1. Check the roots. Looks like dead roots. You'll have to cut them and start fresh in some dry soil.

  2. I recently cleaned up the dead roots and I feel like there’s no hope, I’ve had it since January 5th 2021 after that it’s been getting worse. I repotted in a terracotta pot that has drainage. Aloe Vera soil containing peat moss, perlite sand and lime. It faces a north east window. I use the planta app and water every 18th day. What do you recommend I change? Thank you 🙂

  3. There's so much to say, it's hard to type. My suggestion is to stop using the watering app. I also suggest just 60% sand and 40% perlite for soil. The reason I say drop the watering app is because the apps don't usually account for the VWC or (Variable water content) of your soil. Each soil dries out differently, and at different rates. Factors such as humidity and the amount of sunlight will also affect the way your soil dries. Additionally, terra cotta pots also retain moisture so that's a factor. If you are not developing healthy roots, you need to get a better draining soil and learn to check moisture content of your soil with your finger. With your current soil, it may be drying too fast, or retaining too much moisture. Peat moss soil has a habit of becoming hydrophobic after it gets completely dry so it will compact around the roots and prevent the plant from growing new roots and getting water. It also has a habit of retaining too much moisture if it's not properly mixed with perlite and other growing media. I don't use it for those reasons. Those are a few factors I would change personally but that's just my suggestion.

  4. I asking for any advice on how to care for this Yucca Cane plant. Best way to repot it? If I should get a bigger pot? The roots have grown through the bottom of the plastic pot and the ceramic pot. When they discovered it was leaking they just put it outside for a couple weeks. Best soil & fertilizer? I will take it home with me at the end of the week and tackle it this weekend so please any suggestions would be great. I will be making a list. Thanks so much!

  5. No peat based soil. 40% perlite and 60% potting soil ratio and I use osmocote fertilizer, works great.

  6. Also, this plant will very quickly outgrow your office space. With one this size, It's suggested to keep it outside if you live in an area that will support it growing outdoors. You will have to be mindful of pests, but yucca aren't known to attract harmful pests so it's unlikely that will happen.

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  13. Repotted two months ago? Sounds like dead ends on your roots. How do you water it? Do you dunk it and soak it or do you top water it? I would check your roots and see to make sure of these two factors:

  14. Thank you!! There were some dead roots when I checked like you said. It's root bound from the ridiculously small nursery pot he was in before repotting so I wasn't able to wash out alot of the nursery soil off. Thanks again!

  15. No problem! Hope that info helps your future plant babies too.

  16. Remove the affected leaves or you could kill the miner itself by pinching it and squishing it inside the leaf. But best to just remove the leaves.

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  18. Your jasmine was pollinated! Those are seed pods. They typically grow in this manner, so it's perfectly normal. So happy for you!

  19. You would see a yellow ring around the object caused by the moisture sitting on the leaf as the flower decomposed if this were the case. Odd, nonetheless.

  20. This is a species of Konjac, or voodoo Lily is it's common name. I couldn't tell you specific species because there are literally hundreds of hybrids but I promise you it's a voodoo Lily.

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