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  1. Ooof. I just found my clc280 was idling at 100 C and the pump was noisily pumping away at max 4500 rpm and it's from around 2019 too. I probably have gunk blocking the passages too.

  2. Isn't North Admiral a pretty decent part of town, or are there good parts and bad parts?

  3. I think it's a nice residential area of West Seattle. A block away from California and close to a diagonal escape down to the ferry.

  4. The parents are both lawyers. from the NYT article on this

  5. I'm curious how likely it is to have brain damage wearing a helmet, and what helmet was in use. It's a terrible accident, but it seems this point is important.


  7. Lol, you thought the text of the law actually matters. Silly pleb. Pick up that can.

  8. How many miles do you put on your car a month? If you're using transit/not driving on most days of the week you might find per-mile insurers like metromile to save you a lot.

  9. Not on original schedules and budget, but they update the budget and schedule every few years as they go and they tend to meet the deadlines they revise things to.... which is weak but allows their supporters to lie to themselves.

  10. Depending on her phrasing in the records request, the person she is referring to is almost certainly not Berge given that he has been dead since 2020. Not likely to show up on a list of current high utilizers.

  11. Oh, good point. Probably hadn't seen a recent referral on him.

  12. It's part of Vision Zero. It is supposed to confuse drivers into slowing down. Yet we've only seen an increase in traffic deaths as a result.

  13. Clearly we need to expand vision zero (and use its budget) to solve the issue of substance users who wander into roads.

  14. I recognize the van & driver. They did a hit and run on my neighbors car back in April, same plate # (video link below). Mutual aid my ass.

  15. Wow, I can't read the plate but the tire mounted on the roof like that and the broken floorboard near the driver's rear wheel well sure looks the same.

  16. The they just moved here from probably didn't require it.

  17. Sure, and they bought the subaru complete with seahawks window decal in the back and a thule rack covered in WA state stickers.

  18. So instead of being held for a day he'll be held for 2 days?

  19. Maybe held long enough for a competency evaluation. No way our prosecutors would charge as a hate crime though.

  20. Joe you know that west seattle blog comments are the leading cause of cancer in East Vashon

  21. Or...just enforce the existing laws about parking in the same spot for over 72 hours, then impound them as needed.

  22. ... or the overnight parking of vehicles over 80 inches wide in areas not zoned industrial. Most RVs are over that, but nobody wants to write citations between midnight and 6 AM for that.

  23. There is a 5 minute clip of dashcam/bodycam footage at the top of the article now. It looks like everyone was being pretty reasonable and cautious, including the officers approaching the unoccupied but apparently engine running vehicle with weapons drawn to check the back seat.

  24. I'd be a bit exasperated at the officer telling me my own vehicle comes back as stolen too, but it sounds like that was the first audible and then the officer is later saying maybe there was an error, they're sorting it out.

  25. That's incorrect that you can only report issues with Lime. I used to work for Superpedestrian/Link scooters. I had to take care 'SDOT complaints' several times during my shift. SDOT is where the Find It Fix It complaints go to, and SDOT is the client for Link, Lime, Veo, Wheels, Bird, etc. We had to drop what we doing and take care of the complaint ASAP. The app told us exactly what the address or cross streets were, what the complaint was for (scooter blocking a sidewalk, blocking a bus stop, or blocking a driveway, etc).

  26. I'm glad someone can triage the reports then, because the android version of the Find It Fix It app allows you to create a new report about a bike or scooter parking issue, select the issue of improper parking, and then it has a "bike or scooter share company" with a single radio button for Jump bike [red bikes] selectable. I've taken to just reporting them all as Jump because IIRC, it wouldn't let me file without selecting a company.

  27. Not a new android update. I've used the app on my personal phone.

  28. I don't know what to tell you. This is what the app on my phone was like at 6 PM. By 8 PM there were more options and I hadn't updated any apps/software afaik.

  29. I presume the same fools that like to run bots in here are also playing with that sub suggestion for the Lulz.

  30. She was most likely there to steel or do meth, then turns it on the employees like she’s been profiled and follows with the threat to get them fired. Comes in filming and then goes off like she’s been wronged and goes on the offensive. This crazy B says so like she’s empowered and bested them. Ive been threatened“Im gonna have you fired” talk on multiple occasions by head jobs like her while managing at a similar store, and still haven’t been fired. She was probably in a hardware store to steal surgical tubing. Honestly if she did succeed in getting them fired she’d almost be doing them a favor, getting them to a job doesn’t have to deal with people like her, there are a handful like her around Seattle.

  31. One of the comments in the Home Depot thread suggested it was more like she asked for a discount and was incensed when she didn't get it due to being a van-life influencer.

  32. "And then people wonder why we have a problem with the male race." wut?

  33. TBH, at $300 it's still kind of expensive for a 12400F CPU motherboard. I haven't had good luck with EVGA's non-Dark motherboards (I've owned a z370 FTW and z590 FTW and both had bios issues when used with CPUs that weren't what the chipset launched with (9700k and 10700k)) that makes it hard for me to recommend the mid-range EVGA board. It's like the bios team doesn't spend as much time on it and it tends to have little bugs that aren't well described by others because so few people buy the board.

  34. Most RVs are actually too wide to be parked on city streets overnight, never mind 72 hours.

  35. When I used Pemco, I had an 800+ credit score. Three credit cards. No other lines of credit, mortgage, loans, etc. They sent me a letter saying that my excessive number of credit lines meant I was an increased risk of crashing my car or whatever and that it was a justification for raising my rates.

  36. I was a big fan of Pemco and used them for over a decade. Around 7 years ago something seemed to change in their models for me and I kept seeing my rates increase like 20% despite me driving even less and parking in an enclosed garage in a SFH as opposed to in an apartment. I dunno if it was related to all their TV commercials being constant around the same time, but I ended up cancelling right around the time they reformulated their policies with more mileage tiers and their lowest tiers still seemed expensive. I switched to metromile.

  37. Let me get my crystal ball out and take a wild guess that they're going to give him a mental health evaluation, determine that he's "unable to assist in his own defense or understand the charges against him," take no action whatsoever, and release him back out into society to continue being homeless and doing psycho shit until he eventually kills somebody.

  38. Considering he walked over to a nearby apartment building on 34th and then smashed windows, I suspect he may be familiar with the SHA building across the alleyway that is Stewart Manor. Maybe they even got kicked out of there.

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