1. You look beautiful. And I learned everything I know from youtube.. and still keep learning more. Have fun with the experience.

  2. Happened to me too, as I have dry skin. First, skin care routine is a game changer, and I mean routine. Night time, I use my toner, serum, and heavy moisturizer. In the morning, if my skin is still an little dry, don't wash your face, if you do, use something VERY gentle (I love the hydroboost extra gentle cleanser in the morning. There are a couple moisturizers I found work amazing under makeup, thats the Kholes pore smoothing moisturizer, and the glow recipe Watermelon moisturizer. They are really light but incredibly hydrating. Let that sit on your face at least 5 minutes before applying anything else, no primer, no spf...nothing for 5 minutes. Let it soak in completely. Then go about your application. I'm telling you, my makeup looks like your pic almost exactly. But once I established a good skin care routine.. within a week, didn't have that problem again (until I got lazy and stopped with the night time routine, where it came back and promptly went away again once I resumed)

  3. I struggle with keeping up with a routine, mainly due to being an exhausted working mother of two and massive executive dysfunction due my ADHD. I do notice though, keeping my night time skin care stuff next to the bed helps. That way if I'm in bed and do remember, it takes away the barrier of getting up to do it. Just some toner, and a moisturizer next to your bed will help. Also one thing I love doing at night is a hot bath, as it helps my brain unwind (and studies show taking a shower/bath at night help with sleep, as it brings up your core temperature, and then when you get out, you start cooling off fast, which your body cools when asleep, so it triggers melatonin). My evening baths is when I wash my face. So simply put, habit stack. Do it when you are already doing something else (think of an activity you do every night, and use that activity to trigger some self care in there. Like when brushing my teeth, that's when I clean my bathroom counter, when I plug my phone in, it triggers me to put on a lip mask. It becomes so much more manageable when you use habit stacking to add something into your routine.

  4. Unfortunately, no, I don't see vitamin e working for your scar, as I can't see much hyper pigmentation, and it looks like it's mainly the damaged tissue underneath giving it the shape. I do agree with others that say your scar is badass, and gives me a viking warrior feel. If it's something that is really bothering you, not much short of a plastic surgeon will help, and they would need to fill in the tissue under to flatten it out.

  5. It looks like this guy is looking for a mommy, not a partner. Remember you can't change someone, they can only change themselves. If you're doing everything for him and he is relieved of adult responsibility, he will have no reason to change anything. "If it's not broken, why fix it"...there are so many people out there capable of being amazing partners, and the more time you waste with this guy, the more opportunities for a healthy relationship will pass you by. Something has to change, and it won't be him

  6. My thoughts are that he is either not ready for a commitment, or is not interested in monogamy. There is nothing wrong with either, except in your situation, it sounds like he is playing games. The most important aspect of maintaining a non-monogamous relationship is communication and boundaries, and it doesn't sound like he is doing either. If you still want to continue a relationship with him, then you will need to hold those boundaries, things like flaking on you or not following through on plans being a big no. If you're wanting a monogamous relationship, it sounds like you need to move on and break this one off. Either way, you both need to talk and be honest with your intentions

  7. They are pretty common in these sales. They are decent blankets, but in all honesty, I have nicer ones from TJ Maxx that I got for $20. They are super soft at first but kinda lose some of it after a couple washes.

  8. Honestly, I just go there and pick them by feel. I have a few different brands from there with the most expensive one I purchased being $20 but average was like $16.99 and I just pick the ones that feel soft. I have throw blankets in almost every room... its a slight addiction of mine

  9. They have it as an add-on pretty much every box, so you can have it to ship every time for like 9 bucks, I have a subscription for 2 bottles

  10. Born and raised in Washington (though moved to Montana for a while before moving back). If you two are outdoory people, definitely suggest moving a little farther North. I live in Granite Falls WA (I commute to Bothell for work and hubby to Bellevue) and we are 10 minutes away from Mt Baker National Forrest, and have the convenience of Lake Stevens and Marysville within a 20 minute drive. The northern part is a little less crowded, and more nature. If city life is not your thing, the peninsula is also a great place to scout out (Poulsbo, Port Townsend, etc) and a lot less competitive for housing out there, but a ferry ride away from Edmonds/Seattle

  11. Disney holds the license to Hamilton.. they send C&Ds to everyone, including daycares that have unlicensed murals of Disney princess. They are extreme in their copyrights, and even fined schools that use a Disney movie as part of their movie and popcorn fundraisers. The thing about trademark law, if they don't protect it, they lose the trademark, and Disney follows the letter of the law, not the spirit (ironic that their original movies were the creative works of other writers)

  12. Defamation is a willful tort and is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. They would attach the judgement to future earnings. However, if he hasn't paid his lawyers in full, their bill could be discharged.

