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  1. This is a clear motion for the Umpire to throw up the Middle finger rather than the Index finger.

  2. I mean, are we really surprised? They can’t hit a ball if the wind makes noise.

  3. The words “Then Colonized” and “Now Penalized” would make a great poem.

  4. “I recently saw” translates to “I make TikTok’s and August was a slow month for me”.

  5. Yo, what was he listening to in those head phones?!!!

  6. I believe the same technique was used for Constipation…

  7. Did no one else realize that Jesus-Rat walked on water?!!!

  8. Looks a little on the creamy side, and lack of pepper. Also Is it okay for me to introduce new cuisine to people who aren’t teens? Asking for a friend

  9. This a perfect introductory dish for humans of ALL ages!

  10. I grew up eating curry. My mom introduced my brother and I to it at a young age (we're a white family). Now that I have 2 kids (#3 on the way!) of my own, I introduced them to Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala at a young age as well. They LOVE it! My eldest son (8) loves a good spicy curry and my daughter (6) enjoys a mild curry.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing! So wonderful!

  12. Wow…Women have been beautiful since the beginning of time ❤️

  13. I know makes me glad to be a woman.

  14. As a 43 year old man, I’m slightly ashamed that the only thing this video gave me was hard “Baw-till” Love Actually vibes with Colin in Wisconsin.

  15. They're going through a process called "individuation" which leads to exclamations of cringe, but they'll def come around with time.

  16. Them and me both. Without disclosing too many details and boring folks, Life has thrown a few curve balls our way in the recent past - divorce, moving States, new school…to name a few. So, I’ll take being Cringy seven ways to Sunday with them!

  17. My apologies, but your reference flew right over me like an unsanctioned Maverick flyby. Is it the baked beans or the Sunny-side up eggs? Please help me be cool again!

  18. Looks great! As a full time single dad to an 8th and 10th grader, this looks very similar to meals I serve them for dinner.

  19. Awesome…and Hello fellow Cooking single Dad! I feel we need a subreddit to help each other when in need!

  20. The Dad role is completely filled up! But I do have plenty of hugs and recipes to share 😉

  21. This looks delicious. Could you explain how you make the sweet chili Thai steaks?

  22. Thank you! It tasted delicious. We are lucky to have a butcher shop (Southern Steer) here in Sarasota Florida that had these steaks nicely marinated, which I then cooked over a high heat pan and then reduced the heat until the steak were medium rare.

  23. I did. Sorry, not stalking. I still don't know what "everything extra chili crunch" means. I could look it up but figured you'd be able to give me a more easily understandable explanation

  24. Ha…well the best way to put it is….If the Everything Bagel seasoning had a baby with a Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp… would be this!

  25. I’m sorry…what?!!! Are you on TMobile? I’m here at 8 hours and 11minutes and feeling good.

  26. TMobile don't operate here. I just have a less phone addiction than most :P

  27. That’s just awesome! With Socials, Emails and News….I’m striving to be where you are. Just fantastic!

  28. Everything expensive happens with Sand Dunes in the background. 🤔

  29. His name was Frank. Frank with the big bean. Ok I’ll walk myself out now.

  30. Dammmmmiitttt….that was the best Wednesday cry I’ve ever had!

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