1. Well it’s either we rotate this game or the Bremen one and I am not suffering another stupid defeat to that team like earlier in the season so I’d prefer Reyna, JBG and Mouki to start up top with Hummels in for Schlotti. Terzic has been on a tactics spree lately though so I trust his judgement!

  2. yeah but rotating in the cup game is kind of a dumb idea, too.

  3. Normally I’d agree but it’s Bochum, we should be able to beat them no matter who we put out there. Obviously anything can happen but in our current form I don’t worry about our backline against them as much as I do Werder.

  4. you mean the team that hasn't lost at home since september?

  5. Big Crows Zero energy. I would love this

  6. Ich befürchte das es schon vor dem Spiel knallen wird, anne Castroper in Bochum kann man die Fans/Ultras der Teams ja leider nicht wirklich trennen.

  7. Die Bochumer Szene trifft sich schon um 17 Uhr, wird also wahrscheinlich schon längst im Stadion sein, wenn wir ankommen. Direkten Aufprall der Fanmärsche werden die Bullen sicher nicht zulassen

  8. Verstehe. Dann hoffen wir mal das alles klappen wird.

  9. the comment was targeted to the question you asked in the title

  10. Thank god these AI programs are garbage if you are trying to not do p**n related stuff.

  11. Me: playing the soundcloud on endless loop, crying happy tears and secretly (not anymore) mumbling to myself: ‘Take that, Grey Daze and fuck you.’

  12. Amends was a nice record but The Phoenix was.. meh

  13. during a Mike Shinoda AMA here on reddit he once answered me that they have never really recorded the wizard song but I HOPE he was shitting me and we will hear something from it.

  14. Just do 1 summit event, you will get 8 levels each week.

  15. same. Early motorpasses were a pain in the ass when you had to grind the challenges daily to get the final tier after weeks.

  16. omg will they stop with this banner ?

  17. ay, congrats on getting two new units :) Candice is still solid imo despite being fairly old. IMO the second best unit on the banner after Masaki.

  18. I still haven't touched those events. Guess with my current account I could breeze through them.

  19. Let Mike do most of the stuff and get Jeremy from ADTR to do the screaming.

  20. Bochum vs Dortmund in DFB Pokal in two days, too.

  21. Easy pokal win and a hard fought win against Bremen. I expect our next slip up will probably be against Leipzig in some sort of draw

  22. yeah that is the way we handle it in this sub. I don't really mind how other subs handle official statements but it simply looks better if the sources are official and not some twitter account :)

  23. Not sure why you’re getting downvoted so heavily. Good job trying to keep this sub clear from the bs.

  24. No idea but I don't really care either. We will continue to delete bvb newsblog Spam.

  25. we probably would have better tactics under him but I don't know if the higher ups would back Enno as much as they back up Edin.

  26. The higher ups backing Terzic at any price despite some terrible phases under him is what has been criticized by many though. The whole BVB DNA thing can be a success story, but it could also make people blind for actual facts, so let's see where the rest of the season goes. Maaßen for sure has proven his actual qualities as a coach by now.

  27. Yeah the whole "bvb dna" stuff is very critical even among fans nowadays. Those were things created in the years after klopp by Watzke and Zorc. Hope we can somewhat stray away from it as.. just because your coach "has bvb dna" doesn't mean he is good enough.

  28. and it won't change with knauff as his best games were as right wingback and we don't utilize that position at all. We are playing with a 4atb system under Terzic. Would make more Sense to sell him to Frankfurt.

  29. Finally a Saturday game. Splitting match days between sky and dazn suck.

  30. unlucky for me personally as I won't be home the whole day so this weekend a friday/sunday game would have been good for me haha

  31. yes. You and I wasted an hour of our life for a livery that is 99% the same as last year.

  32. well. yeah this was bound to happen. Called it the day Souldex datamined the banner. It's a damn shame but there will always be those sweatlords that want to minmax their time etc.

  33. There has to be something in the water in Mainz.

  34. I disagree. U remember kloppo staring down the 4th ref? Kloppo was worse but everyone likes him. Bo doesnt have that value. Why else does streich and baumgart (for example) not get the same amount of cards.

  35. these are just reruns. We also got datamine info that the Everything but the Rain TYBW Banner will be rerun soon.

  36. That's only 4 months tho, still fairly fast.

  37. Just 2 dudes way too old to be on tiktok or worried about "beef"

  38. or they are adapting the ways of the Hip Hop "Beef" that gives everyone free attention and publicity.

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