1. This is about 3.7" over bore. A standard stock and buffer tube put your point of contact 0.7" over bore, making the optical center line 3.0" over where you touch the stock. The average face height of a man (chin to eyes) is 4.6". How small is your face that this bothers you so much?

  2. What's the average cheekbone to eye height? Seems more relevant

  3. That has to be a joke. Aligns the sight with the barrel? How about you just move the gun straight up and down?? Tada! Aligned.

  4. Rotate the buffer tube 16degrees. Big brain move lol.

  5. Maybe those EV motorcycle\bicycles could be used but largely I doubt the logistics of trying to recharge EVs is a bit detrimental to armed combat.

  6. It just seems like that type of stuff would be enclosed by a zipper. I’m no “operator” by any means, but in a recce scenario isn’t it best to be as quite as possible?

  7. You can find zipper conversions for a lot of those pouches

  8. Enlighten a first timer here. Put on muzzle device, put on can. Like I dont get these check my alignment posts. The muzzle device literally screws on and then you attach the can, what am I missing?

  9. Also, lots of them are from the cans coming loose during firing. I use Teflon thread tape to help keep mine on. Some of the QD mounts can come loose if not used properly as well

  10. How can you say that with confidence with my face immaculately obscured though?

  11. Ok. You look 95% like my unemployed, soon to be homeless again, socialist, brother-in-law haha.

  12. Well I’m gainfully employed, formerly homeless, non-socialist, and unmarried. Perhaps he is my evil twin?

  13. Sounds like you're a better man than he. Though with any luck, he is slowly learning the right ways (albeit late in life)

  14. Yeah, his expertise is with ARs, AKs, and handguns.

  15. Practically every gun that isn't an AR has the upper as the receiver.

  16. Back in the 80's when I was getting in to guns you could buy a full auto Uzi for $700. What are they worth now? About $25k.

  17. Ok but still gone up a lot. You could buy a MG now and by the time your Form 4 was approved sell it and make money.

  18. Depending on where and how you bought/sold it yeah. Auction prices have been absolutely ridiculous the last couple years, and they have huge fees. So not every person that bought an MG is going to be able to sell it for what they bought it for within a few years, some of the rarer guns may actually go down in value.

  19. 1st of all, they aren't loud to begin with due to their low power.

  20. Lol. Sorry dude. Just yesterday someone told me that eotech fragility is a "fallacy

  21. They were exchanging them due to thermal shift in the zero. That has nothing to do with how often the lenses pop out and delaminate, or whatever the heck happened in this pic.

  22. Anyone have one of these? Should we hold out until Ambi controls are available?

  23. I'm I'm sure about the upper. I'm sure genesis would help you out though

  24. Actually this is one case he didn't. All the ones he had made are crap and people have been waiting a long time for promised replacements.

  25. Get a bowers bitty instead. The pill box is just a tube with wipes

  26. He's been in the NFA industry for decades. Pretty popular NFA gunwriter for magazines as well

  27. If I didn't have nostalgia for the 12" m203, I'd have gotten a shorty40. Heck it's tempting to buy one to keep in pistol format

  28. A bunch of people who will ban and harass you for asking questions that they can't answer, and then call you a fascist

  29. Plenty of them openly talk about their mental illnesses. The rest just show it

  30. I have the same pro-tac and love it. Got it at a pawn shop for 4 bucks years ago. Would like to get a couple spares.

  31. Ok what’s the deal? I’ve seen an Acog, Eotech, and now Aimpoint breaking post today. Wtf

  32. Well to be fair, that's kinda expected with the eotech

  33. so have many many other mounts ,doesnt mean its a good design.

  34. I'm sure some tascos and Simmons scopes have as well haha.

  35. I suppose I shouldn't have used the phrase get out and used abandoned instead. I saw a door and full vehicle to hide behind.

  36. In his defense, they could be training as if the vehicle was in flames/hit with an ied. But yes I am 100% a fan of staying inside your vehicle

  37. Train to stand in the fucking open when there's probably incoming? Hard pass boss 😘

  38. I have an old aviator pen flare launcher that I was thinking of building a 25acp barrel for. Of course I'd have to form 1 it first.

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