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  1. Remember when the pinned post here said there was no soundtrack

  2. Alright I think I got it, the non curved item is a match holder, there should be a striker on the bottom of it, and the curved piece is a business card holder according to

  3. It looks like my match holder I have not sure about the curved piece for though,

  4. Florida mfers wearing cut off tees and jerseys to a funeral service

  5. It’s just a random tee from somewhere in Asia. There’s no specific brand

  6. Ion even like WLR but this dude needs to do something about his life, like end it

  7. Shut yo dumbass up bro fucking huggies wearing bitch googoogaga lookin ass

  8. Dawn of the dead 😳 that’s a beauty! Did you thrift that one or buy it from a reseller? Just curious!

  9. I actually thrifted that one! It’s not too old but still awesome!

  10. U got a store where u sell? Or are these all personal pieces? Nice pick ups. And oil stains maybe try Vanish gold I’ve used it on a lot of stains and has always worked miracles for me

  11. I used to sell but now I mostly just collect, but let me know if you’re interested in anything I might still sell

  12. You unlocked the Nike mystery sneaker

  13. tis is wild im hella cool with dylan and hes a great dude this shit seems so out of place and weird

  14. 2 doesn’t even have drawstring holes shits fake af

  15. You aren’t wrong but the drawstring eyelets fall off on retails too

  16. Sorry haha, I miswrote and am looking for any clarity on what year range this might be from!

  17. Thank you so much! It’s supposedly from a ‘93 tour so that checks out :)

  18. No problem! A good tip for IDing unrecognized/foreign tags is to compare it to known tags that look like it, I took an educated guess on this one because the tag looks like the springford tags from that era, and the collar is super thick. Hope this helps!

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