AITA for yelling at a child in a restaurant?

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  1. You background in customer service and sales will transfer very well to a PM role. I was in a similar role when I became interested in becoming a PM and transitioned to the role at my current employer with what I would consider 0 experience. Beyond assisting with implementation planning and incident management. I just started asking if I could take on more of a planning role with small scale projects and moved to a project coordinator role while I collected certs, more formal training and experience. I did that all during Covid so it was fully remote. Even now I only go into the office once a month, the rest of the time I am working from home… so doing it remotely is not hard unless you have a manager or employer that requires you do an actual in person daily standup.

  2. Thank you very much. Unfortunately, i don’t think my manager will allow me to take on any other tasks as I’m already apart of an understaffed team, so I’m already doing a lot of tasks, which doesn’t allow for any skill building in PM or admin. But I think I will focus on how I can support more, and maybe that will be suitable to add to my cv.

  3. 30+ and still with parents. Trying to earn money with chronic illnesses on top is even harder.

  4. I agree you with. Life is hard enough as a single low income person but to add a child on top? Insanity imo. I couldn’t do it. I don’t think being alive is important enough to struggle through (I obviously had no decision in being here or I wouldn’t be 🙄). Because why bring another human into this world just for them to struggle with you? But I also understand the argument that, it shouldn’t be just people with money who are allowed to have kids. Maybe we need to live in a world where people can at least have a roof over their heads and food to eat. But that’s a dream I guess.

  5. How can HER purpose in life depend on YOU having a child? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

  6. Yeah I definitely relate to this (in fact I was crying this morning about it). I have 4 chronic illnesses, one of which makes me predisposed to depression. I’ve been chronically depressed for nearly a decade and single that entire time (I’m in my 30s now). I just don’t feel like a fun person to be around, I already struggled to connect with people but that worsened after my health and mh got worse. I just cannot imagine finding someone that I like, who would like me just as much, whilst I’m like this. And it’s a hurtful thought tbh.

  7. I think people just say this to feel better about themselves. Makes them feel like good people. Cos most of them, they don’t intend/can’t be there for you. Or just regurgitate positive quotations that ultimately mean nothing.

  8. Yup, all the time. There should have been an opt out clause in this life contract I unwillingly signed up to. I do not want to be here majority of the time.

  9. I’m a heavy weed smoker (with asthma) and was fine during my laps, although the 2nd one it took a while longer for me to wake up but I don’t think that was weed related. And I smoked the night before (you shouldn’t do this) and as soon as I got home lol.

  10. I’m sorry this is happened to you. This is the reason I am not getting the vaccine. This is the reason I quit the flu vaccines. If you Google search it there is actually a study on the flu vaccine that caused inflammation. They study the information markers for a period of time and the inflammation markers are still high. We have an inflammatory disease so this can really mess up everything. I’ve also heard a lot of issues with menstrual cycles. I will try to detox if you can. Go see a homeopathic doctor

  11. I have asthma as well, so it was important for me to get the vaccine and I’m still in full support of it. They just need to consider women and their cycles when doing these trials

  12. I’m a few days post-op from excision surgery. I had my 2nd dose last Tuesday. Wednesday bed-bound, Thursday bed-bound, Friday…not great but may try to work from home. Symptoms are massive headache, body aches, high fever, dehydration with vomiting. Surgical site pain like crazy.

  13. Any pelvic pain? It has caused me to experience period like cramps and pain

  14. I understand this. I’m early 30s and been single for over a decade. All my younger siblings and cousins are in relationships, have kids. And I’m the only single one. I have depression and chronic illnesses too. It really sucks. Wish I could say something encouraging to you but I also know that it may not work. But men (if that’s who you’re attracted) aren’t all that, most of them anyway. So we’re probably not missing out on much lol. But would be nice to experience it a little.

  15. Lol it’s very annoying when you notice all the women around you have stopped growing. Wait to you get the age when a lot of men are your height or shorter.

  16. Have you asked your borough council about council housing? Waiting lists can be long but you should be a higher priority than most.

  17. My borough were only accepting requests for more severe disabilities the last time I checked. But I think I may call up and speak to someone about it.

  18. How do they define severe? Definitely worth trying.

  19. Needing someone to feed you, help you get dressed, that kind of thing. But I still may call.

  20. I really don’t feel bad for them. Especially in this day and age. You KNOW what motherhood is like. There are endless amounts of books and blogs and videos and posts about it. I don’t know why they act so surprised. There are no excuses lol.

  21. as well as ways to prevent being a mother

  22. You can be dissatisfied about your circumstances, but you should not be unhappy and self abusing about you as a person.

  23. Yeah I guess I just need to build a community of people in my real life. Which I find difficult but it will have to be done eventually.

  24. Well no actually lol. I’m very close with my family and my extended family, I know I will always have them. Family is very important to black people, I cannot speak for the culture you’re referring to there lol. We don’t tend to just ditch each other after puberty or whatever lol.

  25. Yup! I’m the eldest of 6 and I was put off kids from my teen years (especially when my last 3 siblings were born 11yrs+) and a big family with lots of cousins. I thought as I grew up things would change but no, still don’t want them. It’s like I took a free trial of parenthood and I just don’t see the benefit, at all.

  26. Loool this is hilarious. YA for sure. You cannot raise your voice at someone else’s child and call them an idiot. Especially someone that young. You should have spoken to the parents if it annoyed you that much. As someone who also does not like being around children, it’s incredibly frustrating but we are adults and we have to control our tempers. Children are everywhere. They can rarely be avoided, unfortunately, so you have to learn how to cope with being around them. Sorry dude, do better next time.

  27. I’m 32 and I have one. I don’t make vids but I can spend an embarrassing amount of time on that app 😂

  28. Yup, I get this all the time. Especially since I’m always with my much shorter and prettier sisters. I’m basically invisible.

  29. well, you need to understand that pain is not a bad thing, the same as happiness is not necessarily a good thing, they are relative and both are essential for surviving. what i m trying to say is that you should keep going and see what life has instored for you. i don t know your pain but i wish you all the best

  30. Only reason im alive rn is kinda the fear of death and the curiousity of how good my future is... and also, games, lots of video games...

  31. NTA however, you cannot exclude other people from mourning your child. They loved and lost him too. It was rude of her to plan a memorial without discussing it with you first, but, other family members have the right to mourn in their way too. You could have asked her to do it on another day and you and your husband wouldn’t attend, or something.

  32. You are absolutely right. And I especially feel for those of you in the US, I cannot imagine the costs you bear on healthcare. I pay £10 a month for any prescriptions I need and that is a lot to me, since I’m not working atm. And I don’t lay to see any doctors/specialists thankfully. But there’s all the food deliveries, vitamins that barely work, seeing a therapist, getting additional treatments like acupuncture or massages, buying any little thing that might help make life more comfortable (pillows, mattresses, back support etc). It’s a lot. And then on top, we’re not even considered when it comes to disability benefits because we’re not disabled enough. It really sucks. I can’t stand it.

  33. Happy Birthday 🥳. I’m sorry for your loss of your mum and gf. That must be really tough to deal with. I hope, with time, things get easier for you x

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