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  1. Saw on the Facebook event their set starts at 9:15PM.

  2. Opeth, Mastodon, Camel, Primus and The Reverend Horton Heat are my top 5 without Ghost included

  3. Wow. Also include Opeth, Mastodon, Camel and Ghost among my all time favourites. Going to have to check out Reverend Horton Heat based on your tastes 🤘

  4. Manchester Orchestra/Andy Hull, Pearl Jam, Sturgill Simpson, Silverchair/Daniel Johns

  5. Have an upvote for Manchester Orchestra. Can’t believe I slept on these guys as long as I did. Million Masks was fantastic, and Black Mike might be in my top 5 albums of all time.

  6. Treat the gain control with Deoxit or a similar contact cleaner and work it back and forth a bunch. That will probably clean up its operation. I have a couple 1st gen Schiit Manis and have been quite pleased with them, as well as a ART Precision Phono Pre which is similar to your DJ. I think I would consider the Mani a step up from the ART, but the ART is no slouch. You might want to consider going with something a step above the Mani or iFi given the turntable and cartridge you're running. However when upgrading always start with the weakest link first. That probably is the phono preamp in your case, but give the AVR and speakers some thought as well.

  7. Great advice, thank you. Speaker upgrade is definitely happening in the near-future.

  8. It really wouldn’t surprise me if the ART is better than the AVR’s phono input.

  9. After some consideration, I think I will start by grabbing a Mani 2. Next, I'm going to upgrade my Energy speakers (I have my eye on some ELAC Carinas). The receiver upgrade will likely be a couple of months away.

  10. I guess they're sold out of Queens of the Stone Age already.

  11. Thanks for your suggestions! Yeah, we'll definitely circle back and compare notes. Also thank you for tips with Obsidian. I'm trying to keep it fairly simple and not over structure anything because too much structure creates friction.

  12. You both are going through exactly what I'm going through right now. It's almost scary!

  13. Easily the best song on this album, and could be a contender for one of my top 5 Camel songs ever (although that would be a difficult choice).

  14. I can't confirm anything... but just to add another data point, I'll share my experiences.

  15. This does not resonate with me personally, and I have not come across this in any SCT literature I've found.

  16. Look into getting Lamentations. It is live, but it’s the entirety of Damnation. Even if you have to buy deliverance separate, A lot cheaper than what folks are asking for the poorly packaged deliverance/damnation remastered.

  17. Love Lamentations! Thank you for the recommendation!

  18. We actually have an amazing turntable technician in our city who will look things over for free... however he hasn't taken any appointments since COVID started. He fixed some problems and saved me a bunch of money when I first started out. I suppose I should try to find another for the time being.

  19. A 540ml is also sold separately, without a shell, so just do a straight replacement. Should be a shoe-in for a medium mass tonearm/shell arrangement.

  20. Ya, you're right. I can get VM540ML for $360 without headshell.

  21. I never see this written on Reddit... but too me it's been the most simple and fundamental concept to protecting your phone...

  22. Over an hour I think. Yeah, I have no patience either. That drove me a bit crazy. Really used to getting purchased downloads immediately.

  23. I ordered mine over 4 hours ago and still no code.

  24. And ask to see the case. You want to see the original case included.

  25. He's selling with a Fender Gig Bag. I think these should come with a hard SKB case... however he purchased from Long and Mcquade (major Canadian Guitar retailer) in 2016... so I'm guessing if it it was at the shop since 2013 it was a floor model or some kind of deal he got.

  26. The serial number isn’t parallel with the tuners on any Fender of the serial-on-rear-of-headstock era I’ve owned or can remember seeing. It’s been in different places over the years but it’s better described as being more parallel to the lower line of the headstock, which isn’t really possible on the rounded Tele shape.

  27. That's good to know! I was comparing it to this one I came across on Reverb that looks straight... but may need a larger sample size:

  28. That’s a pretty big stretch. It wouldn’t be cost effective enough to try and replicate that guitar and fool someone. At that point you’d almost be spending as much as you would on getting that guitar used.

  29. Haha I can see it. Goes to show you the QC at those plants... it just doesn't happen sometimes.

  30. There are many things I would consider red flags before a crooked serial number, I think you’re safe. Enjoy the Tele, my favorite guitar!

  31. Cheers and thanks for your help! Looking forward to upgrading my Classic Vibe Tele.

  32. Having the exact same problem. Hopefully someone has a solution.

  33. Thanks for the reply! Not sure if I’m up for delidding. How much usage on the 8700k and how much would you want for it?

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