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  1. Magic Origins was a terrible, terrible video game (though the monetization model was sooo much better than MTGA), but I played it just because I could play with my friend and we would both play turbofog in 2HG while chatting on discord and it was great fun :D

  2. I tried, but it told me the server had reached max capacity. :/

  3. You're probably in the max amount of discord servers that you can be in. Try leaving one, restarting your discord, and then try to join again. iirc Discord servers don't actually have a member cap

  4. Which guns can have an underbarrel GL? Sorry, but I am a brainlet.

  5. I can only list VS and TR weapons since those are the only factions I play. Hope this helps. The grenade from these launchers deals 500 impact damage and an aditional 700 explosive damage after a 10 meter arming distance.

  6. Be easy on him, look at his English, he's probably a Chinese player. Lmao

  7. Of course he is. Extreme insecurity over their behavior is also normal. Cheating is only good until you get caught.

  8. I got the free premium edition from the Epic Games store, have not booted it up yet because I'm waiting for the servers to recover, and I can wholeheartedly say, anyone who asks for a money drop is an actual fucking dumbass, just play the damn game.

  9. Can vouch for this. I'm new as of quarantine and I'm super lost. Spent days playing and watching YouTube. Found the learn tab and it sucks.

  10. Don't sweat it man, your new to a game that tells you literally nothing of how to play it, well, nothing of value at least.

  11. The real pro tip is always in the comments

  12. We've seen it before with Freya, if enough people for some reason don't like this reworked kit of his, there's a possibility of a revert, just wait for the rework to come out, keep an open mind and try it out. I personally think that with this new rework it's going to increase his viability by quite a lot, we even got confirmation that his decoy still body-blocks which is a very useful tool for experienced players. His passive also got buffed, and the first auto-attack in his chain is going back to it's original damage. Also something to note, his 2, despite not aggroing towers, minions, etc. does active damage now and even blinds (the blind empowering his passive to make you do even MORE damage). The meat of his kit is still there and will always be if you think about it. A unique stealth ability, an AoE damage ability that can body-block (that may not taunt minions now, but the blind + passive and possibly even additional CC as they've talked about it enough to compensate), and his Ult got a CC and damage buff. His three in all honesty is the only ability that sounds like it got the most change, and even then it still sounds like it's going to be good. The ability to procc AA item effects at a fast rate and possibly even ability item effects as well sounds good. This is all on paper, we haven't seen it in action yet, let's not count this as a mistake until we see the final results in-game.

  13. Thanks for your reply. Are there defensive items to counter hp% damage and pen/prot shred?

  14. Movement speed to juke their shots, run away, or close the distance between them and yourself with less penalization. I've used everything from Traveler's/Talaria's, to Bumba's, to Talisman of Energy, etc. Movement speed in general helps, just know that if you buy Bumba's, you're probably going to want to pick up a Spirit Robe no matter what.

  15. In terms of sustaining yes sylvanus is the best, but someone like terra or geb who can also crowd control and run interference is better for late games conquest and protecting the mage in joust. The main goal when I play support is to just be annoying stay alive and keep the enemies off of my squishier team mates. Sylvanus isn’t the best for this because his longer cool downs and lack of damage mobility or highly effective CC makes him a lower tier support for me. I’ve seen some people play him well and make him a great support, but that mostly seams to be there skill not sylvanus being good at least in my experience. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how well you sustain if everyone can just go around you. The best support is one that forces you to focus on them and leaving there carry free to drop you. That’s why terra is best. She hit every category just enough to be good at it while excelling in CC.

  16. As I said, the gods I listed were as described, good competitors, I never said they were all better. Terra does well all around the board, and out of everybody I listed myself, Geb was blatantly superior to the others given the current circumstances of the meta. Terra is good all around yes, but in this current meta Geb is stronger. Anti-heal dampens Terra's effect on the match, meanwhile Geb's shield is not affected in this manor on top of being a strong anti-CC tool, his mobility is arguably better for faster rotations, his CC is arguably better, and his anti-crit passive makes him the best god against Crit, something that we're seeing a lot of. Under the circumstances of not seeing Crit often if at all, then I would agree that Terra is arguably the best, but currently I cannot take her over Geb, as there is currently just no contest.

  17. Honestly bro I started playing geb more yesterday after our chat for the first time in a few seasons and I couldn’t agree with you more. Geb is honestly prolly gonna be my new main for a while.

  18. Hmu on Discord if you ever want to chat more. I'll PM you my username and hashtag.

  19. Idk man seems like something a bot would say to protect the other bot

  20. I still care. I even feel bad giving someone directions to the wrong wrong aisle in the grocery store, and I don't even work there.

  21. I have never met a single person with that viewpoint/claim, and if people are seriously getting taught or told this shit it's both funny, and idiotic.

  22. Do I need to give you a history lesson on the fucking Catholic Church and their centuries of atrocities they committed in the name of their faith? Or the Protestants persecutions of the Baptist’s in the 15th-17th century? It’s not discriminatory to point out that the history of Christianity once they became a popular religion has been one of them persecuting others that don’t believe like them. The small minority that actually live their lives in accordance to biblical teachings are just that, a minority. It continues strongly in the modern era, with persecution of homosexuals (see forced conversion therapy, etc), the racism of the first 3/4s of the 1900s used religion as a justification, the persecution of Hispanics that’s currently going on, etc. Don’t use the I have black friends arguement to try to handwave it away.

  23. Another thing, you can talk all day about the atrocities that Christians have committed throughout history, but I bet you don't have the balls to call out Africans for owning slaves, the Middle Easterners for owning slaves, the various Native American tribes, etc. for owning slaves throughout history. Nor do you have the balls to call out Pagans, Nords, Muslims, etc. for all of the atrocities they committed throughout history either. You're just another record player that eats up and shits out the same fucking thing you hear from other people that suits your belief or falls in line with being something that you like or approve of, you don't give a fuck about the actual truth, you want YOUR truth.

  24. Jesus. Calm down before you give yourself an aneurysm. Lots of atrocious have been committed by many different people throughout history. That's absolutely true.

  25. I do not disagree that I got rather heated, and I do agree that I should have probably remained cool-headed throughout the discussion. I just can't help but become beyond frustrated when people continue to paint groups of people with a broad brush just because they don't like them or agree with them, it's not morally or logically correct in any way, and when you get multiple people joining in on it, it just becomes a hateful echo-chamber.

  26. I'm glad to finally see a message that isn't left wing in one of these comment sections for once. To be completely honest, I'm surprised the name of this Reddit isn't

  27. This is 2020, people get offended by anything and everything. Lol

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