1. Since Multiple Man blitz is running this week, I’d say either towards end of week or the following.

  2. I use mist of yagata+ epic firebomb and had never healing problems

  3. This. With your fire perks, it makes more sense to run MoY. I’d drop SK.

  4. Must not have received the email then? I did read the post, and thought it was fair. But that email was garbage with the way it was worded.

  5. Done spending with a response like this. Absolute bull.

  6. It seems one if the sun fire milestones is gone. Only the war/raid is showing for me. Earlier I had the crucible one up as well.

  7. only sunfire is showing. a mobile gamer poll said 11% of respondents took full rewards for month of july already

  8. No I mean I had 2 sunfire milestone events earlier. This was after they pulled the July one for Thor. Now one if those is gone as well.

  9. Ahhh there was a milestone that kept crashing on me and now it’s gone. Thought it might be related.

  10. I run this build as well. Super nice.

  11. Lol I noticed that some people also don't realize that fire spirits can't get you if you're standing in a defense zone in survival. So many people constantly running for their lives between rounds and dying from them in this week nightmare lol

  12. You can also crouch in the pampas grass

  13. No forbidden medicine? Spirit Kunai? Or are you going for a pure melee fire build?

  14. Well I was just messing around , I already had these stats on a different build . Just wanted to see what others thought . I have spirit k and forbidden but I wanted to try out a few different things.

  15. Ephicplays on YouTube has a toxic inferno build which does a good job of leveraging status effects (fire and poison). It melts.

  16. Had the same experience. Have the same question. I think it’s an issue with Scopely imo.

  17. I will run either a healing build or a fire build. Never have issues with fire. It’s more devastating with the increased damage and resolve gain from concussions. It’s not hard to take top kills unless there is a hunter who knows what they are doing.

  18. Same and the online store isn’t working for me.

  19. With sim you put in less time than other who have a bigger roster. Bigger roster is more sims per rotation.

  20. Sorry if I said something confusing. Correct if im wrong here, but Im specifically talking about hitting level 60 and rolling from the baby shard. From 1-60 it felt like a better progression going through the ranks. Post 60, you are competing against folks who have played way longer or spent way more money. I don’t see how I can get more than the 15 shard reward for at least 6 months. With the amount of power folks are able to produce in a blitz session, I don’t see how I can compete for a LONG time.

  21. Its not confirmed i think, but my assumption is you had to have been playing at the time dd5 was completed the first time.

  22. I've said it before and it should be just milestones. Endless milestones. The more you grind, the more milestones you can do, the more shards you can earn. So the only person you're against is yourself.

  23. I like the idea of milestones, although not endless. Cap the entire event at 85, scale the milestones on power bands, everyone is happy. Or at least I would be.

  24. Mine is white tiger. Last three rolls in mega, has netted her twice.

  25. Let’s get a Spidey-2099 legendary!

  26. I’ve seen that Buck Sexton tweet posted by a contact on FB. I wanted to facepalm af. Does the dumb ass not realize he’s proving the point that social distancing and mask wearing worked?

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