1. Miss Not-So Sidekick, especially plushies/dolls <3

  2. Wiah we could do a 3way with him and Wu 🙈

  3. I did that one with the pirate chick and the kraken, and the octopus guy and snake person

  4. I KNOW. I tell my own cat he’s an asshole ALL the time, so why can’t I say that to a cat that’s ACTUALLY being an asshole?

  5. We legit call one of our cats Nacho because he’s an asshole and he’s still way better than Felix, but I legit am so verbally mean to him while giving him snuggles and kisses and putting him in his heated cat bed or on his catio.

  6. He was tedious. I have 3 cats and none of them act like him. He’s a cat meme.

  7. Yeah I’m just in it to watch Hades say ridiculous and likely accurate stuff like challenging an actual deity.

  8. Stop worrying about his “growth” and start worrying about your safety

  9. This is concise and meaningful to the point of being poetry.

  10. There’s so much here that concerns me that I can’t even address it all. First off, his trauma is not a reason for him to give you a concussion and there is no way you’re healed from what you’ve been through if you’re willing to tolerate this behavior and want to rescue him. He’s not a sad dog at the animal shelter, he’s a human able to make his own choices and he chooses to beat you. Every abuser has some sad story to manipulate you into staying and often abusers have been abused, but his struggles don’t give him the right to harm you. He gave you a concussion because he beat you so badly. You need to run before someone has to sit by your bedside and decide to take you off of life support while he waits for a trial when he beats you so badly you have irreversible brain trauma.

  11. OP you might've just solved the mystery on why I like this series so much XD

  12. Which publication has Eclis? I need something else to make me watch the royal match king in peril 400 times.

  13. Valeta is a whole mood all the time and it cracks me up every time she’s trying to lead a quiet life and Rein does something ridiculous to annoy her that makes perfect sense to him because he adores her.

  14. Anyone want to write the article about why teachers are still teaching? I’d be more interested in that article.

  15. Among my friends (including me): public service loan forgiveness almost done, too many friends to leave, generous with maternity leave and supportive with breaks for pumping, stepping stone to educational leadership, afraid they won’t find a similarly tolerable admin team elsewhere, can’t afford to quit, close to home.

  16. In my circle, many of those things, but mainly passion for the students we serve. I think the #1 thing is admin, if they promote relationship, the teachers generally thrive and stick around. If they don’t, then those other negative things weigh more.

  17. I’m not sure as I don’t have kids and don’t intend to, but a bunch of my colleagues talk about it. I guess there are two programs you can opt into and they provide leave beyond ordinary PTO days. It’s common enough so that we just kind of hit acceptance that we will have 1-3 people out for months every year and we will have extra case management while a sub covers their classes and quite a few leave after they’ve had all of the kids they want.

  18. Confused because it looks like you were 19 a month ago and getting a guy kicked out of his apartment due to taking his rent money in this manner. You aged a lot in 31 days.

  19. I think everyone will lose their shit if it’s not a full update lol

  20. Yeah I am really hoping to find out what obscene adventures happy at Glenn’s Dad’s wedding

  21. I love glenn, I can’t wait. There’s so many updates I’m excited for.

  22. Yeah I am psyched about Glenn and Kevin getting updates. Some of the new matches coming up later on also look lovely.

  23. YTA. Is this a troll? I am really having trouble believing you think complaining about your sex life to your 12 year old is ok.

  24. Okay, so this manhwa is called "Honey I'm going on a stike" and I swear to God I finished reading this last year, but I thought I'd reread this again as I loved it. But now after reaching chapter 50 the entire story seems to be completely different and the manhwa is still ONGOING whereas I CLEARLY remember it's was COMPLETED last time I read it. I dunno if it's just my imagination or some weird Mandela effect. IT IS REALLY WEIRDING ME OUT. Does anyone know if the manhwa changed or what, please let me know cuz there are a few things I CLEARLY REMEMBER that happened but it's not here anymore. For example  Cassia jumping of the balcony because that creepy of a Count tried rap*ing her and Zester who was not in the castle caught her from falling and the version I remember the story ended like I CLEARLY REMEMBER THE END, it was not like a hiatus or something, I remember seeing Rael and Lucy being born again, I remember seeing Cassia becoming this badass FL like she had this whip sword thing, and she was attacked (with her kids) and she killed some of the attackers and she also had the Wolf Tribe people protecting her. That was like the last chapter, it was a happy ending. I SWEAR TO GOD IT WAS THIS MANHWA. I dunno if I'm mixing this manhwa with some other one but I'm uptodate with the current one and IT IS NOT THE ONE I READ BEFORE, I'M NOT CRAZY!!!!! If any one knows which manhwa I'm mixing this up with please let me know, but I'm FAIRLY CERTAIN it was this one 😭😭😭.

