1. I would love to matchmake w this person and do the same kinda behaviour to them and see what they do 😂 prob will leave immediately tho

  2. Smh............ This guy just posted this video not me thoughts on damage. But but the equations don't add up. I guess speed, velocity, rate of ult build up and fire stacks with flame arrows isn't a factor. Did you go to school? Not everything is 1+1 .Btw itachi how many accounts do you have my god.

  3. I’ve never said ws isn’t a capable bow, it’s definitely fun to use but you can’t compare it to SSB in the dps department, like you’re just being ignorant of math lol. And idk bout you but I’ve outkilled many hunters w my healing ronin (on gold, nms and plat7) it’s not that hard lol

  4. My BF is playing right now, but when he is done if you are still on, I'll add you and yeah.

  5. Thanks for the runs dude. It was an awesome time. I highly recommend playing with this dude!

  6. Nah come on you was awesome as well, hopefully nothing happens next time tho!

  7. Lmaooo, very smart! You’re not the first to think of flash bombs to build resolve, anyone can basically do the same thing using a samurai or an assassin w the right set up.

  8. Fuck! I love this bro, nicely done -rad 😂 I have to say my name as I can’t change this goddamn username

  9. Well done. Among the best in the world!

  10. You don’t have to activate shared wounds, I mean it’s supposed to be hard so only the end game players can complete it, however I agree with another post I saw regarding addition of “ranged resistance” mode or smth like that, as shared wounds literally make it near to impossible for the samurai to complete with no deaths. But it’s a custom mode overall, you don’t have to activate any of the modifiers/hazards, activate them one buy one maybe and practice. It is definitely doable with a proper team, set up and communication.

  11. Share your perfect custom plat pls, if not then you’re the one who needs to git gud.

  12. If you had taken the time to read it you would’ve noticed that he’s asking for addition of content, clearly you don’t understand that a perfect custom plat with even one samurai on team is near to impossible due to the shared wounds modifier.

  13. For all you commenters saying ‘don’t go down’ or something in that vein, pls send me your channel of live NM play. I would love to see such professionals play perfect matches so I can learn.

  14. Git gud instead of complaining, just gotta learn to not rely on ppl

  15. Idk but you can def ask your mom, I’m sure she knows! While you’re at it she might be able to tell you how mine tasted too

  16. He does bring a decent point tho. You’re advocating for less player choice which is slightly bizarre.

  17. His decent point in insulting me? Lmao, I stated my opinion, people can have different opinions but if someone’s gonna insult me for it imma return it double fold

  18. It’s funny how many people complain about mmc, whilst they don’t even know how to use their own preferred katana/stance properly, yes mmc prob has the best dps out of the other stances (regarding stagger and damage) but someone who’s good at using stone can definitely keep up, both require learning (I’d say mmc is even harder to perform). Can’t complain bout something that you can’t even do, try it first or at least learn the best way to use your own stance and see if you can keep up. It’s not a “glitch” which you can just turn on and beat everyone in the game (this game isn’t even pvp), you got to put time and effort into learning and executing it perfectly. At the end I’d say git gud 😂

  19. Psn: radroi I can teach you some of the jumps in the game, add me

  20. Firstly if chapter 3 takes you about 30 mins it just means you don’t understand the mechanics of the chapter or you’re just bad. Secondly, no one is forcing you to do the chapters so either don’t do em or don’t complain on reddit lmao. Thirdly, you’re just bad, to put simply, chapter two should take at most and hour if at least one player is experienced enough (that is with all chests) even if no players are experienced and have only watched YouTube videos it shouldn’t be such a “horrible chapter”. Defending the oblesik isn’t that hard, you get 4/5 enemies on each side which are easy as fuck to kill and then you get the attuned onis which either by the right colour or the use of the bow can be killed pretty easily. Yes it’s the longest chapter but it can be done in 30 mins or so if all players know what they’re doing. Maybe instead of talking shit about the chapter go find teammates who you can communicate with or someone to teach you how to do the chapter. I’m not commenting on this to be an asshole, but when someone talks shit about a game which so much effort has been put into and has been given to all the ppl who have bought the game for free it shows ingratitude.

  21. I'm not that good at this game, I'll fully admit. But let me tell how TODAY has gone so far. 5 different teams, taken about 45 mintues to get to the end goal on three of them (the other two quit after a couple of deaths). So, we run through the end at around 3 times. We're trying to figure out the best way to get the crystals. At attempt three, we had a guy leave, so there goes that run. That took about 1 30 hours and that was one of the better runs I had of this chapter

  22. I was gonna offer to help but lmao you’re Fkn rude, calm the fuck down dude, I didn’t say cause it’s free you can’t point the problems out but you’re the Fkn problem here not the chapter two, many ppl told you to get on discord and all you have to say back is “my time doesn’t match theirs” there are ppl from everywhere in the world playing so someone’s time will match yours and will help you. Getting stuck on the LAST SECTION as you put it ain’t that bad, you can literally go to discord and ask for help with the last part, many ppl are willing to help as it’s basically free loot for them or they just wanna help.

  23. Or 2 ppl can do the chest by themselves whilst the other two do the second chest?

  24. He announces the ultimate name “hachiman’s furry”

  25. People cry when they carry others, people cry when they get carried, I don’t know where I should put myself. It’s not like Bomb skips were luck based…

  26. People only cry when they carry dudes like the one whom posted this, the ones who don’t appreciate it and bitch about it, if you don’t wanna get carried find some friends? And do the thing you wanna do with people on your level. Exactly bomb skips are not luck based, you can say people who watch raids on YouTube before doing them are cheating too… my point is stop complaining and just play lol

  27. Kind of a double edged sword aint it? If you're looking to pull off some skips then why go into matchmaking? So yes. Get some friends indeed.

  28. The people who “sherpa” (meaning actual carry people) explain everything, idk about the other folks who just skip shit. But if I matchmake with some folks and ch2 takes me 3 hours I ain’t sitting there doing everything the normal way, especially when you get people who don’t use mics or don’t listen, in the general sense instead of complaining git gud.

  29. It's never hard, but just takes some reloading. If you go to the last story in gold, there is a guaranteed dog in the beginning. You could kill it and reload 5 times or if RNG is your friend you get the oni dog or bear mod, you proceed to the next area and could kill 2-3 more. But you still need to reload. I normally just grab a legendary bow to do the job.

  30. Try the second story, usually there will be enough dogs and you won’t need to reload, keep in mind tho sometimes instead of dogs you might get the fire sprites or oni enemies

  31. I normally purify solo and that is my go to for dogs, thats at least the quickest one I found so far.

  32. Oh hahah yeah i thought I was fine but rolled right into one that had doubled back when I wasn’t looking

  33. Yea that happens way too often 😂😂 also fuck those double headed speared brutes I agree

  34. I love the optimism and hope it’s true, can’t wait for jin to get to the mainland

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