RTX 4090 Performance per Watt graph

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Ukrainian children’s hospital completely wiped out by Russian bombing

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  2. 9 times out of 10 the GPU is still perfectly fine. It'll be an issue with PCIe lanes and the like. Happens sometimes on one of my mixed 30 series rigs. Generally a reboot/power cycle fixes it but if not then switching pcie lanes around does

  3. I had to switch my top x16 lane from PCIe4 to 3 to get a 3060ti back above 61MH when it wouldn't break 59.7. strangely the x16 right below works normally at PCIe4

  4. I got a stuck hood latch on a 03 Camry, as in the secondary latch won't budge at all. On the first image I linked a video showing how this model works. I've tried pulling with pliers the lower spring where the ball at the end of the cable attaches in the hood latch socket, which should open the secondary latch – the part inside the mechanism that closes over the ring under the hood, not the safety latch at the front that retains the hood in case of accidental release from the driver side. Beside pliers I tried moving the secondary latch by hand, also less than an hour after I applied drops of rust penetrant inside the mechanism and a couple hours later for good measure. Maybe I need a better penetrant but with what I have on hand, no luck, so now I'm almost certain one or both of the bolts, as circled in the image, that the secondary latch rotates around is jammed, and that brings me to ask, is there a specific term for these bolts (or what would you call them?), and how do I get them off or loosen them (as must've been done in the video showing it disassembled), thus freeing the latch? I think I have the right tools, but I don't want to risk making it worse

  5. I use 1430 core lock +2600 (hive os) Samsung memory. Try this and see how it goes. I get 61.5 mh/s at 134w

  6. Locked core clock on 3060ti doesn't work or lead to efficiency gains as on 3070 in virtually every case I've seen (bar a handful of outliers that could be due to erroneous software reporting). But it's slightly better than a core offset. A locked core clock of 795-825MHz at the max voltage u see with a -510 CC offset gets the same hashrate less several Watts. At least it's true for my 2 3060ti FE. With +1200 to mem, 55C core temp (set by auto-fan), driver 466.77, HAGS enabled (otherwise .2MH less) I get 61.25MH/s @ 117-118W without invalid shares

  7. Same here my EVGA 3060ti getting 63 and 65 on both.

  8. What's the software power draw? My 3070 reports 116W but uses 126 at the wall (of course due to PSU inefficiency)

  9. Isn't mining kind of in the tank right now anyway? Ether is struggling like the rest of the crypto market and the gas fees are ridiculous right now.

  10. It's a blip. Stock market's down. We've seen worse over the past 2 years

  11. Likely stole the driver source code from the hack 2 months ago. GeForce 40 series will have a new implementation of LHR, but that'll last only as long as NVIDIA keep the source closed

  12. 1at3 says:

    I’m expecting the same. There will be reverse engineering efforts.

  13. I don't think they'll succeed. It's likely a private key or effectively one where the source code and the correct input for the applicable part are known to tell the driver the GPU isn't LHR

  14. That wasn't really a viable choice obviously for NVIDIA's partners with GPUs that didn't start out as LHR before being entirely phased out at the behest of NVIDIA. Running 2 production lines, 1 being LHR would bring their stance on mining on GeForce cards into question when they have the mining purposed, albeit overpriced CMP cards and not be worth the reputational risk

  15. LHE only applies to Eth though. If another coin starts rising then the whole thing is pointless. Heck, you can now unlock 80%, higher with dual mining.

  16. True, if 4080 can make the same on another coin with at most the same power draw as a 3080 on Eth, I'd want one for mining

  17. The same thing happened when we were about to shift from Turing to Ampere. Buy a card at whatever you think the right price is.

  18. I disagree if what's thought of as the right price is above the initial one, unless you need it for work. Every card you buy above the initial price emboldens these companies, be it NVIDIA, AMD or soon Intel, to charge more at the launch of their next cards, as this gen has proven in regard to later Ampere cards like the 3080Ti and 3080 12GB, and now 3090Ti. And now NVIDIA has the gall to charge $500 more, albeit for a no compromises 10% performance uplift at even greater than proportionate power draw, on top of the questionable $1500 for the 3090. Yet they still have a consumer base willing to spend more on top of the initial grossly inflated prices. I see no end or upper limit in sight. That is without considering the news NVIDIA plans to continue to produce Ampere concurrently with Ada, which would give them reason to release the high end - 4090, 4080, 4070 at higher price than their Ampere counterparts

  19. New: From a Ukrainian official: “There is a zoo right outside of Kyiv named XII Months. Giraffes, rhino, hippo, chimpanzees and many more are basically dying with no food in the cold, being shelled. Cut off from day 2 of the war – now day 19... ...No gas, no electricity, no means of communication. Around 350 large animals receive 1/10 of their daily food ratio. Now even that little bit is coming to an end. ...Russian militaries won’t allow food and diesel to the zoo, the remaining 5 persons of the staff trying to warm and feed the animals in some subtle unbelievable ways.

