1. Tribe is kind of a joke now it’s not the 90’s anymore. That’s not to say he’s wrong but he’s too partisan now

  2. Always has been. Folks are just more open about their leanings now.

  3. Well, I think the reality divergence has reached unprecedented levels, and the purity tests on one side require more capitulation than the other.

  4. How does a caste system even get implemented at a tech company? And how does it get so bad it needs to be banned?

  5. No, if she runs 3rd party it could be of critical importance

  6. Copium. She would actually hurt the Dems by offering the six remaining never-Trumpers a candidate to vote for that isn't a hated Democrat.

  7. I hope she runs for president. I wouldn't vote for her and I doubt she'll win. But her voice is important in the Republican Party and needs to continue to be loud.

  8. Her voice is not important in the GOP. Her voice is a gadfly to the GOP; she just facilitates coping for people who don't want to think that 99.9% of the party have left them behind.

  9. The Democrats should just run as Republicans. If they're moderate enough, they might win.

  10. Why? Look at what happened to Cheney. Candidates aren't fungible in deep red areas.

  11. I plug mine into an older Flat LG 34". I might actually switch back to a regular widescreen because when I plug in my work laptop it is too hard for anyone to read when I share screen.

  12. I get around this by resizing my work virtual machine window to 16:9.

  13. I open up WaPo to a front-and-center article about Liz Cheney, a single vote in the House who has no sway over either party and a political career that won't live as long as a fruit fly.

  14. It's definitely not fair to use a quote from 2016 before Trump even did the worst things he did

  15. I mean, she lent her name to getting Trump elected over a competent Dem for self-serving reasons.

  16. I grew up in a family of six and we had a St Bernard. On long road trips I would either have to lay on the floor at the feet of my older siblings or in the back with the dog and luggage.

  17. I remember having a blast in the cargo area of a station wagon.

  18. Dumb me read the headline and immediately thought that it was because child car seats made car sex less practical lmao

  19. I’m just simply making a comment that this is a financial decision for most companies, not this conspiracy of there being an entire cadre of people in management who will melt without constantly seeing people and have no other responsibilities as a lot of Reddit claims.

  20. That doesn't make sense. Real estate is a sunk cost in your example. People using it is about saving face, not expense.

  21. I suppose it’s the difference between managers being malicious (evildoers who demand servile attitudes from the plebians) and stupid (victims of the sunk cost fallacy). I get unlimited wfh, go in 1-3 days a week, and love it.

  22. I enjoy 1-3 days myself, and I think there are real benefits to having co-located days.

  23. You have to look at magnitude, not frequency. Iraq/Afghanistan were a huge mess. Russia wasn't thwarted in 2016. 2014 invasion missed. Etc.

  24. I know everyone wants to throw out the therapy recommendation but OP is too young and this is what dating is about. If he doesn't respect her boundaries or her then it is time to move on and find someone who does.

  25. Agreed 100%. If you're 21 and someone is acting immature; it's a LOT easier to find someone else than spend thousands of dollars in an attempt to reprogram them through relationship therapy.

  26. Ur right! This isn’t the first time and out of anger I told him that from this point on he can like whatever tf he wants but I hope he understands when he sees my name under other guys posts. He’s been apologizing to me but I still haven’t talked to him. It’s a repeated behavior I just don’t know what to do now. Idk how to respond and take things from here.

  27. Either live with it or find someone else who shares your boundaries.

  28. I don’t have any hard basis for this. All ive got is my belief in the general goodness of humanity.

  29. Humanity can be good without every human being good. Look at history and then ask whether or not people will abuse power for religious ends.

  30. I refuse to believe that the court wants to end this separation. They may be doing things that may cause the separation, but I don't think they realize it. I think they are trying to uphold the constitution. Now I may disagree with their philosophy, but this is too close to painting the court as generic evil to comfort for me to treat this as a serious news article instead of propaganda.

  31. What is your basis for this opinion, besides personal discomfort?

  32. When you're 19 bad relationships seem like the most important thing in the world, but time will put things in perspective.

  33. Why would there be a "next time" with someone who likes to hurt you, again?

  34. Why would you be with someone who can't communicate or trust and who elevates gut feelings into drama? You're 21, lad; move on.

  35. You already know; it's your own immaturity that has you in Reddit instead of reaching the obvious conclusion.

  36. Tell President Biden what you think.

  37. Haha I often think this. There is also the following

  38. The Castle arc at least had lots of ups and downs and different (sometimes unforeseen things) happening. Here, people got tired of Lucrezia's half a dozen or more comebacks. But I can see that it will be more fun to read all at once in, like, a year.

  39. Castle arc was also much lower level in scope, with a tight cast and less "science magic."

  40. It depends on what you prefer. I feel like the Mk3 is the first "true" RX100 with the EVF and refined lens, but I also really need a viewfinder for my style of photography.

  41. What style would you say you do? Do you feel like the EVF Iz fragile? I'd worry about failure of it. Something like the mk1 has appeal because of it's relative simplicity

  42. Very nice! You can tag A-mount photos on this subreddit for extra love.

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