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F/24/5'0 [167.6lbs > 132.2lbs = -35.4lbs] (3 months) Surgical Resident. Alone in a foreign country with no family or friends for support, no connections. Struggling with mental illnesses. Found a way to not make it visible on the exterior.

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  1. How often do you get your AC gas changed? I would get it changed then you can use a fogger in it. Just google anti bacterial car fogger.

  2. I’ve never had it changed. I didn’t know I had to do that. I will look into it, thank you.

  3. Also change the pollen filters if you are in the UK DM me and I can help you with what you need without getting ripped off.

  4. This is beeeeetle. He’s as bad as caaaan. He knoooows he’s the beeeest.

  5. I just requested transfer from IG I was in 212 originally

  6. I had issues after tabbing out and back into the game. I know its sucking eggs but did you reload last save and try?

  7. I’d probably start my exit plan. She’s probably thinking the quota was super easy and is about to double it next year then bitch to you about how bad it is you can’t hit it. People like her don’t have your best interest in mind. Also loyalty always lies to the company not to you

  8. I am already looking to cover my back.

  9. I see where the OP is coming from. They are concerned that despite meeting the yearly goal, if they fall short for a month, they will be fired. Op is the only sales person, and I would guess the management is fairly inexperienced in how to deal with them. The point of the discussions is to also point out how well you have been doing, despite not meeting a monthly benchmark.

  10. It's almost like the yearly target doesn't matter which to me is odd. Would you not be happy that we're over for the whole year rather than focus on a month that is a bit rocky? I've been in sales for 6 years so it's not my first rodeo but it is with a small family business. So this could be the difference. Lack of support and resources to that of a FTSE company. I am UK based if that makes a difference.

  11. It could be when you get up in the morning going for a run or a swim then waiting and consuming in your eating window. I’ve found it helped push it further.

  12. I always feel amazing fasted. Especially doing fasted weight training.

  13. Really heavy duty blanket from Costco my Belgian Malinois couldn’t even get through it

  14. Third of the man. Good fucking effort.

  15. The sweetener in Berocca could have spiked your blood sugar.

  16. OG for preworkout and the new one is superior for protein

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