Machining a Chess Piece

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  1. This has posted here twice in the last two hours

  2. They look frozen, so probably something along the lines of "heat oil in a pan over medium high-heat and cook for 2 to 3 minutes per side for a total of 8 minutes."

  3. Bingo 😉 they're Trader Joe's pork gyoza. I cook them just flat on the bottom in a tiny bit of oil and then add some water and cover and steam.

  4. Unfortunately repostsleuthbot doesn't work for videos and, for some stupid reason, has been banned by oddlysatisfying.

  5. The Hennessey Venom GT is effectively a mid engine LS go cart with 1200+ hp.

  6. For everybody wondering this is the back room of his store / gas station. I know there's a pandemic but, I mean who really needs that much motor oil? The wine... I get it.

  7. That's disappointing. I thought you were buddies with Bender for a minute.

  8. What's with the fake munchkin people at the base and helicopter on a string?

  9. That seconds hand is ticking pretty hard for a Rolex.

  10. Rolex hands don't tick at all. This is a Fauxlex.

  11. This was posted here at least 3 times last week. Always with the same title, too.

  12. Wasn't this just posted saying it was 3 years old or something?

  13. It's been a few weeks since I last saw this one reposted, but there are a lot of reposts that get deleted shortly after being posted and I miss most of them.

  14. The last dozen or so times this has been reposted people say the rope was pushed through with a steel pipe.

  15. Did anyone else get as mad as I did watching this because the chess piece was already lathe machined?

  16. That was just the rough cut from a brass blank. This was the finishing pass.

  17. Lol thanks for telling me why I shouldn't buy on switch. But mobile d2.... Damnit

  18. Honestly, it's still a lot of fun o Switch. There are a few quirks that take a little bit of getting used to, but mobile d2 makes it worth every penny, imo

  19. Something, something, something, blue balls...

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