  13. It depends very much on the country, the contract was signed. There are several legal systems on this planet.

  14. Most documentation regulations are pretty standard. The laws address content, but documentation practices is pretty universal.

  15. If you signed it... yeah. Both parties are responsible for checking the document and could have requested corrections be made at that time. GDP errors (Good Documentation Practices) do not invalidate it if the subject matter is clear and doesn't interfere with the intention of the content within. Not a Lawyer, but am a Document Control Specialist.

  16. I can understand being on a limited diet due to dialysis. Specifically you have to be on a low sodium and low potassium diet, amd canned food does tend to he high sodium (preservatives).. but Spaghetti, peanut butter, and other items offered is the begging choosers.

  17. Does that "credit" get anyone anywhere? Can't think of the name of a single photographer who isn't a famous art history figure, famous contemporary artist, or some sleazy creep. But hey I'm not in the business of needing photographers, maybe some retail companies out there really are like "wow they took the best photo of this empty room we gotta get this person."

  18. The market for drone photography for real-estate is growing fast right now. My husband gets requests, particularly for commercial properties. Both for listings & insurance policies

  19. 50 bucks? That's how much I pay for a babysitter for 1 date night, where I am pretty much paying for someone to chill and watch TV while My 4 year old is asleep. Waking hours pays more. I paid my neighbor $250 a week for 20 hours to watch in her home (so 12.50 an hour to play with her 4 kids). And I knew it was an awesome deal for me

  20. 100% Disabled veteran means he gets $3500 a month for the rest of his life! He's basically retired. I know because I'm also a disabled veteran.

  21. I know a vet who is still waiting for a disability review, 21 years of war has put way too many vets on a list to sit and wait.

  22. Business speak for "you will be paid in exposure!"

  23. Okay, I usually hate long sponsor ads (I pay for YT premium for a reason lol) but you had me laughing with your GCW read! It was adorable!

  24. Loved the video! And as always, you looked gorgeous!

  25. Girl, just keep yourself safe.. both physically and mentally (which I'm sure you are, but even water can eat away a rock over time). I don't understand how these grown ass adults have all this time to dedicate to harass someone. Like maybe someone can recommend some arts and crafts channels to these women

  26. I have been where you are. And marriage counseling is a must to heal, but also so is individual counseling. Her infidelity most likely triggered something else (mine was my fear of abandonment) and I think my personal counseling contributed to 80% of the healing it took to move through it.

  27. I have to disagree; I’ve used both a Sonicare 4100 and an Oral B 1500. The sonicare’s metal piece that you attach the brush tip to has broken. The actual brushing aspect was great and I would have kept on trucking with the Sonicare but for the broken part.

  28. I appreciate your input, I would say add though that if you called Philips Customer service, they would have opened a post market customer complaint case (the PM surveillance team investigates every complaint that is filed) and you would have her a replacement handle sent to you free or charge. I am glad you like your Oral B, and that it suits you. Independent consumer studies have shown (and published) that cleaning wise, sonicare does clean teeth more thoroughly, as sonicare doesn't require any scrubbing, the sonic pulses vibrates plaque off. The instructions are to just place the brush head on the tooth for a few seconds, and then move it to the next one. I had to teach my F.I.L to "be lazy with it" and was able to resolve gingivitis within 6 months. But, I know there is no "right" product for everyone, and it is very much on user preference, so I am genuinely happy you are satisfied with your Oral B, and hope you consider giving sonicare another shot in the future. The 9900 series is pretty unanimously voted favorite model of the year, and I am very proud of the development team on the work they did to make it come to life.

  29. I still have the handle. What number should I call? I’ll see if Sonicare will replace it.


  31. It's sad, because with a lot of jobs out there, if someone is making 12.50 and hour, 25 dollars a day (or 100 a week) is still 20% of that income, before taxes. Even with 2 working parents, 10% of your pretax income is a lot when trying to afford high costs of living. I think this speaks to the sad state that raising children is almost a luxury while birth control is harder and harder to access. It still requires a prescription, and I remember a time in my life that I couldn't afford a doctors visit, and the closest planned parenthood was a 2 hour drive away.

  32. So not only do a sh** ton of work for "shoutouts" but then also give her "followers" a 25% off discount? And how many of those 55k audience is local to the area? Cause I could spend $150 dollars on Facebook/Instagram advertising that has very specific demographic. I would rather spend $150 than do 40+ hours of free work, no second thoughts.

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