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  1. Started the day off with giving her a 98% shiny Dratini.

  2. Thank you kind person. Now how do I send it to the next one? Sorry for the dumb question.

  3. Just add them as a friend on POGO and you should be able to find them in your friend list on Campfire

  4. 3424 7425 7360, level 47 trainer on my birthday weekend

  5. How long has it taken you? I keep burning through my stardust like it's going out of style, so I stopped purifying anything that takes more than 1000, but it's slowed my progress to an absolute crawl. Wondering if it's more sensible to just take the stardust hit, and get the medal faster.

  6. I came back about a year and a half ago. Started really working towards it about 6 months ago. I didn't do anything at the 5,000. It helps to have a job where I walk a ton and can pop star pieces with all eggs ready to hatch. Also helped having a decent amount of stardust already. It really depends on how close you are to needing the 35 platinum medal, because it's all just a marathon, so if you don't need to rush, don't.

  7. That's fair. Stardust is probably more important than medals at the moment, even if I only have one platinum.

  8. Yeah. The platinum medals don't come into play until level 49 and needing 35 of them. I'm expecting to be 48 soon, and considering some of the other medals this one seemed more of the path of least resistance.

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