1. wet your hand, jump and slap on a wall where you can see it, chalk is a possibility, but it will mark (duh)

  2. in cif there is, I used it a few weeks ago (30 inch standing, btw)

  3. Math is not very related to your son’s program. (Math and Physics are like completely different languages in university)

  4. Ryerson has a much more rigorous program. It’s worth it!

  5. Do you have any comments on York’s cs program? I only know that their math department sucks.

  6. Most of the smart people here at UW simply study better/more than the rest of us. They're not necessarily smarter. They just work harder.

  7. Damn can u reknow that guy I can get along with him

  8. Yes it does matter, I'm pretty sure(correct me if I'm wrong) you can't get into the co-op program if you get accepted from the WLU side. Also your main campus/residence will be at the side which you got accepted from. If you got accepted from Laurier side then you have to live at Laurier.

  9. Yeah the whole point of going to uw cs/math is for the coop program.

  10. At least u didnt forget u had coop until continuous like my stupid ass

  11. Aw hell naw why do Brampton gotta get all the fucked up shit

  12. It’s recommended as there will be mandatory course(s) on probability and statistics for CS majors, and a lot of them struggle with it at my school (uw, almost similar difficulty to uoft).

  13. You can try for the older cheaper dell Inspiron budget laptops. They usually have 4th - 7th gen i5 cpus, are reliable, have replaceable batteries good for ~5hrs, and cheap ass replacement parts online. But the things fans will scream at you randomly sometimes and are heavy as FUCK (>5 lbs, like 8 lbs with the charger). On eBay they should go for around like 250ish, 200 if ur okay with some “imperfections”.

  14. Anyone taking Fiix software data analyst?

  15. fxi2 says:

    Lmao, no Shawarma I have ever eaten has made my shit turn red, looks like lazeez is generous with their hot sauce

  16. I do not possess the chad digestion gene 😔

  17. i mainly use my computer for phub and the occasional hentai.

  18. u go to uw for the coop and cope during school lol. I thought I was too stupid for math here but got the hang of things and my academics made a big turnaround. You can lengthen your degree by 1 year and lower your course load at the start to adjust.

  19. There's no such thing as a bird course. The easiest courses are whatever you're most interested in.

  20. Will have to disagree with this. Lots of courses are prof dependent and many could be considered bird courses with the right one. I've had a communications prof let me submit my assignments like a month late in first year.

  21. It’s also not as flexible as CS programs academically.

  22. Yea it’s hard buts it’s not like any university is gonna be easy. You gotta put in the work anywhere you go.

  23. Depending on the program, uoft is definitely much harder in some fields. A very good example is math/CS.

  24. Right, it's better to choose the best one from the options you have for now and just take a transfer with a good gpa after the first year or so.

  25. Hell no not for CS nor the TE part of STEM.

  26. Hey, thanks for your reply! The reason my parents do not want me to go to gap year is because they think I will not be productive and I will waste a year of my life. Also, my overall average is 91 so I am unable to say that I have low marks. I applied to computer science programs and that's probably why I did not get into any because of inflation.

  27. Do some hackathons / self learn some more coding and do good projects. Puts you way ahead in the coop game.

  28. Most of the tutorials were cancelled this term, but we had two tutorial tests worth 15% each.

  29. Currently taking Stat 341 in Spring 2022 with Ryan Browne, how are the tutorial tests and exam? I'm scared af for them because it's my first term doing tests and lectures in person.

  30. I did not do well on the tutorial tests (barely passed) but I didn't study much for them. I had a different prof but they were really lenient... they lowered the denominator for both tests and also waived the requirement to pass each section, as long as you put in work (doing all assignments, almost passing the tests, etc).

  31. Aw crap I didn’t do well on half the assignments either lol

  32. I got rejected from Waterloo CS and UofT CS but got into Waterloo math and UofT math. I accepted neither. Instead, I accepted Carleton CS thinking I'd get better CS education. Did I make the right decision? I feel like I'm regretting it a lot... Should I be worried?

  33. It depends on your ability to self learn cs concepts.

  34. sequence 3 has an off term in the summer after first year - so you don’t end up graduating with the rest of your class unless you get rid of one of your co ops

  35. I see, I didn’t really care about graduating with everyone else and chose seq 3 bc I thought covid was going to be a long ride.

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