Two pitbulls attack a cat

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  1. I’ve been rocking with Chaac lately. His ability allows me to heal when I’m engaging more than 1 enemy and when I’m playing with a team I can push kinda hard and pull agro and hop behind cover to heal while my teammates clean up anyone left. Plus he has 2 good gadgets (flashes and semtex), shredder rounds for armored enemies, and tenacity.

  2. I’ve been able to do it in one friends game but not damage him in another’s.

  3. I found the fix, when you get trapped anywhere like that, rest at the site of grace and then open the map while resting. You'll be able to teleport from there

  4. Thank you so much. I beat him after about 6 or so tries and then when I couldn’t get out I was about ready to yeet my controller out the window.

  5. I’d honestly be ok for their next season (after this new update) to have less content so they can use some budget to market. This game needs and deserves more players. Plus it gets annoying playing the same squad in ranked 4 times in a row. Sometimes it’s nice because it’ll be free dubs. But then when I just get absolutely destroyed several times in a row by a squad it’s heart breaking lol

  6. Beginner's luck, nothing more............I'm not jealous, u are 😤

  7. How does that cut on load times? That’s just them loading in during other times to pretend its a fast load.

  8. Like you click matchmaking and it’s already preparing what Spartan you have equipped for the game as well as everyone else’s before the map loads. That’s just my guess tho man. I’m no expert.

  9. Right, but that’s taking the same amount of time to load

  10. And yet I can bonk someone on the forehead with my hammer and get a hit marker.

  11. I think it just comes down to that the gaming community as a whole has become much larger and so competitive over the past few years.

  12. My mom wouldn’t allow me to get my license unless I learned how to drive a manual. So I knew that was expected of me. I’m really glad she did that. I’m one of a handful of my peers that can and it has come in handy many times. Made learning to ride a motorcycle a lot easier too. My little grocery getter now is manual.

  13. Playing casual I haven’t experienced much lag but I got in ranked and even someone I rez’d didn’t get up until 2 seconds after I completed it.

  14. They should do like 3v3 mode on skirmish maps where everybody play the same rogues on both teams.

  15. Both, it’s not just Battle Zone, has been an issue since the game came out. Enjoy your stay.

  16. I know it’s not just BZ but it is way more common it seems like

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