1. Look, you already know he's down for it. You also know she is too. And you definitely want it.

  2. There is a bootleg/knockoff of absolutely everything. As for a serial number that's already claimed... figpins aren't expensive. You can buy just one, or have a full collection that you claim the serial number on. And then you can put that number on the ones you make...

  3. How was the experience? So there are lot of girls who are willing to do this eh?

  4. Usually I'd agree, especially if it's a Niantic game. But the team for this game is so lazy, it would literally blow my mind if that happened. The original owners might have caught people doing it. This current group though, I highly doubt it.

  5. I wish I had the money to buy it from them. But idk any coding at all, so I'd have to hire a team for it. At that point, it probably wouldn't be worth it for me.

  6. If that's really your "rape BAIT outfit" then you need to do better. Braless is nice. But where's the easy access at???

  7. Look, you gotta go out at some point, right? Sooooo, the longer you stay in there, the more awkward you make it...

  8. Set her up like this again and then take a pic of him peaking in while jacking off and send it to her.

  9. About 80% of mobs released in the last two years are dual element. You can always check, though there is no dedicated list afaik

  10. I know about bcrank and I know the don't have a list on there to for just that. I don't want to scroll through the thousands of listed mobs just to find a handful of dual element event mobs.

  11. Think about it. It's one thing to just not care. But someone who doesn't care and isn't open minded about taking it further, wouldn't have committed on your cock. Now show her your balls by being forward and just straight up ask her...

  12. I have this problem too but I just press ok and get right in, no problems. It's just a tad annoying. But so is like 99% of the game. Current owners claim doing x, y, and/or z is "too hard". They do the bare minimum to make the game technically "playable"...

  13. Thank you. I just don't know how far is it okay to go. What if we want to explore more? Or do we just stick to play fighting and never take it further than that again? I'm really confused right now about what I want. But I will call him soon.

  14. It's okay to go however far you both wish to take it. If you both want to go all in, then do it. If you want to there, then stop.

  15. I can tell you right now that you're gonna loose him if you spend too much time away.

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