1. I would not post my gaping asshole with an emoji over it, I can tell you that much.

  2. You win the internet. That's fkin hilarious and I agree, me neither

  3. What product should I use to “bring back” my beauty marks? Wearing foundation fades them out and makes me look weird lol I’ve tried eyeliner but it looks too fake even though I’m just re-darkening a black dot that used to be there. What do you all do in this instance? Do you leave it alone? Do you use something else? I like that my skin looks smooth, I just want my dots back. LOL

  4. i would recommend katie jane hughes (kjh ) on instagram, she always does this for her beauty marks, i think she often uses an eyebrow pencil/pen (i dont know the difference, english second language lol). she has great recommendations for this anyways

  5. I tried a brow pencil and it made my beauty mark bigger. Maybe it just wasn’t fine enough but I think I’ll try an eyebrow pen since they’re pointier. Thank you 🙏🏽

  6. could there ever be a Zanzarah 2? my fav game from childhood

  7. Vänsterpartiet ska också få lite respekt för att de faktiskt stod upp för folket när det var tal om att införa marknadshyror.

  8. ja det var första gången jag verkligen diggade V.

  9. The charlotte tilbury pressed powder is pretty hyped and nothing special IMO. im very fair/cool and it is way too deep to use under my eyes, and deepens my foundation some too.. also i dont find it blurring or mattifying or anything else really.. they just announced a transclucent one though.. wonder if that one would work better on my complexion.

  10. Absolutely chilling. My (American, South Indian) family's group chat has blown up with this today. I really thought that Rushdie was safe and that all the fatwa business had blown over. I guess it's a reminder that hate stays strong and passes on the next generation. I was just chortling at him in Bridget Jones' Diary earlier this week.

  11. i knew i had seen him somewhere before!!! that must be it. agree with you, its horrible and just feels hopeless sometimes

  12. He's very lucky to be alive. I wish him the best. He's been in danger since 1989 and this attack sadly won't change that.

  13. yeah i think so too... there was a swedish artist that also was under threat because of criticism for a certain religion, and he had to be under constant protection from several special police and a short while ago he and the two officers died in a car crash because they were going 170km/h on a highway... living with those threats got him in the end. its sad. freedom of speech needs to be protected. i hope Rushdie makes it through.

  14. Look something happened on that plane. You do not get off a flight with your husband and children and immediately file for divorce without something big happening. Take some accountability Brad. The court of public sympathy is not going to get you a relationship with your children. Grow up.

  15. i agree, and i also think things must have been bad before then for a while also. i think children who have a close bond with a parent for many years, and then one instance of something truly horrible happens, would in some cases come around to seeing them again. like, if he had been a good parent i think at least one out of the kids would forgive him i guess. so i think he was probably an abusive alcoholic for years and thats why when the plane thing happened, they knew it wasnt a one time thing, it was just how he is.

  16. english isn't my first language either but nice try trying to make it into some english-speaker/non english-speaker issue. i can respond how i like.

  17. No, Jaclyn posted somewhat recently that they never found Frankie ☹️ I think it happened a while ago

  18. oh no that's so sad :( i think often about how sad it is that there's so many dogs and cats on the streets in US and that there is shelters where they kill them and stuff :( i wish i could help but im not on the continent and im already giving to an animal charity for animals in Ukraine so i cant afford both. however my parents in law and sister in law who are in US have adopted several dogs from shelters. :)

  19. uhhh... what happens when a dog runs away or escapes exactly? it is either stolen, dead or "on the streets" per definition, that is why i mentioned it. I was hoping that the poor dog didn't end up in a kill-shelter (as i believe they are called).

  20. His obsession with the Amber heard stuff is disgusting. Manny has said a lot of misogynistic shit in be past few months, not to mention gleefully making fun of domestic violence. I can never watch him again, I am far too grossed out. He is an awful person.

  21. yep i tried to give him and laura lee a second chance, though it wasnt mine to give because of their previous problematic behavior... but when they started their disgusting commentary making fun of a DA and SA victim who is being sent death threats every single day, and they thought, hey lets join in! i just couldnt anymore. they are IMO truly vile, and i regret i ever bought anything from either of them.

  22. They never should have filmed the damn thing after Ezra strangled a fan. saved them some money. if they release it i hope it flops so hard companies never hire an abuser again, doubt that will ever happen tho.

  23. Lite utanför göteborg men Gunnebo och runtom resten av Mölnlycke t.ex. Landvettersjön :)

  24. damn :( was really hoping to play it this autumn/early winter. i hope this new date is set in stone and we can finally get to try it! i forget when starfield is coming out, but was at least hoping to have one or the other in my hands this year

  25. I only have sympathy for the woman whose life she has ruined by having her house and all of her possessions, including things she used to run her business, burned to the ground.

