1. For a character whose banner fucked twice by mihoyo, her sales surprisingly better than what I imagine.

  2. why is that? You need to consider the fact there are way more players nowadays compared to back then especially in CN, and still her sales are similar to the earlier banners.

  3. it’s just surprising for me. I’m happy for her but tbh knowing how she was between the long awaited Kazuha and a fricking new region, not to mention her unpopular kit plus her weapon banner is also not good, my initial thought was that her banner will be lower than Itto rerun or her initial run

  4. I’m one of those who want Yoimiya for so long, I prefarm her material AND her weapon. Before I pull I tried her test run. It was hell. I have my doubt about pulling her then.

  5. Did she come easy, at least? I would have been fine getting her with few wishes, but now we’re getting to the point where if I pull for her, I’m giving up another character.

  6. imo, yeah. But honestly this was my experience and everyone preference is different. My easy is different with yours. Don’t feel pressured to pull for her especially if you want strong meta character because she’s def not it. Especially if you aim for other character

  7. my summoning ritual is usually pull the fortune slip, and then I use gorou’s charge attack on the intended character’s special places. Good luck on your pull!

  8. Thank you! I swear she’s my lucky charm from now on.

  9. Wonder if this means Dehya is a 5 star considering she's being showcased with the other 5 stars of Sumeru

  10. Yeah honestly this trailer really make me think she’s become 5 stars because all the other characters being shown are 5 stars

  11. I think Faker was slightly salty inside as I believe he’s never had a penta in pro play in all his years. Someone correct me if I’m wrong

  12. Laptop? How about mobile players??? We’re doomed

  13. So we’re going from “Baizhu is the dendro archon” to “Baizhu is the Harbringer” lol

  14. Your replies are literally the biggest copium supplier I have right now lol.

  15. I don't think it's too much copium at all, yo, you are more than good. not even a signora fan here but lordy almighty, she's flaming moth themed... "rising from ashes", resurrection and rebirth on two fronts. that alone super super points to playability especially with how focused the video was on that bloody moth.

  16. Thank you!!! need some details to strengthen the copium effect in my body.

  17. First time I play is in 2.6. The moment I got my first 10 intertwined I use it to pull Venti and I immediately got him. He really help my exploration ever since.

  18. What do you think will happen to Viktor in season 2?

  19. I have the same hoarder mentality lol, started at patch 2.6. The characters will be rerunning except Aloy, which I can’t saw in characters archive anyway so it doesn’t really feel I missed her lol. Also the weapons and other event exclusive prizes such as furnitures. Oh, and namecards from battlepass.

  20. Most would be in their own little world. Xingqiu would be reading, Ayaka would keep thinking of Yashiro Commission matters, Rosaria worrying about work... Only one trying to liven things up is Venti by playing pranks on everyone cause he's bored.

  21. Technically we already see how Xinqiu, Ayaka, and Venti interacted with each other in Iodori festival lol.

  22. Arcane is a different universe than league lore, true, but at the core it’s still designed as the prequels. Viktor should be going through his glorious evolution imo. After that then he could survive or he could die.

  23. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Jinx's IQ was higher than Viktor's.

  24. Arguing about who’s smarter between Jinx and Viktor always tricky imo because you can find reasons to justify your argument

  25. You see, I'm not very fond of ships with the Traveller simply because they're unfair.

  26. Thank you, this is exactly my thought. I don’t mind the harem tbh but I really hard agree with the unfair part. Looking back I now understand why my most ship is between characters and my favourite events are usually when the characters interact with each other.

  27. I would love either cyro, hydro, or anemo but let’s be real I’ll get pyro instead.

  28. Ayaka because look what happened to the community when she decided to hog the banner for who know how long.

  29. Canon wise i guess it’s Jayce and Mel imo.

  30. The scientists in the show will be cool because I like to have discussion with them but this time I will go with Caitlyn because I need a hug and she give the best hug.

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