1. I had no idea damson idris and chloe bailey were even in the show

  2. I binged the whole thing and I was surprised at several people who were in it. I hadn’t heard that any of them were in this project so I think they intentionally kept it quiet.

  3. This show was so damn incredible. It was also my husband’s first time to get to see SP.

  4. Seriously, how many kids does this man have?!? I thought she was finally showing her baby’s face here but then I saw the face covered in other pictures in this post so this is another child I guess?? 🤦‍♀️

  5. If desperation had a face….well….pick any one of her faces I guess 😂

  6. I’ve seen other posts where people say it has helped them with alcoholism so I do think there is something to this. Hope they will study this more if it could help more people struggling with that addiction.

  7. Update for anyone curious: the doctor assured me that this is common, but agreed to do a full work up. My husband and I both had blood drawn for a variety of panels, they did an ultrasound and my uterus looks good and there were 9 follicles (on the low side but not surprising given my AMH), and I’m going in for a hysterosonography and an endometrial biopsy next week. Fingers crossed!

  8. I’m glad they’re doing that. I didn’t have a doctor do that for me for almost 4 years of TTC and it turned out that I had endometritis that was very hard to get rid of. No one else had even checked before.

  9. I saw them in Dallas on this tour and it was incredible. The DVD doesn’t quite capture the magic in my opinion but I still like it.

  10. 3 things I do slide 2 free priority 15x12x3 boxes together. Cut down monitor boxes. Make a box out of thick pallet liners using a drywall square, utility knife,and screen roller.

  11. From what I’m seeing USPS discontinued theirs last year 😭

  12. Vitalogy/No Code/Yield are my top 3, such a great run of albums. I like Vs plenty too, Ten is a classic but it’s way down my list.

  13. Those are all excellent in my book. People talked so badly about No Code but I’ve always thought it was great. Yield was their last really good album in my opinion.

  14. Agreed. No Code is my personal fave (my username may be a giveaway)

  15. Honestly, she can sing damn near anything. I'm here for it.

  16. just for conversation.. these are my top 10 albums (limit one per artist) that I don't think will make the list with this crowd..

  17. Absolute best album by Explosions in the Sky. Just fucking flawless.

  18. That is ridiculously exaggerated. It’s crazy that they think no one is going to notice these surgeries and call them out on them.

  19. There’s so many instant classic songs, and everything is sonically there.. this era’s sound is a lot to digest. It really is a beautiful and unique sound, explicitly pumpkins.

  20. I’d feel better if we left out the plains of Chickamongo.

  21. This is the one that gets stuck in my head every time too! Love it.

  22. Come on you guys, she didn’t get plastic surgery, she just works out really hard! 😂

  23. I’ve been watching seasons 6 & 7 while I try to get to sleep the past couple of weeks. It’s really interesting when you go back and look at the pre surgery differences. It’s also pretty wild to watch the storylines knowing what we all know now.

  24. Love it! Not sure I can make myself fork over the $150 though!

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