1. My best attempt of googling at the time led me to think it was a Samson fish

  2. A sea lion’s hind flippers rotate forward for walking on land. Where as a seal can’t.

  3. So which one did domestic cats come from? Or are they a mix of a few species at this point.

  4. The North African wildcat is the ancestor of our usual household loaves.

  5. camera zooms out and we see it's an ass crack, a sweaty man's ass crack

  6. Other bugs lack the charisma and sensuality of the weevil

  7. addendum: reminds me of the little one piece dog creature with the massive cock

  8. The whole “chimps can rip people apart with their hands” is a myth. They’re only about 1.5 times stronger than a person, relative to body mass.

  9. Ah I'm not sure, I've never really paid attention to that. I think they last like 20 or 24 hours but I'm not sure. Cause all the different levels (super, epic, special) stay open for like 3 hours at a time before they change into a different one.

  10. They're actually semi-assholes, since they're deployed to devour crop pests.

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