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Here are some of the 150+ workers who just walked out of the Amazon Air Hub in San Bernardino to demand higher wages. Biggest Amazon walkout yet in the Inland Empire

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  1. nespresso is so gross, she might have the money, but is lacking the taste 😝

  2. I have it and I love it 😂. I didn’t buy the $700 machine though. It was about $150 and beats a keurig for me.

  3. maybe I've only tried bad flavors?

  4. Well it depends on your taste in general. I like strong, unsweetened coffee and it suits me.

  5. Yeah, that’s pretty typical. Women can grow in physical attraction with a man based on connection and how they make us feel. Men are not built like that. They’re either attracted or not.

  6. I think it’s more individual. I function more like a man. No one has ever grown on me. I’m either physically attracted or not.

  7. The “standard pleasantries” are an American thing. Other cultures are way more blunt and honest. Its one of the reasons (imo) America is so superficial. We really lack the strong community values and “togetherness” that seem so prevalent in other cultures. In a lot of places you don’t have a choice, you depend on your family, friends, and neighbors to help each other out.

  8. “Togetherness” creates superficiality too. Individuality is higher in the US because we’re less “together”, more independent, and also less homogeneous.

  9. That's about double what probably 60% or more Americans make. Crazy.

  10. No…. The median percentile for individual income is $43k, meaning 50% of people make more than that. 25% or less make only about half that (about $23k).

  11. I used to. But I realized it was hindering me in life. So a simple solution was to train my face to keep my mouth slightly upturned. Not a full blown smile, just a slight change in how I hold my face. Now it’s a habit.

  12. Finally watching After Party… I don’t understand these men’s outfits… like, at all.

  13. Morgan is so clunky. First she galumphs down the wedding aisle. Now they show her chewing her food like it’s cud while talking at a romantic dinner with her husband…

  14. No because I think it’s reasonable to ask for that by decision day. And she said sex or “I love you” - basically she wants confirmation there’s a romantic connection.

  15. Miguel is definitely not into her. He’ll take the TV time, sex, checks, and IG fame as it comes, but they’ll divorce eventually (I suspect after the reunion).

  16. He’s an odd duck. I can’t put my finger on exactly what’s off about him yet. But he accuses Nate of being phony (fair - he does come across that way), and Miguel he also seems phony to me.

  17. Well both are rational. In Jungian theory, feeling is a rational function which determines the value of things. What significance does something have? We use feeling when we ponder that. Whereas thinking determines what something is irrespective of any personal meaning.

  18. Have you ever met another 4 irl? How'd it make you feel?

  19. Sure I’ve met quite a few. It makes me feel good. I actually see myself reflected in another person.

  20. 6s are a mixed bag for me. It mostly comes down to whether or not they arbitrarily decide to trust me, which comes down to whether they decide to project bullshit onto me or idealize me.

  21. Idk why ENTP is considered the lawyer. ENTPs like to argue but hate to read dry legal documents. More like any of the sciences, engineering, finance, and economics.

  22. If my memory recalls, MBTI stats shows they’re likely to get an MBA and to be in leadership positions. ENTPs seem to be entrepreneurs - they like to get things moving but not deal with the nitty gritty details. Once something is established, they want to move on. Highly detailed, specialist work is definitely more suited to Si types, the exact opposite…

  23. As surprising as this new partnership/friendship/whatever this is is, I’m more shook at the comments from the women who are replying to Jesse being all on Joe’s side and fangirling him. I truly don’t get it.

  24. I don’t understand how he has fans, unless he runs multiple fake accounts (wouldn’t put it past him).

  25. What blew my mind after the Netflix show came out was how many people came away from it thinking Joe was the good guy. He’s a giant piece of shit.

  26. He comes across as a cartoon villain. I personally haven’t met anyone who thinks he’s a good guy, but people definitely find him entertaining. But when you remember he’s a real person and not a character, it stops being so amusing.

  27. The stereotype of us not liking art is so dumb (I think it is a stereotype. We're always stereotyped as maths kind and obviously math =/= art). I don't think I've ever met an INTP who didn't love art of some kind. Moreover, stupidly overanalyzing the art and talking about it for months on end, then placing it in a neat "old love" box that they can come back to at any time.

  28. INTPs often have art related or creative jobs. I remember some old MBTI stats showing we’re far more likely to be artists than ISFPs.

  29. I like fashion and am considered conventionally attractive. I don’t like gaming or “nerdy” stuff. I’m an artist. I have emotions and used to be temperamental (chilled out with age).

  30. How do we explain the nose, vastly different from her posted pics

  31. The guy is so full of not-very-well-hidden self doubt that he now masks with (probably) communal narcissistic tendencies. He has some degree of self awareness, so he's not full-on narcissist. I believe he has trouble with those anxiety and intimacy issues you mention -- his history of short-term relationships suggests he's a "runner" ... either just before the woman can dump him or because he finds some way to be displeased in order to bolt. Look at how he had to get totally ossified, snockered, shite-faced to even suck face with Krysten. I'll bet he woke up the next day ready to once again retreat from her and that's the tea Krysten will spill next week with the gals. Back and forth: a dizzying dance of pretend-affection followed by a guilt-ridden backing off ... the guy is Kryptonite to the happiness of any significant other he might temporarily get involved with, but they soon get his number. He DOES seem to have the HOTS for Krysten's mom, which is not unusual (but extremely icky). I think the last percentage I found by research -- "What % of married men have a significant attraction to their MIL" -- was around 25% ... which shocked me and made me want to hurl. SO disgusting!

  32. Someone just gave me a similar comment in a reply. You’re not alone in wondering this…

  33. I can’t believe he used to work retail…usually those people have 1. Style 2. People skills

  34. You’d think… but I’ve encountered a lot of rude entitled retail workers. They seem to think they do customers a favor by running a store and acknowledging their existence. I could see Mitch acting that way.

  35. I can say with confidence the process of attraction is very very different when comparing women and men. 99 percent of the time men are immediately attracted, or they aren't.

  36. Yet that’s not what he said…. He mentioned knowing someone being a factor unless it’s a model or something.

  37. Krysten was upset and angry with Mitch when he said that.

  38. Or he could wait more than a few days after meeting her to see what may develop. Literally that same night he became attracted to her enough to try for sex.

  39. I still think that it's a mistake to have all of the couples honeymoon in the same place. It breeds comparisons. Alyssa felt worse because she saw how the other couples seemed to be into each other very quickly. I wonder if she would feel the same way without the other couples to compare her relationship to.

  40. I think having someone tell you they’re not attracted to you and then try for drunk sex the same night would be upsetting to a lot of people, regardless of other couples being at the same resort. I do think individual honeymoons would be better for them to bond, but Alyssa checked out on the wedding day anyway.

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