How the fu*k can billionaire corporations pay so little in wages that their employees get food stamps paid by tax ?

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  1. So cool! There is a great trail in Virginia called the Virginia creeper trail that was part of an old railroad too. Such a beautiful bike ride. Definitely gonna check out this one!

  2. I went through ohio cannabis connection. Short sweet and to the point. Inhad documented problems so it was easy.Chronic pain and PTSD. I've even been to Netcare in the past for crisis stabilization. I didn't bring that up in my visit though. Green harvest is great too. They do a more personalized approach I believe.

  3. I thoughtbi was crazy for thinking it was affecting my cycle. There is another girl at work who thinks the same. I had my 2 jabs in February last year and for months I had crazy periods. Went and had all kinds of tests done and nothing came up. The past 2 months have been better. But I definitely had issues for a few months.

  4. What company draws on the product label? I know it's nothing big but this would upset me. I don't want/need you to circle the product number

  5. Actually, some dispensaries do this as they are checking in order deliveries. Making sure product ID's all match and what not.

  6. Yes. I am 2 days post op, just got home and ate some FECO-full extract cannabis oil and feel better than I did on percocets. No nausea and actually hungry for a change. I have been using is before and find specific cannabinoids help more than just straight thc, or straight cbd. They all work together better. Feco is a great way to go because you only need a small amount. CBC is good for nerve pain, CBG is great for inflammation and CBD as well plus it can make you sleepy. Theres one specifically for sleep called CBN. I work at a medical Marijuana processor sorry for the rant!

  7. Jebus h cripes, If I didn’t know any better I’d say this was me posting this question. Lol I’m definitely following. I’m sitting with significant pm back pain and numb foot/calf and a bit of lingering foot drop after 8 weeks, physio requested a neurosurgical consult. (L4L5 L5 S1 bulges and lateral foraminal stenosis)

  8. For me it's been 3 ,years, with 1.5 years of numbness. Wanted to people's stories, and when they started considering surgery. Have you considered surgery?

  9. I had issues for 20 years. I'm 38. Injury from lifting wrong that never healed + alcohol and drug abuse+ cigarettes didn't help either. (Been sober since 2016 stopped cigarettes nov 4th) So, about 5 months ago I couldn't walk on my leg and went to a ortho urgent care. Did physical therapy, rest injections and just kept getting worse. 2 disc's were pretty destroyed from DDD, stenosis, scoliosis, and the kicker was retrolisthesis in my L5 so it needed fixed. I hit my deductible and decided to go for it. The recovery is not easy rn. I'm 2 days post op but went home today!

  10. Have you interacted with a lot of people in HR?

  11. I've learned you must be shady and NOT follow HR guidelines apparently. I've worked several jobs where I was astounded by the behavior of the HR peeps. My last job, when I had been discussing a new opportunity and wanted to let them know in case they called for reference check. Within 2 hours everyone was asking me about my new job. I hadn't even gotten it yet, nor had I talked with direct boss. Thats just one instance. Oh, the owner of that company also let her desk workers from an office come in the middle of the employee vax clinic to get vaxed inf ront of other ppl scheduled. They weren't even scheduled or had paperwork filled out. It was a Healthcare job even. We worked directly with at risk patients. Wtf. Thats when I gave no fucks anymore. I was just glad to find a new job.

  12. They get mad at the people receiving assistance because that’s how the system was designed. If you need assistance it’s because you’re lazy and entitled, the Welfare Queen stereotype and all the other related stereotypes. That’s not a bug, it’s a design. Because if the middle class is too busy pointing fingers at each other, they won’t get around to realizing who’s really at fault and do something about it.

  13. It all makes me upset. I don't qualify for assistance because my husband makes 20 an hour but I can't work rn due to a chronic back condition and I cannot walk well. I work for a very small company and unfortunately they offer no short term disability benefits at this time. Its for a med. Cannabis company so I'm badged by my state (ohio) as a state employee but only considered "temporary " so we can't get state benefits. Luckily he has great health insurance so I can have a surgery to hopefully get me back to work. But its rough. We don't have kids either. Even if I did qualify for a disability according to Social security, we wouldn't get assistance because we don't have kids and apparently 20 bucks an hour is enough to live on...I know we will be ok, we've been worse off in the past.

  14. Epidural injections did not go well for me. I had a CSF leak and had to go to hospital for a Blood patch. Which after, my pain has made it so now I can't work. I was like a 6/10 before injections and now at an 8 on a good day.. A 2nd MRI and spinal specialist now says Fusion surgery at L4 to S1.

  15. I too suffer from a bad back. Skating had been a great way to exercise except for a fall i had in August. I've done physical therapy, steroid injections, and now going to a surgeon as I have nerve compression issues and can barely walk. Invest in some padded shorts. I found some on Amazon for when I get back on skates again. And seriously practice falling. It sounds dumb but if you train yourself to fall properly you won't injure yourself as badly. I was just standing there and fell right on the spot I had surgery 4 years prior. Totally a bummer.

  16. But Judy was born around the same time that the nun took place, so I don't think irene and lorraine can be the same person. Ed and lorraine were married in '45 or '46. Also in the Nun, the priest refers to them having wanted a young couple to come out but they were busy so thats why irene was chosen.

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