  26. it is also possible to feel sad for her as a child, and how she clearly was sick and suffered throughout her life, while also not respecting or sympathizing with her ultimate choice in getting behind the wheel that day. her one final act does not define a whole human's life either. she didn't murder someone, she didnt aim to hit someone. she was reckless and irresponsible and made a terrible decision.

  27. I think it's justified as well. I'm glad she didn't kill anyone and only destroyed a home and traumatized a family for who knows how long. I'm not happy she's dying or has been/is in pain. I hate that this happened and I wish Anne had a better life. My main feeling is that I'm glad she didn't physically kill anyone else.

  28. i think that would have been the worst outcome, for her to have killed someone else and had to face the hatred and harassment online and just be further traumatized. i think sometimes a person has just suffered enough, and everyone has been saying it would be horifically painful if she ever woke up. her suffering is over now. rest in peace Anne.

  29. nars pot concealer... i have alot of acne and dark undereyes and find this one works perfectly for both, especially with a colour corrector underneath the undereyes. its my second one, haven't cracked into it yet because im still working on a shapetape :P

  30. A mom setting boundaries for her teenage kids. Call CPS / s

  31. there is alot of shit-slinging in this thread, and alot of people saying "if you think this is normal parenting then you haven't had a normal upbringing" and i certainly havent as i had an abusive father and alcoholic mother, so i cant really say what is normal. however, i didn't see anything in this video that concerned me super much, swearing and slightly raising ones voice at a teen that is arguing i think happens in most families. but then again, what the hell do i know?

  32. We have to be missing context on the lotion thing. I didn’t watch the videos, because gross, but people said they are edited with jump cuts. Gotta be context on that one, i think.

  33. yeah i mean the video starts in the middle of that discussion, so there is no context what so ever. there are several cuts in both. so i assume they edited it to make her look as bad as possible, and she still didnt come off that bad.

  34. How can anyone force you to take meds?

  35. are you serious? what do you think gets done at a psych ward exactly? you either take it willingly or they strap you down and force you, either with syringes or not letting you go until you swallow the pills.

  36. Oh I know all about psych wards, I’m just talking about on a day to day basis because obviously she can’t be in psych wards all the time otherwise her family couldn’t ride the gravy train anymore.

  37. well during the cship she was admitted to psychiatric facilities a few times, i would assume that is what happened when she refused to do what they wanted/refused meds. the threat of "we will institutionalize you if you dont take your meds" is probably how they forced her to take the medicines most times, as that is hell for anyone and the threat of it is enough. (speaking from personal experience).

  38. The definition of entitlement. "I get to dictate what I do with your things, you have no say"

  39. I agree, she was naturally pretty.

  40. speak for yourself. Imaging being the one, caring your whole life what others think of you!! How truly pathetic. fuck off

  41. .... wut? you're literally the one complaining about downvotes, thus caring what other people think. apply your words to yourself first.

  42. Why the fuck can't people just get a divorce? Nope better just kill someone and risk life in prison or death penalty.

  43. Im not saying i'm against child support or alimony i think its called, because im not at all. However i do wonder how many people would avoid being murdered by ex-partners in US every year if there were no payments to be made.. (have no idea about this case in particular). in sweden there are no huge child support payments required by law as far as I'm aware. nor alimony if you get divorced, only if you were married without a prenup then you split everything aquired during the marriage 50/50 i believe.

  44. I think moving your kids to London to be a boyfriend you haven’t been with all that long seems like a terrible idea.

  45. i agree. they both need to put their children first.

  46. Fan, blev både imponerad och besviken av det där. Skitfina byggnader, och varför har vi inte ställt såna krav? Känns nästan för sent nu.

  47. hahahaha asså shit! jag har bara sett den byggnaden på kvällen så trodde den var svart eller grå, hade ingen aning om att den var röd och gul.... det är ju inte klokt hur ful den är. stackare som bor i närheten av den :(

  48. Maybe Im confused by the timeline but wasn’t Margaret still seeing Shia when the Elle article came out and it wasn’t until she got backlash for staying with him that she posted her support of fka? Her “support” always seemed performative to me.

  49. that's how i remember it as well... but i cant say 100% for sure

  50. With inflation and food costs rising so much in my country (and most places i assume), i honestly don't want to buy much at all. I will probably just continue replacing when i run out of a product (concealer goes quickly for my acne and dark undereyes) and skincare... i did buy some clionadh, and will continue to have an eye open for any truly unique launches... other than that, im so bored and depressed -.- sorry for the bummer post.

  51. I feel exactly the same. I would go harder and say I was so disappointed from their eyeshadow formula, and had a not very pleasant costumer service from them, that I decided not to purchase from them ever again. I like Kelly so much but I think I hate Sigma more.

  52. the cinderella one was truly terrible... i also will skip their eyeshadows for the forseeable future.

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