1. What you follow doesn't have to be connected to your nationality. I'm a mix of a number of countries, probably don't know all of them, but I follow a specific Goddess in Egyptian tradition.

  2. I think the 4 is short for "for" like an ISO, at least that's my impression but I could be wrong

  3. Super odd, but at the same time, I work with a lady who routinely will make up shit just like this, to try and snoop or see people's reactions.

  4. I can confirm that there are sick individuals who like stirring up the situation just for kicks. Someone I was friendly with at work made up a sob story about her husband abusing her and needing help, just to see what reaction she could get.

  5. Not sure what knowledge you are seeking here, or that you're sure what message you're sending..

  6. It sounds like she may be sensitive or allergic to the scent you're using, and not how you light it. Have you tried other scents? Have you tried essential oils? I guess the answer all depends on what part of burning incense relaxes you, the scent or watching the smoke, etc.

  7. she gets sensory overloads a lot, and strong smells (candles, essential oils, gasoline, scotch, incense, etc.) give her such a sensory overload that she gets migraines from it. personally, i like both the smell and the smoke. but i haven’t lit it since i’ve come home so that i don’t give her a migraine.

  8. Flameless LED flickering candle is the way around smoke. You can go easy on essential oils. Maybe some can be mixed with something like coconut oil or something like that. It will mean the scent is reduced. Other than that, there are some jewelry pieces that you can put scented wax beads in for sniffing. I used to have a ring for that purpose and I've seen necklaces like that too.

  9. If live flame or smoke is the issue, I have heard that the LED candles can work in a pinch. May want to look into if that's an option

  10. I'd love to check out the Discord group you mentioned. But, when I sign in, everything just kind of gets stuck. Will I be contacted? How does that work? Thanks! 😊

  11. I had to fill out a questionnaire then the staff look at it and hit approve. From there, it's got all kinds of channels for specific subjects, some for general, etc

  12. Thank you for the response. Last question, will the questionnaire be emailed? (I'm new to Discord) I really appreciate your help! Have a wonderful day! :)

  13. I literally created an account just for that server so I get it. It's been a couple months but I thought it was on screen when I tried to join the server like you find when joining some subreddits. I was also using the mobile app. I now use mobile for chatting but web version on desktop for the resources and lessons.

  14. Tbh the only time I did a banishing spell it was for someone (a friend at the time) to keep her abusive ex away so you can do that. Making the exact intention clear is key.

  15. I have no contact with her to be able to ask for her permission. I haven't been able to speak with her for a few months because of my Dad. Would a banishment spell still be able to work if I can't get her exact permission?

  16. I wouldn't do it, not because it would/wouldn't work, but because *I" wouldn't want something done to me without consent. (I don't want people to touch me in certain ways without consent, to me magic is no different.)

  17. Holy crap that was a hellish few years. As someone who lives in Minnesota I almost want their names to avoid her if possible

  18. This really isn't enough info for us to know if you've been hexed/cursed. We don't even know what kind "marks" you are seeing on your mirror. It could be anything.

  19. Especially since some surfaces hold the natural oils from skin better than others. It's been 5+ years and I'm still trying to get penis drawings off my windows (thanks kiddo!).

  20. First, cleanse yourself to get rid of any negative energy/entities/spirits. Then the best way I know of is to ward yourself from negative energy/entities/spirits. I literally just learned about this tonight. Your wife should be able to help. I know you don't want to over stress her but you did say she has already noticed something is going on. Being able to take control through an easy practice of cleansing and protecting her home and loved one can be a powerful force. That can lead to a stronger ward.

  21. The shop where you buy airships and such is right near the mailbox (by the airship entrance) in the harbor if that’s what you mean

  22. I think that's what I mean, I'm checking it out today.

  23. I've used incense in a cleansing smoke. Certain scents work best, I will list the common ones I know below. Leave a window open to let the negative energy out. I've read that what you say in the moment is wholly up to you. You can say it in your mind or outloud. Swirl the smoke around your space and altar.

  24. I’ll DM you the instructions

  25. Me too please! I'm all about the learning. Thank you!

  26. I've heard of people who can't leave an altar up all the time so they have a box of what they would put on it and set up/put away each time they need to use it.

  27. Gotta start somewhere. Does it work? If so, then you're better at it than me!

  28. It's an ginger trait to be mischievous as all hell but then turn on the cute to save them lol. We nicknamed ours sour patch kid. At least that's the one I can share lol.

  29. Yes, it is possible and it can happen through different ways.

  30. Love spells are a no-no. You can't force someone's free will.

  31. Many wiccans believe there is no hell, therefore no devil/Lucifer. I happen to be one of those wiccans. Personally, I feel that is a Christian construct from the days when high ranking clergy were trying to rule the kingdoms through intimidation.

  32. As far as I'm aware, people think pedophilia itself is the problem.. their thoughts and actions, not the getting treatment for it. Especially if they are in treatment because they don't want to go through with their desires.

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