1. She is a fraud in regards to she’s not supposed to be what she’s doing on TikTok. I called her out on my account last year, and she blocked me. She blocks anyone who calls her out.

  2. You said that it doesn’t protect against it when there’s clear research that it does. While it doesn’t mitigate all of the risk, it is a good deterrent that lowers the risk significantly.

  3. It doesn’t protect against it because the condom doesn’t stop the viral shedding that occurs on the area that the condom doesn’t cover fyi.

  4. Viral shedding does happen which is why some people are on medicine to reduce viral shedding but even that’s not 100%. Also like I said the area that the area that the condom doesn’t protect can become infected. Misinformation from you and not that much knowledge around genital herpes is ehh it’s spreading, and also why some people that have oral herpes (HSV1) are spreading it around and making it become genital herpes (HSV1).

  5. Please don’t try to break it again yourself it can actually make things worse. I recommend seeing an orthopedic doctor, and getting the toe looked at.

  6. I love this profile. He sounds like such a horrible person that I don’t have to try to find out myself it’s on his profile. Easy swipe left :)

  7. If you want an amazing after look where you will look a lot more tone add strength training. If you don’t mind having a less defined body don’t add it.

  8. He did initiate our first kiss and would pull me aside in public and kiss me a bunch. Like not just a peck but a whole lip biting, one hand on the waist and one hand on the face type of kiss. I feel like that means he’d be down but I don’t want to ruin the momentum if he does want to go “relatively” slow.

  9. Don’t text him that unless you want to be stuck as the fwb category. Men label women they want a relationship by often taking it slow. If he wanted a fwb he would’ve tried to sleep with you on the first date. He’s being a gentlemen with you, and he seems sweet and amazing. Take things slow don’t send that text.

  10. It’s so freaking delicious to me 😳 I literally buy multiples of these each time.

  11. It’s only been a week. Speak with your ortho about pain medicine. I was on meds for a month after my break don’t hesitate to ask for meds.

  12. You’re on the wrong website. Check the link in her bio it’s from the brand pair eye wear and it works :/

  13. Not for long. Just emailed the company a list of her lies and 10 videos/ receipts that prove it.

  14. It’s so good. Last years one recently finished can’t wait to stock up 🥹

  15. You can lose weight without exercise but your body won’t look as good if you added exercise in the form of strength training and cardio in.

  16. First they, the neighbors, didn't recognize her without makeup and a wig. Then they called her the prostitute from tiktok. Then they made cookies for her. Then they called her a whore again. They didn't recognize her, again. Now they are opening their doors when she is outside. Now she's just joking. She's just all over the neighborhood. I wouldn't be surprised if she went door to door asking her neighbors "do you know who I am? I have 26 billion followers. And the guy down the street is Dave."

  17. 😂🤣 this comment just shows how insane her stories really sound.

  18. So she's proud of the fact that at 14 she was whoring herself out! She's a nasty bitch!

  19. Her claim to TikTok clout 😭 she’s lied about the age she’s started at so many times 12, 13, 15, and now 14 lol, and the guys she’s slept with a amount has varied by 20k men in some posts.

  20. lol at this point she needs to state +-5 years from the age I really say. She said she was 12 in a post and 13 in another and 15 in one and now 14.

  21. Here’s the thing: when you’re overweight as a woman it’s all you hear about. When you don’t want kids as a woman it’s all you hear about.

  22. It’s all she talks about. At this point she has not challenged the norms she has painstakingly normalized it.

  23. Her whole account is literally kinda fatphobic in a weird way. Like she got clout for being chubby and landing an athletic husband, and that’s all she brags about, but landing an athletic guy while chubby shouldn’t really be an accomplishment.

  24. Look at her recent now she’s trying to gaslight us for having receipts and saying it’s weird we have it “locked and loaded” 😑 she’s saying it’s “voice memos” but she posted it right after she was exposed her for calling herself a nurse before, and now she’s saying she never did.

  25. Look at her most recent post about people having receipts “locked and loaded” 😂she’s mad we can go back and find the times she called herself a nurse.

  26. You have to understand that interracial dating is still practiced by a small percent of white women, and even black men.

  27. I think asian woman/white man is also a quirk of demographics. Unwanted Asian children who are put up for adoption overseas are much more likely to be female, so they kind of have to go outside their own race to find partners.

  28. No, it’s not because of that. It’s because of white supremacy and Asian people wanting to be more proximate to white men, and wanting to have more Caucasian looking children. Asian people know that people that are more closer to looking Caucasian have more career opportunities, so they try for that reason. They also want mixed Asian and white babies (wasians). I have an Asian friend who is obsessed with having wasian babies, and know plenty of other women who want to have babies with more Caucasian features.

  29. Well I’m kinda sad that nobody likes that video, aside from me

  30. I really liked it as well. I feel like I learned so much from it, and I learned so much from the other one similar to it as well, but now I’m saying backlash on this version and it sucks.

  31. Actually, they did eventually. I swear I remember TT took the sound down for a while because of the annoyance from many regarding it . Every trend gets annoying af.

  32. The OP deleted the original sound, so that’s why the audio wasn’t playing for others and they had to screen record from the original they had, but it wasn’t TikTok who took it down.

  33. I own my own business, and I have 20 employees that span three different countries. I would never swipe right on someone that I employ. All my employees are in their 20s like me, so it’s a super fun vibe.

  34. Guys like him will come here and complain about not getting a match… hmm yep that’s why.

  35. You believe someone using a copy pasted bio is clever, and I hate to mansplain it to you but that’s the opposite of clever, hence you’re wrong. Yet in the face of evidence you stick by your guns, and refusing to face reality thereby makes you, as someone else so well put, insufferable.

  36. Regardless if it is or isn’t the cleverness is in the fact she is asserting her wants in her bio. That’s what I think is clever. Plenty of guys are on this sub complaining and saying they wish ladies said what they were looking for more.

  37. It’s meta humor for men as we all watch these clones pass by. Sorry you missed the joke.

  38. Lot of you men are clones of each other, and we swipe by and watch in humor as well. Regardless of if it’s original or not it still means someone agrees with it, and adheres to it, so y’all can stay mad about her wants, but it won’t change her mind.

  39. She’s 13 and you’re 19 block and move on. Bro stop chatting with her. You’re 19 and have feelings for a 13 year old shows how sick you are. Time to move on her parents can deal with her.

  40. If someone doesn’t respect your sexuality report them to Bumble based on the interaction. I personally leave couples alone not into them and I swipe left. If you’ve been having negative situations with then just swipe left.

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