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  1. {Notorious Rake, Innocent Lady by Bronwyn Scott}

  2. I wonder if you could get a different anesthesiologist.

  3. Golden Angel and Miranda Silver I found when they were originally writing on Literotica.

  4. Yes! That's part of why I think this is a slightly less common trope in romances. Often, it seems like the careers/knowledge base of characters are extremely peripheral to the story. I'm guessing it's because authors don't want to get something wrong, but they also just don't know much about that field, so they just don't talk about it too much haha

  5. Basically it means it’s not on reorder.

  6. Well… he did open with just shitting on her… somehow I doubt he wishes that.

  7. Ehh. Sounds like you’ve never been negged before.

  8. 100% he was hoping to neg you because he’s striking out left, right and center.

  9. I was planning to reach out tomorrow. I just wanted to see if anyone else maybe had this experience.

  10. Not with Costco, but with Lens Crafters. The glare was so bad, we took it to another place for a second opinion who confirmed there was no AR coating, as there should be a green or purple tinge when you hold it up to the light.

  11. I hate this city, why can't we just have a normal safe culture where we can leave bikes safely at lockups and storefronts. How long will it take for the governing bodies to sort out the rampant homelessness thats driving people to treat other people's property as lunch money.

  12. This is a social issue that starts before people become homeless or addicted. What sort of families are these people born into that caused them to turn to property crime to fuel their habits?

  13. It’s no one else’s fault. It’s their fault. They’re stealing shit.

  14. Come on, you honestly believe that someone who grew up with mental illnesses passed down, or being sexually abused or other forms of abuses are the only ones at fault if they turn to drugs and/or alcohol for their trauma?

  15. She is asexual, so we have a one sided open relationship. So that i can do my thing, with people that actually enjoy it. That's why I'm not worried about a pregnancy

  16. Well I’m hoping you’re still looking into a vasectomy for double or even triple protection from conceiving. (Vasectomy, condom, birth control if the woman chooses to) unless you’re only having anal sex or oral. Then I guess just condoms are fine.

  17. That would mean less than .00001% use the app or review it.

  18. It's amazing that Costco can produce fresh donuts while Dunkin Donuts and Tim Hortons (places that specializes in donuts) has to have their stuff shipped frozen from a factory.

  19. That’s what happens when you have companies that value profits for shareholders over quality and customer satisfaction.

  20. Damn. We need to get us some of those in Canada. Cinnamon sugar and maple bacon glaze please.

  21. Brethren Guardian series by Charlotte Featherington?

  22. I think it may also depend on the province as well

  23. Believe it or not, I had mine performed in Alberta…

  24. Oh and another thing, I find people who are considering sterilization, spend a lot more time and effort into their decision than most parents put in before having kids.

  25. Not sure if you can preview the book, but you can achieve different textures with sous vide that would be unachievable through other methods.

  26. But is it a joke or were they being entirely serious? 🧐

  27. I would push so hard and say this experience is why you want to be sterilized (bisalp) because you have experienced a terrible complication with an IUD and you no longer trust it.

  28. Lisa Kleypas is pretty touch to beat as far as characters, plot, realistic descriptions for the time and place in addition to how the characters speak. She really is a storyteller. 🥰

  29. Here, son, have a wholesome glass of hashbrowns to go with your oreos

  30. Maybe potato milk will be the next craze.

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