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  1. This article acts like life begins at conception, but the only thing that begins at conception is having 2 sets of chromosomes. Eggs themselves are alive too, the whole time... so are sperm

  2. I didn’t see anything about it being stuck behind her desk. The tag just says it was found in her office.

  3. I'm circumcised also so shouldn't be an issue. Try to have a loose grip and barely touch the underside at all. If I get lube on the fingers touching the underside I wipe it off right away so there is not much stimulation. When you're doing it right it can be boring for a long time as you build stilmualtion in the orgasmic pathway alone.

  4. Great, thank you :) yeah im going to try and figure a way to ask her specifically what it is but this is a good start

  5. It is confirmed as fake. Just keeps getting spread

  6. Welcome to Qatar where it’s still the 8th century.

  7. I'd say that most cultures in the 8th century didn't kill people for any of these things

  8. These are sex flairs, not gender flairs. And yes of course they are useful!

  9. What kind of pagan though? Pagan is just an umbrella term that refers to religions that aren't Christianity, Islam, or Jewish...

  10. I'm still doing research but I think it's called wikka?

  11. Most of the people on here are wiccan so that makes sense. I'd recommend just doing what feels right. People may act like there's a right and wrong way to do things but ultimately doing what makes you feel calm and connected is what you should be doing.

  12. is there any actual reason to multiply first aside from doing what we were told to? looking at the problem makes it seem as though you can either add or multiply

  13. It gives you different answers. Equations shouldn't be able to do different things when you write them in a different order. This is all a notation thing, in reality almost any normal person would use parentheses to make it more clear and reduce human error.

  14. It's not the terrible treatment, torturing, and murdering of sentient creatures, etc that bothers me - it's that gosh darn irresponsible use of water and global emissions that's created when they do!

  15. Should I be afraid of them? Do I need to buy anything to prevent it?

  16. Easiest notable differences from a physical perspective are the legs and wings. Katydids are much more reliant on their wings than grasshopper and thus their rear legs are typically much less robust and their wings are typically longer than their bodies. Grasshoppers wings tend to be shorter than their bodies and their bodies tend to be longer and pointer whereas a Katydids body tends to be shorter and more rounded. Genetically they are vastly different as Katydids are actually an offshoot of cricket genetics whereas grasshoppers fall into the locust family. Katydids heads also tend to be smaller than the circumference of their bodies which gives a clearly defined end to the head and body, whereas grasshoppers are largely the same as the circumference of their bodies which can make it difficult to tell where the rest of the body begins and the head ends. Also antennas are different as well grasshopper antennas are much shorter than a katydids.

  17. Acrididae is the primary family of grasshoppers if you would like me to be specific. To be clear everything in my prior comment is an oversimplification for individuals who admitted to not being well educated on the topic I’m aware there are exceptions which is why I used the terminology I did, ie (typically are, tend to be etc.).

  18. I was just wondering, because even in tettigoniidae there are things whose common names use the word "grasshopper" so I was wondering if you meant distinguishing between those or just other orthopterans

  19. not a native here, is thus a weird word? I thought it was pretty regular

  20. I think they meant that consequentially was the weird one? But I don't really agree...? Neither of them are weird???

  21. Yeah, I'm a dumbass for not looking that up, I can see that now. The person who said EQ 25 is still wrong, because I don't see a single measurement of EQ

  22. EQ and IQ are both basically just theoretical concepts that are used to refer to someone's ability to do something. It's like if I said "wholesome 100" and then you said "um I just looked it up and I don't see any actual measurements of wholesomeness or any kind of scale that goes up to 100 anywhere"

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