  25. Maybe you isekaied to a world where it turned out differently. Did you do some subtle thing like say hi to the ML in the hallway so he bought Tapas and changed the ending because he heard you like women who can hold their own in fights?

  26. He doesn’t want to see you. Think about it this way-you probably sort of crave his voice and seeing him and all of that. He looks at it as a chore to be avoided. You don’t avoid things that you like. You deserve so much better.

  27. I think this is what hurts, why doesn’t he want to the things that I want to do for/with him.

  28. Because he doesn’t and it has no reflection on your worth. I dislike coffee and won’t drink it, but most of the people I know adore it. For whatever reason, he’s no longer into you. I think what’s most important is that he’s not meeting your needs though. Even if he did adore you but his version of that is avoiding someone like the plague, that is not what you need to feel loved.

  29. NTA and I love that you have her in counseling and are trying so hard to respect her wishes and even checking in with your other kids about their wishes and then totally ok with not following family norms to try to make your daughter comfortable.

  30. That first moment where a neglected character feels safe and loved. I cry like a baby every time.

  31. I binged the whole story! If you’re not neurotypical then you will love this even more. It’s a very wonderful and wholesome story. ❤️ it’s very gamer centric, but explains things nicely and doesn’t make it feel pushy or bland it you’re not. Gosh I wish I could play it more! I hope you enjoy it.

  32. Omg I just finished the 2nd date and thought he might be neurodiverse! He’s a doll so far!

  33. I opened this expecting “interesting” but this is way better.

  34. I kind of feel like it’s a bigger step for a yandere to be like ok ok I won’t kill this person I really want to torturekill because it would bother you.

  35. This is a really intriguing question that has the potential for some very deep philosophical interpretations. See, the disguise is portrayed by the artist as just a very simple "cute pink bunny mask," but if one dives a little deeper into the hidden meaning of this artistic decision, it becomes apparent that what appears to be an innocent accessory is actually a way for Aria to conceal all the grief she feels while pretending to be happy on the outside. She dons this smiling façade—for hours at a time, even—while holding back what is really on her mind. Even when her concerned family asks her how she is really doing, she answers by telling them that she's just fine, when the fact is that her depression is so serious that on some days, she can't even find the strength to get off of her mattress. Aria keeps on smiling in front of everyone so that they won't see that she is secretly crying on the inside, but the most tragic part of all this is that she's been wearing this smile for so long that it's become real.

  36. Do you mean PTSD instead of ADHD? From context, it sounds more like PTSD which is more directly linked to trauma.

  37. Sorry to spoil the joke, but this whole comment is just an elaborate reference to Dream's famous (or infamous) "Mask" music

  38. Oh man I am sorry. I just thought someone wrote something on the fly and had a late night with too much coffee moment. I’m not well versed on such things, so the joke was entirely wasted on me and I hope I did not spoil it too badly.

  39. I have 3 cats and none of them are the meme version of a cat that this guy is. I actually wouldn’t have minded a no romance version where he stays a cat and acts like a jerk, but as soon as he turned into a man and started scratching my stuff and knocking over my stuff, I was like nope. I’m almost a cat lady about how much I love my cats and I don’t even act like MC (I have a wall scape, heated beds, an outdoor catio, etc). Also his clothes are hideous even by MeChat standards.

  40. Our dog wasn’t nearly as severe as yours and I have a ton of behavioral experience and it was rough with him for a while. The settling in phase where he wasn’t having major emotional issues from being in a shelter for two months was way longer than the internet claims but he’s mostly fine now unless you are a vet trying to listen to his heart (he will tolerate shots but stethoscopes are where he draws the line). It took a ton of trial and error but he was so reactive initially that we had to stop seeing our vet that we saw for years because she was afraid of him even with a muzzle.

  41. Well you just convinced me to read Please Marry Me Again.

  42. I don’t know but I need to. Characters with ridiculous curly mustaches seem to trend hilarious and supportive.

  43. Yeah there are a ton of matches that I’m like wait what especially with all of the pretend to be my partner ones lately. I think maybe they got confused because Wu and the guy who didn’t believe in love whose name I can’t remember started off differently but people freaking love them and thought manipulative wedding guy and doin’ it for the likes and an actual jerk of a cat would be just as popular.

  44. I’m not generally into animals, but I liked Wu but had to sort of pretend he wasn’t a Tiger. Felix was just awful, cat or human.

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