1. Nah just sneak it into their house somehow without them knowing you were there

  2. Better yet sneak this pic in a frame and plant it somewhere in their house amongst their family photos.

  3. Little late here but mine is going up 250$ as well. Taxes increased 71% what the actual fuck. I live off 149th I see she is somewhat close by so perhaps we all got hit.

  4. There is still some private label crap strewn in there but I cancelled Boxy because it was terrible and I find Ipsy to be better for me. Choosing 3 items I can usually find at least one thing I want in each category. I have found some new brands/items that I truly love like volition products and the jello gloss balm by girlactik. My last 2 bags (Oct/Nov) I got items from stila, iconic london, volition, gloss moderne, algenist, R+co and kvd beauty. Worth it to me.

  5. Elderly also suffer a higher rate of depression. It is harder when you start losing your inner circle. Add in transportation issues - affordability, mobility and access in general - which can limit meeting others.

  6. I am 37 and the decline in my parents is becoming so much more pronounced and it scares the hell out of me. My Dad is declining cognitively as you mentioned and it is just so overwhelming. I am already having so much anxiety about the future it can be so suffocating. To see my father just so upset that he cant do anything he used to be able to is so heartbreaking. I am dreading going through that part of life. The older I get and with everything going on in the world the harder it is to see the joy in things.

  7. Thank you for saying this. Although I’m still in my 20s my family tends to live very old and I’ve seen my great aunts live up to 100+ and my grandma to her late 80s. Even my great aunt who was incredibly active there came a point to which she forgot the simplest of things and became very lonely. It’s terrifying and due to many factors I was unable to be there as much as I would have like to be… thinking about it scares me and I’m glad to hear at least I’m not the only one.

  8. Definitely really scary but I guess knowing that literally everyone will go through it in some way makes it a little easier. I think we’re so busy all the time so it gets kinda pushed to the back of your mind but when you really sit and think about things it is pretty scary. We’re all on the same weird wild ride I guess.

  9. Can we talk about how she sucks for not wanting to go that museum or?

  10. No idea! I’m buying them for my (adult) kids. Once I gift them, I have no control over what happens 😆

  11. I got the lip oil duo in a previous bag and I wanted to love it so much but… They leak everywhere, had no flavor or scent (which some people might like just not me) and I just found it kinda thick and wore off fast.

  12. I am pretty happy overall!! Ipsy always seems to pick the worst things for me lol. The avant crap is meh but other than that the eye cream I got from boxy but it did just run out and it is really good so I will use. I was hoping for the blush in poppy but I an sure this will be pretty too. Excited to see what the perfume oil is like!

  13. I really wish they had the Barefoot Venus stuff in the GBP or add ons! I keep seeing it and the scents all sound amazing!

  14. I wonder if it’s like Juliette Has A Gun’s “Not A Perfume”, which smells different on everyone. (Which just smelled like grandma’s fancy soap on me.)

  15. I actually love that scent! 😭🤣 it smells really clean and light on me and I would love if that were the case.

  16. It wasn’t a bad smell, but I can’t justify the price when I can buy the fancy soap instead, lol.

  17. True! I got it in a boxy and now just try to find it on sale definitely not paying full price it is ridiculously expensive lol.

  18. I think being able to choose 3 and getting full size items it’s for sure a better value if within your budget.

  19. For shits sake I’ll be saving mine till they expire at this point.

  20. Both. Some of the doctors are decent at picking codes but most of them where I work aren’t. I pretty much code from scratch like 70% of the time lol.

  21. My providers select their codes….and they are terrible at it 😭🤣

  22. My foot really didn’t hurt. But behind and near my armpit area…good lord.

  23. I have one left if you want send me ur email and first name :)

  24. I don’t have the mine unlocked yet but found some in barrels near the water and campsites/wagon accidents randomly.

  25. I was just thinking the same thing 😅. Why do they have to do this so close to the holidays?

  26. Right! Well maybe if we overbuy we can give some as gifts 🤣

  27. Grilling up some steaks and oysters with the fam while we still can!

  28. I have one free bag left! Dm first name and email if you would like it.

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