  20. Would it be a war crime to feed the animals dead Russians? I hope the situation hasn't come to that, but if it means saving them from starving to death, I can understand

  21. The 3 worst jobs in the world right now: Russian tanker, Russian supply driver, Russian pilot

  22. Over the course of 1 month 1 week at Iwo Jima the US had 27071 casualties out of a 110,000 strong invasion force - 25%. Granted I'm comparing a major battle to the toll across all fronts of a war, but the Japs were fighting even more of a defensive battle than Ukraine now, in a unique instance where US casualties exceeded Japan's, but not to the extent of Russian casualties in this war

  23. Aren't weapons designed to inflict maximum damage wherever they're deployed???

  24. If it's not already glaringly obvious... you know Russia is getting desperate when they're own media is saying volunteer fighters from the Central African Republic are ready to go to Ukraine and fight. This is getting very pathetic.

  25. Not yet, in WW2 the Germans recruited Spaniards for the Blue Division, Finns, Norwegians, Estonians, Dutch in the Waffen SS, notably Wiking Division, as early as 1941 when the Axis still had the upper hand

  26. Our governments are not interested in going to war with Russia, but are you? I wonder where popular opinion is on this.

  27. We had our chance 76 years ago, but we didn't have the stomach for it when the Soviets were straining through their reserves by the time they reached Berlin. Patton may have understated the levity of such a task for the sake of making it palatable, but I believe he was right

  28. Just when I thought Ukraine was starting to turn the tables, western defense officials give a sobering update. I hope they’re being overly pessimistic but it sounds like Russia has regrouped and are having much more success than the first week of the invasion in the north. I hope it’s part of the UAF plan/strategy…

  29. Ukrainian high command has shown they know where to pick their battles, but everyone knows they can't risk Kyiv being encircled, hence the counteroffensives on the city outskirts

  30. The concept of a "war crime" is so strange to me. Like war is a sport and certain things are allowed.


  32. We've anticipated each of their moves. Wouldn't be surprising if we have a mole in the highest echelons of the Kremlin, hence CIA would know exactly where he is

  33. What I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is even if NATO intervenes, suppose it's a NFZ we setup, and the best case scenario happens where Ukraine makes it out of this mess and keeps all its territory, including regaining control of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk, Putin is deposed and the interim government withdraws all Russian forces - then a new precedent is set for NATO to engage "great powers" who naturally have nuclear arsenals, and if in the future one of these wages a war of aggression against their neighbors as Russia is doing, our leaders will face outcry to once again militarily fight (tantamount to declaring war) the invader, based on the experience of the one and only time it worked, and possibly take even greater risks. It's truly the slipperiest slope, one I can't fathom risking as long as humanity hasn't secured its future off Earth

  34. Yeah that end date is a nice touch. Putin deserves a punishment humans stopped giving out in the 16th, or 17th century.

  35. Unfortunately he'll kill himself before it comes to that. I'd like for him to be deposed, brought before an international tribunal for war crimes, foremost waging a war of aggression, but he knows that would invariably result in being hanged

  36. Taking POWs is going to be harder and harder when you know they’re openly attacking women and children. That’s why war crimes exist, to prevent this escalation, but the domino chain has already started. I don’t expect POWs to really be a thing here shortly. Russia caused what’s about to happen.

  37. Especially pilots and artillerymen. But knowing it's illegal for POWs to be summarily executed doesn't mean they can't be punished later. After being captured, if it can be proved they attacked a civilian target, it wouldn't be unexpected for their captors to give them due process, announce the charges, and execute them by firing squad (as the US did in the case of Germans infiltrators caught wearing American uniforms), even if they claim they didn't know they were attacking civilians, which as terrible of an excuse as it is at this point, still should remain as possibility when reviewing the evidence. In wartime such trials would be brief and a formality, honestly, but in the context of this unprovoked invasion, it'd hard to condemn them. They certainly wouldn't be a war crime

  38. We need some ww2 style propaganda posters that say things like "Ukrainian Soldiers are doing their part. Do your part at the thermostat." and "Bi-cycle to work so you don't Buy-weapons for Russia"

  39. There are plenty that ring true now as they did then:

  40. Russia has done this before, the Soviets were humiliated during the winter war and it partially convinced Hitler that they would be a pushover in WW2

  41. And they would've been if not for Lend-Lease

  42. The Nazi salute is punishable in Germany by up to 3 years in prison. There's logic to this new law considering Putin is waging a war of aggression just as Hitler did, and presumably would be tried for war crimes before an international tribunal if he were deposed (if he isn't killed)

  43. It's not. It was decided in 1949 paratroopers are legal combatants as they descend, because they're on their way to fight or conduct combat operations, so the enemy is allowed to stop them from doing so. The only exception is during evacuation of a damaged plane

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