1. Is it just me, but does her tone just scream aggressive, and someone who thinks they're "too cool for school" and thinks she's such a big deal, and labours under the inaccurate assumption that others think she is too?

  2. I couldn't agree more with what you've said. I also think those points are why she didn't fit into the Royal Family. She expected everyone to be star struck by her, and had no idea of what level of structure she was walking into. She was instantly the lowest rung on the ladder, but couldn't handle that for all the reason you mentioned!

  3. Her grief over Robert has always bothered me. She may very well miss him, and I could just be a bitch BUT they separated, she remarried super quickly and I believe she only co-parented with him because it was a good financial decision for her.

  4. Love seeing a cake that was made with love! Bet this was a hit with your son! Great job!

  5. Personally, I love your reaction to their post. It's so hard to convince others what can possibly be good for them. You feel how I do when I try to emphasise the benefits of mindfulness / meditation... Sometimes all we can control is our own decisions and responses, so you are on top of your own world. We can try to guide others, nothing more and nothing less, but you're smart, you didn't need to hear that from me!

  6. Kelce makes this even funnier to me, because he can't do the moves as quickly.

  7. There’s a clip of fletcher micd up on the bench talking about it. He says kelce got no hips

  8. I've gone back and watched it another 10 times after your comment, it's an excellent point! He's got not hips!

  9. This is absolutely amazing! I love everything about it, but especially the green paint colour!

  10. I relate so strongly to what you have written. I journal quite often as a way of purging my thoughts and staying on top of my emotions. I make sure I write down what stage of my cycle I'm at when I'm finding my husband the most irritating.

  11. I wish her all the luck, joy and happiness in the world if she is. If she isn't, I hope she's strong enough to deal with the world's assumptions about her body.

  12. What a thoughtful gift! Creative and personalised! I think she will love it!

  13. Might explain why it's so difficult for her to cut cucumber...

  14. I can tell that cake it made with love! Also wanted to give you credit for all the colouring of that icing, it's hard work! The colours are spot on!

  15. This was on Ellen years ago. Ellen asked her to show her some exercises she did to get so fit.

  16. Thank you, that information has exacerbated my second hand embarrassment!

  17. Just checking in as an Aussie Souths and Eagles fan! Can't wait until Monday either!

  18. The thought of such a tight score makes me feel sick with nerves!

  19. No. Every young parent I know has years worth of sleep deprivation. Having kids sounds like an exhausting hell-scape to me because when I'm tired, I'm miserable.

  20. I am so so jealous of you! Enjoy that free time, the clean house and the quiet!

  21. Such a great up cycle! My kids absolutely love getting into all of my supplies, which I love and hate equally! Blessed Be.

  22. In my opinion, there is nothing more valuable than gifts that touch your heart. So much love and thought has gone into that gift. You are blessed on so many levels!

  23. There should be a full documentary video of all these inconsistencies.

  24. Who is this obsessed with clearing up a constant stream of errors or rumors about themselves?

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