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  1. That's why I never play online. I'd love to read messages, see blood spots, play with friends. I'm just not that good at elden ring honestly to do my thing at my own speed and get invaded constantly. It's a bummer but at least I can still play offline

  2. You can’t get invaded solo online unless you use the Taunter’s Tongue. You can totally see messages and bloodstains without being invaded.

  3. My partner and I are playing together rn (I’m on my first run and still fairly inexperienced with video games) and he’s on NG+ pacing his NG+ around my progression and we get invaded a lot. We’ve got a system- if people are willing to duel, he duels them first and, while using later game gear and weapons, generally prefers not to do meme shit. If he dies, I’m SOL but do my best to play the part. I’ve recently changed my armour from the starting gear and am a bit behind leveling my dual swords the character started with lol. But if people don’t want to duel, he just tries to end it as soon as possible, and I’m slowly getting over my anxiety and trying to help when that happens. Sadly, the majority of our invaders have been very keen to stab rather than actually duel :/

  4. She looks like she’s sitting down for another haircut

  5. Really missed opportunity on a proper feud between the two.

  6. They were supposed to have one from Royal Rumble all the way to Mania, but then Aksana’s knee exploded Naomi’s eye socket.

  7. That’s a yummy looking six pack blah blah blah I’m talking about the beer

  8. Me neither, I found that video after losing to her like 200 times and finally beat her a few tries after that. Sometimes I forget jumping is a thing.

  9. It's not like that concept of jumpdodging is introduced earlier in the game or anything

  10. Yeah, I wish they had a boss like Godfrey/Loux that encouraged that idea earlier on, because once I learned to jump to dodge Waterfowl, I did it more naturally in the Maliketh and Godfrey/Loux fights without looking up guides.

  11. Queen Queen would probably be a bit much, so I think no.

  12. Resistant to Scarlet Rot? Thats funny because thats the only was I beat him by using Dragon Breath and then running away

  13. There is a little piece of text that reads "Corpse Piler" and says otherwise.

  14. He’s just sharing his Platinum trophy, It’s not like he said “lol, Malenia wasn’t hard, just used my Rivers and Mimic, lol!”. I don’t see the reason to be snide here.

  15. MvP knows Bobby is 2-0 in Cell matches last year, so he’s protecting Omos with the handicap stip instead!

  16. Her simps will pay literally thousands for that.

  17. That’s a good thing, be proud of yourself for having self-respect.

  18. Nameless King is a perfect example where calculated aggression pays off. You can’t do that with Malenia because she doesn’t have consistent openings and if she does her waterfowl when you are close you are basically gonna get hit.

  19. She gives plenty of openings if you know when to attack. LMSH proves she can be fought consistently and without any real cheese (yeah, he has frost and blood proc, but only the basic amount of the swords, and she has 1.6 times health most times he fights anyway (though proc’s are percentage based, admittedly)).

  20. She isn't really a perfect boss dude. I think her difficulty elevated her popularity. I feel she is pretty overturned. Her scarlet aeonia and waterfowl are 2 most powerful attacks in the game. The former only gives some opening if you are a having a ranged build. The latter doesn't give any openings at all after it ends. That's not a fair boss design. Waterfowl has its problems but those problems are amplified by the fact you as a player is not rewarded for dodging it. At a particular point the fight becomes too reactive. You are waiting for long stretches of time doing nothing but dodging while she pulls move after move. Yes she is a weak to poise damage but that's not enough imo.

  21. Sure, she ain’t perfect. But I feel there are more than enough openings that she does not become a chore to fight once you know what you’re doing.

  22. Not as I noticed, no. As I said, my best guess is that he attempted to do so just before getting hit by a heavy spell, jolting him out of it and making the battle just continue.

  23. Yeah, pull up the wiki and run straight to them. Only boss you need to beat is Morgott (to access Mountain) and you should be way overlevel’d for him on NG+.

  24. You have to beat two shardbearers to even get to morgott

  25. If you’re super tired of him, pair some quick weapons like curved swords with Seppuku. That murders everything, and Fire Giant is part of “everything”.

  26. Still bad, would not recommend the PC version if consistent framerate and p2p connections are important to you.

  27. Catch Flame is also excellent, even though it’s practically the first pyromancy. You might not know it, but you can buff it with spells and items and talismans for crazy damage and it’s a quick and effective close range attack. Look up guides, you’ll be surprised at the utility.

  28. It is close range, but that’s what makes it great for a Pyromancy build. All your other spells can be your long range options, but in cases like Malenia, you have that powerful close range option of Catch Flame (which well buffed honestly makes a melee weapon nearly irrelevant).

  29. Thing is Sakura is a girl and this is definitely a woman.

  30. Just attack them without waiting, they’ll change their tune quick.

  31. Yep, the right setup, especially that one, the classic Rot Breath and Bleed combo, can trivialize the game even without upgrades.

  32. If FromSoft ever makes a game like that and it’s balanced around it, then I’d assume yes, I’d enjoy the way they did it.

  33. Totally juicing, is a disciple of Big Poppa Pump. Agree with the header statement either way.

  34. As dumb as it sounds, that sub specifically means “natural breasts”, not natty status.

  35. No, Lilly’s in-ring debut needs more build-up.

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