a war with USA. They keep claiming they're winning handily, and then they keep demanding bigger and bigger weapons, saying these are needed for survival. Their narrative just doesn't add up. Zelensky & Co are just stooges of Washington anyway. I blame this entire war on Washington -- it was their war of choice, ever since they overthrew the legitimately elected govt of Yanuckovitch. Washington DC seems to be controlled by adventurist warmongers -- usually affiliated with some ethnic lobby or another -- for them, Blood Is Thicker than Water.

  2. Says reality. Opposition imprisoned, critical media shut down. Everybody sees the crooked game that was going on there.

  3. This type of bs (even sarcastic) shouldn't belong to this page.

  4. The Stryker is an entirely pointless thing that nobody wants. It was developed to fight jihadis not peer adversaries with modern anti armour weapons. I'm not sure why they're manufacturing it here unless they think it'll reduce the unit cost enough but the whole thing generally doesn't make sense.

  5. Nah I don't feel it's pointless in general. It's just like the BMP. However it isn't useful for us since we already have Kestrel. If we didn't have it already then this would be a good choice but we already have a decent indigenous option.

  6. The BMP is also pointless in a peer adversary environment, these days every infantry squad is carrying around some sort of highly effective anti armour weapon.

  7. Hey man, just because the Russians were incredibly incompetent in their use doesn't mean they are useless.

  8. Nope. Free and Open Source, baby. There's Aniyomi, which is a fork of it and also supports anime as well

  9. Quick search on the play store and I see nothing, just some obvious scam with only 1k downloads... is this iphones only?

  10. What are you doing in "randiandefense" you angloid cocksuckers, go to NCD. I heard Amerimutts are giving away green cards to brown coolies.

  11. On a separate note, does ToI no longer perform basic spellcheck and grammar check on their articles? Like wtf how does that pass the editor’s review?

  12. ToI's standards for news dropped to shit a while back bro. You can see it from their articles too.

  13. Sometimes I feel it’s like watching an idiot teenager who has been given access to the family’s credit card.

  14. Honestly, this is the first time I've seen IAF use covers for the rear end of the plane. Even I am curious as to why they opted for that. Hoping that someone here will enlighten us.

  15. I mean, they're in Japan, on a Japanese airbase. Maybe they're following Japanese protocol.

  16. I hold them in the same regard as most Indian pilots hold the Gnats in.

  17. Man, I love illogical military procurement...that must be an absolute shit show to maintain and a bitch to keep the supply chain up for, but damn it, if you feel like Wedge Antilles walking into the rebel base every morning.

  18. India gets a CAATSA waiver just because it is so much more geopolitically important than Turkey but still, I doubt F-35 is going to be cleared for them any time soon. They could get F-15s or super hornets but rafale has a lot of the capabilities of those two which makes them kinda redundant for IAF. The Indian navy just might select the SH but this remains to be seen.

  19. Actually we could perhaps maybe see the F35 offered to the IAF.

  20. At least it wasn't a case of getting sensitive data leaked on War Thunder forum because someone with classified info is so salty and can't take losing an argument on a fucking online game. lol

  21. Shitbox brigade with Mig 29s. The fact that we send our pilots in that is just....

  22. But let's order our Standard Issue rifle from Russia 😃👍

  23. Would have been used in FA 18 too if navy selected it . Has rafale been official though? I have read any statements from navy only 3rd party news

  24. You can't send the civil servants bro. They're like the older INSAS rifles; won't work and can't be fired.

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